Supernal Sunday – Christmas, 2022 Edition

I have lots of Christmas memes left in the collection I have amassed…I’ve been so excited to share these, they express so well about my Savior and the multitude of things that have affected, and will affect, the world and each and every one of us in one way or another – He even gives …
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Supernal Sunday – June 5, 2022 Edition

Today’s post is a collection of thought-provoking and spirit-prodding quotations that have impressed me with their Biblical truths enough to save them to share with you. (Click on any post to open them up so you can see each one in its entirety.)

Supernal Sunday – May 22, 2022 Edition

The following images tell of the hope of every Christian, and the future we fervently wait to unfold! There are many times that looking forward to our Jesus coming back are what keeps us going, and urges us to serve Him more eagerly and with greater urgency.

Supernal Sunday – May 15, 2022 Edition

We didn’t have internet for most of the day today, sorry this is so late! I was able to get online and do a few things on my phone but everything for this website is on my laptop, so…sorry it’s late. There have been many memes and posts showing a certain man – a mere …
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Supernal Sunday – April 24, 2022 Edition

So we’ve gone through Lent…Good Friday…Resurrection Sunday…for what? What is different after all of that? Well… Our lives can be made new. We can have salvation in Him. Our hearts can be changed. We can go to the Father in Jesus’ name. Death has been swallowed up in victory. In short, what is different, is …
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Resurrection Day 2022 – HE IS RISEN!

There are SO many beautiful memes celebrating Jesus’ victory over death today, I have tried to choose, and include, those that touched my heart the most. I could have gathered many more, but wanted to get these up for you to share the victory message today while there is still plenty of time (though it …
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