2 thoughts on “VIDEO UPLOAD – March 1, 2021 Vlog #2057

  1. Hey Sherry, hope all has been well….29 degrees…..ouch…..We just went to New Orleans to see our youngest get proposed too….it was one of the coldest days they have had in years…..we rented a place there normally we would stay with her but because it was a surprise we did…..We had a wonderful time and our sooo happy for them…..they plan on tying the knot about a year and half from now just cause of all that is going on and a few other things. Been thinking of you guys just been lazy.

    Yep gas has been crazy up….wonder why??? We all know why. The Mexican Restaurant you guys went to looked good…..Look at those pretty deer waiting for you….there your second pets….wow it is icy….tell Pete to be careful walking out there. Our second car bit the dust and thank God he provided one we could afford used of course but wonderful….omg look at all those deer run to Pete. My sister-in-law that I hadn’t seen in fifteen years came to visit her son who recently got a job by us and leaves close by….well she ended up spending a few days each week of the month she was down at our house while he worked since I am retired…..we had such a good time sharing about the Lord and catching up….it was fun….but we did have a run in with something….I think it was a demon or something evil….but I rebuked it in Jesus name of course but it was scary….we were walking and sharing about the Lord….and I felt a strong wind push me and my dog and I felt it and turned around and my dog growled….and there was no wind that day and my sister-in-law didn’t feel it but she saw my dogs reaction and prayed about it that night and felt the same I did something did like us sharing about he Lord so much……take care my friend know that you both are always in my heart and prayers…..love you both….:-)….Debbie

    1. I’m sorry, Debbie, I thought I’d already replied to this – my mind is going!
      It is wonderful to be able to spend time with a brother or sister in the Lord, and using the power of Jesus’ holy name to keep the enemy at bay, he will stop at nothing to try to turn us away from our Father. I’m happy for your daughter and the love of her life, and hope that year and a half will pass quickly for them to get started on their new life together. And I’m glad the proposal plan worked out too, how long is the drive to get to her? Our weather is warming up – a little too early but most people aren’t complaining – into the mid- upper-30’s during the day now, this is the first year I’ve been looking forward to spring, as you know I usually look forward to winter but I can’t wait to get my laundry tent set up again (no more laundromat!) and start “living” outside again, and having our nightly fires too. God definitely led us to this place and to our friend Len and I think that makes all the difference, we’re where we’re supposed to be for such a time as this and don’t have any plans to leave anytime soon either! We went out for dinner together Friday (with Len) and made sure he knows that we’re not going anywhere unless he kicks us off hahaha! It is a beautiful day today too, bright sun and a high of 35, the snow is melting during the daytimes and freezing again at night so our yard is mostly ice now. Anyway I’m rambling because it’s so good to hear from you, love you too my friend!

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