Wednesday Wags – Nov. 3, 2021 Edition

  1. You let your dog pick a spot on your bed first and then try to get comfortable with whatever room is left for you.
  2. Your dog has an armoire of designer doggy clothes.
  3. You have more pictures of your dog in the family photo album than of anyone else.
  4. You buy your dog an outfit because it matches yours.
  5. You email family and friends your dog’s wish list, so they’ll know exactly what he wants for Christmas.
  6. Your dog has his own facebook page & twitter account.
  7. Your dog has his own email address.
  8. Your dog has his own retirement account.
  9. Your dog gets credit card offers and catalogs in the mail.
  10. While preparing meals in the kitchen, your family constantly asking you: “Is that for us or Maisie?”


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