Tasty Supper Ideas: Zucchini, Potatoes

This is a photo of last night’s supper, which included roast beef patties (something I got from the Amish store), roasted potato halves, and roasted zucchini halves.

I would usually do the potatoes and zucchini as medallions, which is what I call it when I cut them into elongated circles before seasoning and roasting. I wasn’t up for the extra work last night however, so I just halved them.

For the potatoes, once I washed and sliced them I patted them dry, spritzed them with olive oil, and sprinkled them with “Happy Salt” (bought from Amish) and thyme. The main reason I’m even mentioning them, however, is that I think thyme on potatoes is a match made in heaven! They were roasted in a 375F oven for 45 minutes, I like my potatoes very soft inside and crunchy around the edges. (In the photo there are sliced of butter atop each half.)

For the zucchini, after washing and slicing them I brushed on some olive oil, followed by a generous helping of Everything But The Bagel seasoning. After 30 minutes of roasting with the potatoes I added some parmesan cheese (from the can) for the final 15 minutes. Any kind of cheese would do, I just wanted quick and simple. But it was delicious!

Those beef slices do have additives to them but they are cheap, and the liquid that comes out of them as they cook will make a good gravy. I’ve never seen anything similar anywhere else, and hope that I can a find it again because it’s really well-seasoned and tasty, and fast and easy to prepare!

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