Supernal Sunday – April 21, 2024 Edition

I absolutely love the song below. Every single word speaks to my spirit. I’m not a singer but I made an exception in this case!

As always, this is to share with my friends, not a performance. But I hope you enjoy it anyway!
“If you seek perfection, look elsewhere.” ~ Chiafucius

There is a higher throne
than all this world has known,
where faithful ones from every tongue
will one day come.
Before the Son we’ll stand,
made faultless through the Lamb;
believing hearts find promised grace;
salvation comes.

Hear Heaven’s voices sing;
their thunderous anthem rings
through emerald courts and sapphire skies;
their praises rise.
All glory, wisdom, power,
strength, thanks and honour are to God our King
who reigns on high
forever more.

And there we’ll find our home;
our life before the throne.
We’ll honour him in perfect song
where we belong.
He’ll wipe each tear-stained eye
as thirst and hunger die.
The Lamb becomes our Shepherd King;
we’ll reign with him.

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