The View From My Window – March 1-8, 2022

It’s been an interesting week, starting with the entire area coated with a heavy layer of ice which glistened in the sun and provided a skating rink for the wildlife – especially the turkeys – who found it hard to stay upright much of the time! Then we got a light layer of snow which provided traction as well as beauty, and some warmer days during which we got some meltage. The river really got higher and a LOT wider during this time. And finally a good half-foot of snow which made everything white and pure and so very quiet…until the turkeys returned! And finally, at the end are a few clips of of a typical springtime turkey “rumble”. Though I can’t get out much these days, there is plenty to see right from where I sit!

Ahhhh, springtime is near! I wish I’d had my window open a crack so you could hear all the racket going on during this “turkey rumble” – they sure get loud! But since I didn’t, I found some appropriate background music to add to your viewing pleasure :).


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