This is the first time I’ve made chicken in the Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven. I set it at 400F for 15 minutes but it needed just a little more time, so 5 minutes at 350 did the trick. And it is delicious!

I never got hungry today but at about 7:00 decided I should eat something…Pete had gotten these chicken thighs out to thaw for me earlier so figured I’d eat them. I do love my own chicken “recipe” where I rub the meat under the skin with oil – avacado or olive – and then sprinkle with seasoned salt. After I replace the skin on top I add a little more oil to ensure crispness. I almost always buy/eat thighs, love the dark meat! Anyway, I’m eating them as I type, they’re good though I’d probably enjoy them more if I were actually hungry…but the NFDAFO did a fantastic job of keeping the meat tender and juicy whilst crisping up the skin!

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