It Isn’t The Taste I Hate…

…it’s the texture!

I’ve never been a fan of legumes. With the exception of refried beans, which I love. But on the left side of the image? Those are beans. I decided it isn’t the taste…well, you know the rest. A few months ago I got a can of cannellini beans and mashed ’em up with seasonings and such, don’t remember what…anyway, what follows is my experience with cannellini beans, and, as an aside, pork.

Ever since I had my Nissen Fundoplication* (aka “wrap”) done, there are 2 foods that get stuck above it: rice, and beans. So when I indulge in either I have to eat them with a sauce or, at the very least, something mushy. I usually eat my pork with applesauce or cooked cabbage (I always cook it with a lot of fats – butter or oil) which helps it slide past my wrap. But a couple of months ago I thought about having some cannellini beans with my pork. It was delicious so today I tried it again.

Since I don’t recall what I did the first time, here is how I prepared them today. After draining a can of the beans I sauteed them in some olive oil, mashing them lightly with a fork to absorb some oil for flavor. After a few minutes I added about 2T of butter and seasonings: S&P, onion and garlic powders, and thyme and parsley fresh from the jar in my spice cabinet. After mixing it all together I let it cook over low heat, uncovered, for about 10 minutes, stirring frequently. Then I added 2 oz. of cream cheese and enough of half’n’half to thin them slightly, stirring until the cream cheese was melted. After turning off the heat I blended it all together with a stick blender.

They are SO GOOD! I never think to buy them but at a recent trip to one of the Amish stores we frequent I’d picked up a couple of cans that I noticed. For someone who hates beans it is amazing how much I love these! Dipping each bite of pork and coming away with a thick coating of these beans was a delight today! So I thought I’d mention it in case there are any other bean-haters out there who might benefit.**

I have lived a low-carb lifestyle since 2004 for the most part. At this point I do OMaD (one meal a day) most of the time, and don’t worry as much about carbs; whereas before I kept my carb intake to 30 grams NET per day, now most days I keep them below 100 grams TOTAL per day, being pretty picky about what kinds of carbs I consume. After losing as much weight as I could stand in 2004-2005 I ate to maintain my weight but still have the benefits. Now, eating OMaD, I am able to do that while being able to eat many of the same things that Pete – on more of a vegan diet for his cancer, with occasional fish – eats. And life is a lot simpler! While nobody would consider beans low-carb, cannellini beans are known for helping to block the absorption of carbohydrates. So this is a good thing for me all around!

Even if you don’t hate beans, I hope you will try this. It makes a nice change from the usual potatoes/rice/noodles that we tend to eat, too!

*At the time I had mine done it wasn’t outpatient, and it wasn’t easy. Things must have changed since then because the op itself lasted 4 hours, I was in the hospital for 5 days, my activity was limited for 3 months – with a lifetime restriction on moving pianos – couldn’t eat solid food for nearly a month, and it was an entire year before I was eating “normally” (my new normal)! I know it wasn’t just me because I had a huge online support group for others who had a wrap; it was the norm then, I can’t imagine how they’ve changed it in the last decade, I’ve heard that some are even having it done as an out-patient! This is such a major surgery, I can’t even imagine that…but anyway, you can get more information about it HERE.

** My husband loves chili full of beans and I like chili also but, well, you know… So a long time ago I started putting all of the beans, save one can, into the blender before adding them to the pot. They work brilliantly to really thicken up the chili as well! I take a couple of bowls out for myself, then add the last can to Pete’s so he can enjoy the whole beans the way he likes them. I’ve taken this chili to church functions (without adding the can of whole beans) and everybody, even those who don’t like beans – it’s surprising how many of us there are! – LOVES it! So that might be something for you to try also, if you also object to the texture more than the flavor.

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  1. I once read an article by an elderly lady who had many comments about what she would do if she had life to live over again. One of those was “I would eat more beans”.

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