3 thoughts on “VIDEO – April 14, 2024: Myrtle’s Big Project – DONE ✔️

  1. Oh so nice! Now the dogs have PLENTY of space to ‘explore-within’. You still have to watch them closely though, (especially that little stinker Chuy) so they don’t dig UNDER enough to get through to the outside (more so by the gate area ?). But…oh my…I am so very happy for you (and the dogs). Thanks for sharing! BTW your ‘outfit-of-the-day’ was GREAT! I love the color combination, and it was so ‘cheerful-looking’ on you!

    1. YES! And we will be able to just let them out for their “business”, even on days when we can’t go out with them! We can stand at the door, let them out, and back in again. Without a fence one of us had to be out with them and watching – especially Chuy! Maisie doesn’t go anywhere but every so often Chuy decides to ignore us calling him and takes off…but not any more!!! The fence itself is buried at the bottom; I had expressed that to J&E also about the gates, they can put a wooden threshold into the ground and up to the bottoms of the fence (as I understand it), and have a couple of other options besides, so that’s reassuring! On the other hand, they won’t be out there without us except for their quick potty trips. I also love those colors, the sunrise/sunset colors are my favorite, and I plan to have PLENTY of flowers this year in those colors! Thanks, Annette❣️

  2. Beautiful Job, J&E!!! It’s been needed for a long time, especially in snowy/icy/rainy weather! Thank you!

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