Wednesday Wags – April 21, 2021 Edition

Gotta love spoiled little dogs eh? Actually the first dog I was ever afraid of was a little chihuahua. We were at the home of some of my dad’s friends and their little dog had taken a liking to my mother. Whenever I’d approach the davenport where she was sitting, that dog would lunge at me from her lap. I remember being terrified (I was probably around 5 years old) that I couldn’t get to my mom, and the adults were laughing at the dog’s “antics”. Hadn’t thought of that in years, until I saw this video!

One thought on “Wednesday Wags – April 21, 2021 Edition

  1. Big things come in small packages. Those are BIG teeth in a little package. Remember the adage about biting the hand that feeds you….mess with this little one and he just might bite the hand that feeds him – and it would be that owners fault for messing with his treats.

    My fear of dogs was a pack of Dobermanns. I thought for sure I was their next meal. (Oh how now I miss our Dobie).

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