WE BOUGHT A BUS! April 15, 2024

Yeah, we bought a bus. We’ve been looking at short busses and shuttles for a long time. A year probably. And the Lord provided just the right one, so today we bought it. Gave the lovely young couple the cash, they signed over the title, and we headed home! About a hundred-mile trip, depending on the route we take. Took a longer but slower route as the bus was unfamiliar to us; Pete drove it, I drove the car. He said it was “FABULOUS!” to drive and was really enjoying it! Good strong steady engine, smooth ride (for a bus), etc. Stopped at Costco on the way home to fill up the gas tank. I was at the gas pump behind him and when he left I saw a big puddle of red fluid under it…stopped him, and it kept pouring out. Transmission fluid? Just a few miles from a dealership – we dropped it off to be looked at in the morning.

I remember a couple of years ago Pete bought a big van, not sure what they’re called but have space over the cab like a class C motorhome. It had belonged to an animal rescue, and he was going to fix it up for a mobile ham shack. Turned out that it was less than ideal for that, once he got it home and started in…so he resold it. VERY nice young man from Detroit drove up and purchased it for what Pete had paid, and drove it home, happy. A couple of hours later we got a text from him that the side had blown off the thing on the freeway on the way home. With pictures and everything. We were mortified! AND thankful nobody was hurt or killed…but we were so upset about that for months afterward…it broke our hearts! He didn’t want to bring it back, said he could fix it, but still…we felt so awful!

So we’re not planning to tell the lovely young couple from whom we bought the bus what happened. I know that they would feel awful too.

Are we upset? Not really. We live by faith, and know that nothing happens in our lives unless it is part of God’s plan. We may never know the reason, but we have no questions about it, and continued our trip home in a great mood, confident in Him and whatever the future holds, He’s got ahold of the future – our future!

The relationship may be off to a rocky start but we are praying, and hopeful that it’s just a hose or something. We’ll find out tomorrow. And we have a bus!

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  1. chia.owly.net ,

    Congratulations!! That is wonderful news. Love how you brought it back to faith as you said, “We live by faith, and know that nothing happens in our lives unless it is part of God’s plan. We may never know the reason, but we have no questions about it”

    1. That is really true! Being that it was a red fluid we were certain it would be the transmission – pricey! But left it in God’s hands…it was coolant, the radiator needed to be replaced which costs LOTS less – about 1/7th of the price! And who knew that there is a red coolant brand? 🙂

  2. We are Blessed!
    Life has had a lot of ups and downs in many ways. I had a lit of plans in my head (where they silently remain).
    So many DR appts and other things. My calendar book looks like the neighbor’s chickens found some ink to put their tootsies in and had their way with the calander book. (I have resorted to carrying White Out for all the changes.)

    So back to HOWie. I will explain that everything here has a name.. SHELLY our shelter FRED the shed, Jr the travel trailer, BOB the boat, MYRTLE our 5th wheel , JOHNNY the Pilated Woodpecker, JOHNNY JR the son of Johnny. Forgot the name of MRS JOHNNY, etc.
    Sherry will let you know about HOWie.

    I have plans of my own to put in a VHF/UHF mobile radio that will talk to radio repeaters that allow me talk all ariund Michigan and beyond. Also, an HF radio allowing me to talk directly to other Hams in the USA and other countries. A CB radio to monitor highway traffic and conditions. Weather radio for weather conditions and a Police Scanner. The front will be my Ham Shack. So those are my plans. No they all won’t be on at the same time. I want to be the envie of other Hams..j/k.
    It will be great for travels to the U.P. for our Air Force Security Police Reunions, the Hamfests, visiting friends and relatives, my Ham Club meetings, etc., and won’t have to rent motel rooms.

    1. HoWie will serve us well, I believe!! And that this bus is capable of handling all of those radios is another unexpected bonus, eh? God made sure, once again, that our needs – for BOTH of us – are met :). I love that we won’t have to rent motel rooms…and that we won’t have to “drive straight through” but can take rests to refresh ourselves and then continue on our way! And that we won’t have to buy restaurant food on the way. And…and…and…so many benefits! We’ve made a lot of dreams happen together (all 3 of us, Ecc. 4:12) and this is yet another! Thank the Lord!

      1. We will work on the priorities first and foremost. That is securing the doors – both the passenger doors and drivers doors.
        A place for all the cages above and below a table.
        Privacy curtain and gate.
        Compost toilet.
        Inside storage for Sqwalker and walker.
        Pets supplies.
        Not going to be an overnight thing.

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