VIDEO: Vlog #2149 – April 25, 2023: CHANGES and FANTASTIC DAY!

This was a great day! I spent most of the day out in the Tent Shed doing laundry in my little portable washer (that makes laundry fun!). Our helpers, meanwhile, were here working and our landlord (we lease this huge lot) came to pick up the yard waste that our helpers had cleaned up last week. So they loaded his truck, and while they were working – they took out 3 truckloads! – FedEx showed up with our new “outdoor living space”!!! So, in-between all of the other things that our fantastic helpers were doing, they also set THAT up! Meanwhile I was able to get a couple of short walks in around the yard with my service dog…there was a lot going on, a TON of stuff got accomplished, the tent is AMAZING and WAY better than we expected, before they left our helpers did the last of the yard cleanup, the bits and bobs that were laying around here and there, and it looks FANTASTIC out there!! It was a fun day with wonderful people, so much improvement outside as we began setting up for another season of outdoor living and fun…(see also the slideshow I posted on this date’s update on All Things Nuwa!)


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