Photos From My Day – Jan. 31, 2023 Edition

Just today I took a lot of photos of a lot of different things, and I’m going to share them here.

First thing in the morning, before I even picked up my coffee I made a little video about the rearranged living room; you can see that on the All Things Nuwa page. And then I started taking photos and I’m so glad I did! LOTS of stuff to make me smile or even thoroughly delight me today!

When I sat down with my coffee, the dogs came to ask what my plans were for the day.

Then the turkeys came for a visit. They are so beautiful in the sunshine!

Apparently Chuy isn’t thrilled with the new arrangement; he lost the chair that he always sat in to look out the window. So he had to figure out something else…

Then Pete told me that he saw something jumping around on the ground behind the wood pile! Within a couple of minutes this flew out and sat on a stick. He sat here long enough for me to get my phone and take a few photos…so close to the house! We hope he will stick around and keep the rodent population down, we always have lots of mice and chipmunks in that wood, and he’s onto them!

The sun was quite bright today, and from my new vantage point next to the window I got a magnificent view! I zeroed in on this one point to get a picture, it showed the bright blue and the clouds and the sunshine on the trees!

Then at dusk, while Pete was in Junior playing with his radios, I had some visitors and, of course, I took some photos.

As you can see, God was really showing me today how much He has blessed us, and how many things He provides to us…and here they are for you to enjoy too!


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