Tuesday Titters – Nov. 10, 2020 Edition

Well it seems that all of the memes are now about politics! Well, not all…but on my usual online social haunts the political memes and cartoons are now about 80% political whereas before they were about 80% humor. Add to that the fact that I only share the ones that amuse me (as opposed to all of them), and it looks like another skimpy mirth gallery today. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Titters – Nov. 10, 2020 Edition

  1. Love them all – especially the bus. We didn’t have stop signs and strobe lights – we had drivers that were smart enough to see flashing reds and knew to stop. Who came up with yellow flashing? Should be STOP (red) or don’t stop = no flashers.
    The drivers today don’t know how to merge or do anything. No one has a tire iron…they call someone else to change a tire.
    Oh well – enough rambling

    1. We had common sense. When you have to have warnings on shampoo bottles not to drink it…well, is it any surprise so many drivers struggle with something as simple as stopping for a school bus, or merging? ?

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