VIDEO (& Pics!) April 2, 2023 – Pete’s River Walk

I have been anxious to see the river, so Pete took his camera and walked around our yard at the top of the “hill” (more like a dropoff in most places) and then down at river level. He got 3GB of video which I edited and optimized and made into this video.
Where we live is a large lot surrounded by woods, with these heavily treed “hills” along 2 sides that lead to the river about 20-25′ below, and what I call the lower lot – a large open grassy yard on the bank. Must of this lot is currently underwater, part of it appears as an island. The river is typically about 30′ across on average but right now it is a lot wider and deeper.
The Pete went to a nearby road to take some video of the same river as it runs under that road’s bridge; he got good footage from both sides.

The photos aren’t in any particular order, some were taken from the top of the “hill” and some from the lower lot.

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