Thursday Thoughts – Nov. 10, 2022 Edition: Are We Moving???

It’s no secret that our current home has its share of issues. It came with a couple – already being over 20 years old – but neither were deal breakers. And it has served us well. But over time it has become, well, tired. And we’ve realized a couple of things. Like we definitely need more kitchen space, both counter space and storage. It would be nice to have running water (though we do fine – great, in fact! – without it).

Then there’s the roof. It developed a leak, then another a couple of years ago. So we put a tarp over it while we saved up the money to get a new roof. Then we realized the tarp was working fine, we may as well keep on saving for another RV! And so we have. We had thought to get something this fall, in fact we were looking at used construction trailers which our helpers would make ready to live in. We have been wanting something much simpler than this, without lots of walls and hallways taking up valuable square footage. A big open space (especially keeping in mind one of us may need to use a wheelchair in the future), more or less, with the bed and closets at one end, and the remainder a combined living space/kitchen which we could create to suit our unique needs. But very simply. And, since we never found anything that would provide for all of our requirements, we would have exactly what we wanted.

Simple requirements: an area for parrots with easier access to them and good play space outside of their cages…one for musical stuff (keyboards, ukes, instruments, music books)…one for Pete to keep a ham radio so he doesn’t have to trudge over to Junior in rotten weather…a kitchen with a little more counter space, enough for our air fryer mainly, and cupboard…the perfect spot for recliners for us that wouldn’t be in a slide (they’re heavy!)…about double the bedroom/clothing storage that we have now…a walk-in shower without a bathtub ro climb into…the ability to make it wheelchair accessible for the future…an arctic package…laundry hookups…a pull-behind since we’re not going to be traveling in it, a little bigger than what we’ve got now…and solar would be a great bonus!

We’ve been looking at used RVs for over a year, hundreds of them both online and in person, and nothing had a layout or the individual spaces – without being defined by walls – that we wanted. Some of them we could “make do” but we have already been making do for the last 4 years and don’t WANT to “make do” any more…

A few days ago I was looking at construction trailers online and there was, right there, an ad for a used but renovated 5th wheel. New roof and tires. Newer than what we’ve got. A few feet longer, and with 3 slides (we have one here). L-shaped kitchen, with more counter space AND storage. A keyboard-sized slide in the living room. With a wall to hang ukes. Laundry hookups. A vanity in the bedroom for Pete to put his “inside radio”, and twice as much storage in there than we have here. Large open living space with plenty of room for 2 recliners, a little table with a couple of chairs (esp. when guests are there)…a bar space where we can put a couple of stools (more seating for guests, more space to eat at or use as a temp desk)…and the perfect spot for 2 parrot cages with all of their assorted paraphernalia and windows around – the poi boiz love their windows! – only one step up to the bed…and solar-ready, just needs the batteries and panels.

It is still a used RV, and there will be things that will need to be done (though not as much as this one does!). It’s about 90 minutes from where we live; the sellers are out of state until after Thanksgiving so we can’t see it until they come back. But we have been in contact with them via text – a LOT – and they have sent/provided more information. We have loads of photos.

So we shall see. We are almost ready to send them the $, sight unseen. There is nothing about this one that we would have to “make do” if all is as we see/they say. It would fit beautifully on our lot here. I know where everything would go in it.

Are we moving? We’ll let you know!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Nov. 10, 2022 Edition: Are We Moving???

  1. Full timing has its challenges to be sure! I’m more the Class A sort, and tow the car behind. If you’re already set up for pulling a 5th wheel, then go for that, just go bigger like you suggest.

    1. Yes, we have had a motorhome for 7 years and it was GREAT for our travels! Then we landed where we are now, leased this lot long-term, and are done with traveling full-time. (We also have a travel trailer that we can tow and use for short trips.) So our future home will be a pull-behind; we don’t need the wasted space of the driving parts or the expense of the engine and all that (even paying insurance on it). This one is still road-worthy but since we’ll be sitting, it’s not as suitable as it was when we were on the road. Thanks for your thoughts my friend! (And scritches to Violet and Rose!)

  2. I am hopeful for you Sherry. If it’s meant-to be, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt. Since you have been looking for over a year and have seen numerous possibilities, and THIS one ‘stands-out’ from all the others, then that sounds as if it’s ‘meant-to-be’. Thank God in advance for His leading hand in this situation, and my best wishes go with you. Much love sent…

    1. Thank you dear friend ❤️ I prayed that God would make the path to purchase straight and smooth if it be His will, and to put a blockage in the road if it isn’t. (I had to remind Him that I’m rather obtuse and need something obvious LOL!) And the Pete prayed the same ?‍♂️?‍♀️ and we are in agreement. We know that what we want isn’t always something that will be best for us in the long run, and only God knows what that will be! Thank you for your support and love – as always! ?

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