VIDEO: Heeeeere’s Howie!

On April 15 we bought a bus, and dropped it off at a dealership for some work on the way home. On April 19 we brought it home. Though I had shared some photos already (April 15th and April 19th) it wasn’t until we got it home that I got a chance to share more details, our plans, and WHY we bought a bus. (Cameo appearance by Maisie, acting as herself, as a “real dog”.)

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Heeeeere’s Howie!

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    Congratulations! Best quote- “mirrors that check for helicopters”. 🤣😂🤣😂

    Also, Maisie does so well off-leash. She is quite the companion for you. And, your raised gardens look great.

    May God richly bless you and your beautiful home.

  2. Howie is so Handsome! What a nice mini bus! I hope you all have many happy hours of travel in him. Thank you for sharing all the pictures, and his story. I might have lost it just after picking him up and he broke down. But you seemed to take it in your stride~ That’s awesome~

    1. Yeah, HoWie is quite the beast HAHAHA! I’ve been driving – or sitting in him – all day and it’s been great! We’ve been looking at buses and shuttles and similar for quite a while (over a year) and when we saw HoWie we had that KNOWING that this was the one that you get when you’ve been praying for something. Thanks for looking at all of the stuff I put up!

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