Delightfully Tasty Surprise!

Today while Pete was outside working around the yard I got hungry but since I can’t stand up I needed to pluck some low-hanging fruit, so to speak. I got some peach yogurt out of the fridge and, because I was REALLY hungry, scooped 2 of the little cups into a bowl. Then I put a handful of graham cracker cereal on top.

(Yes, I do eat low carb; one of the Amish stores we frequent almost always has a keto* yogurt offering – this week’s was peach – and the cereal is also keto, that I ordered online.)

I was expecting something tolerable that would blunt my appetite until supper. Instead I got a delightful bowl of absolute crunchy & creamy deliciousness!

*There is a difference between low carb & keto, though people use the terms interchangeably. I do low carb which, by some, could be considered “dirty keto”. (I also do IF so my low carb isn’t as low as some.) What is labeled as “keto” in stores may not always fit a true ketogenic diet – read the labels! Keto is trendy for the moment so some companies are slapping it on everything. Plus there’s only 4 letters so it takes up less space on the label, I suppose…

2 thoughts on “Delightfully Tasty Surprise!

  1. Girl, don’t you feel like you have to explain anything to anybody…..that treat you made looked yummy….hope all has been going well with you and Pete…..:-)…Debbie

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