Caturday – Sept. 25, 2021 Edition

This video reminds me of my old cat Bruce, who saved me from being chewed up by a dog. We had just rescued a tiny minpin that day. After he seemed settled down I got a toy and threw it for him to chase. He brought it back to me but when I reached down to take it he came after my hand. INSTANTLY Bruce was across the room and on top of that little dog, chewing on him. He was protecting me almost before I realized I needed protection!

And here is the rest of the story: The dog ran into the bedroom and under the bed and our other little dog (yorkie/pom Bing) followed him and kept him there, running around the bed to wherever he was trying to come out; our big dog (doberman Chandler) stood at the bedroom door and wouldn’t let him back out. This all took place in just a few quick seconds. But the new dog never so much as lifted a lip toward anybody again!

4 thoughts on “Caturday – Sept. 25, 2021 Edition

  1. That was amazing to see. Didn’t even have time to say anything…Bruce took the lead. Bing followed suit and Chandler backed them both up.

  2. Oh BTW in the video the baby was about to climb the stairs…the cat prevented the child from do so… protecting the child and no harm to the child by the cat.

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