4 thoughts on “VIDEO UPLOAD – April 2, 2021,Vlog #2031

  1. She is a very smart dog. Those people who had her chained to a tree will never know how smart she is or hw wonderful her puppies turned out. Talking about that sampler platter reminded me I I have to go out to get the left overs and now I am hungry for those left overs. Had a great time with you, My Love.

    1. I always love our time together, even when we’re just doing errands or going to appointments…being together with you is never boring! I agree what a smart dog Maisie is, when she gets cuddly with me is when I think of how her first owners really missed out, all that love she has to give! Then again, maybe she is so loving because she was deprived of it in her early life, I don’t know, but I do know that, like Chuy and our other dogs we’ve had, God prepared them for what we needed, and then got them to us at just the right time.

  2. Hey Sherry your voice sounds strained in the video…..hope your not sick or your throat…..yep food is going up sooo much…..you need ice cream for sure…..I would get it….you have to treat yourself sometimes. Dinner looked good….love me some fries….I got the best breaded flounder fillets at Aldi’s we made them in the oven and put them on an onion roll which I love…..yum…hope all is going well and you guys had a good Easter. We had a good one my youngest Rosemary came home for the weekend her fiance couldn’t get the time off from work…. Good for you with the walking without the skawaker …any little bit will help…..know it did you in but I am sure it helped too a bit. Things are going okay here one day at a time…..like your new purse….I have a red one that I got at a thrift store and love it. That Maisie she is the best glad she is able to give you relief on your legs…..love you both…..:-)….Debbie

    1. Actually I was sick all of last week with a bug that I have gotten 2-3 times a year for many years. I used to go to the doctor for it but none of them were ever able to really help so I just put up with it. My guess is that it’s just a virus that never clears completely but I don’t know. Anyway, I will look for those flouder fillets, I love flounder, it’s one of my favorites! And something Pete can eat too. Our Easter was quiet, Casey & fam were in Florida visiting her sister and we don’t really get together with Pete’s sons for some reason so it was just a quiet day at home which I admit did feel strange. At any rate I’m sure it was great to spend time with Rosemary too! I hope you’re enjoying your springtime, at what point does it start to get really hot down there again? (Hey maybe this is the year that Bart should visit his family in Kalamazoo…lol) Have lovely week, love you too, always praying for you and yours!

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