Time With Family – May 9, 2021 – KY Trip Post 11

On Sunday we went to Gwen and Don’s new house for dinner, and to celebrate birthdays and Mother’s Day together. Extra crispy KFC was served (YUM!) along with Gwen’s FANTASTIC macaroni salad (YUM YUM YUM!!!) and a garden salad with our choices of toppings. (On the lower right are Pete’s temura shrimp from Costco, he can’t eat poultry.) Doesn’t this spread look GREAT?!?!?

Annie, their elderly dachshund. She was 14½ before they left Michigan, so maybe nearly 15 now? Such a sweet girl!

The house they bought earlier this month has the most beautiful light fixtures! Well, all of the fixtures are great, but I especially love these. So I took a few pictures – with Don’s permission – to share here. I don’t know what “style” these would be called, but it must be my style!

I’m so thankful we got to have so many visits with Gwen & Don, and I’m sure we’ll be back. They’re building the life they’ve been dreaming about since they left Kentucky many years ago after Don’s 4 years in seminary, and I pray they’ll have peace, joy, and lots of love as their dreams come to fruition!

2 thoughts on “Time With Family – May 9, 2021 – KY Trip Post 11

  1. Thanks! We’ve had fun too! 🙂 Glad you guys like the house – very affirming, feels like your opinions represent those that our parents may have had and I appreciate that. Was hoping for that sense of secondary affirmation, or whatever it might be called (assuming you approved – lol). Godspeed tomorrow!! <3 <3

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