VIDEO: Vlog #2153 – Weekend With The Grands!

Vids’n’pics from our weekend. Our 3 grandchildren, ages 14, 8, and 3, came to visit from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon. We had a blast! These are just a few of the highlights!

We’d never eaten at Noodles & Co. before so we decided to stop there on the way to the kids’ house. It was DELICIOUS! Pete & I have a new favorite restaurant!

Sorry Lyra is blurry!
Telling secrets?
Luna showing me the mosquito bite on her heel.
The girls got noodles and broccoli, which came with a beverage and applesauce too!

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Vlog #2153 – Weekend With The Grands!

  1. Such a cute idea to call it Camp at your house! The kids are growning up! Leelan’s voice is so deep now~ They are precious!
    Good to see Chuy’s is better!

    1. I can’t believe how big and tall and strong Leelan is! And the girls are growing so quickly…but I guess kids have a tendency to do that, eh? šŸ™‚ We are so happy to have our old Chuy back too!

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