Saturday Snaps – Pics From My Week

Starting with last weekend…the massive cedar tree in our yard needed surgery. There were some huge limbs hanging over Myrtle, and our landlord (we don’t own this amazing lot, but have a long-term lease) was afraid that they might come down. So he, along with the equipment and its handler, and J&E (who also do work for him) came and took care of the issue.

The tree as it majestically stood until l last weekend. The top was double as wide as Myrtle is long.

Maisie sleeping in Pete’s chair on Tuesday…

On Thursday I made SUCH a delicious meal from some left over oxtails! (Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the completed meal!)

And today, Saturday, we got some beautiful snow! (Not enough, but better than none!)
I have been looking at our new Y’all-O-Meter V.2 every morning to see if we have gotten any snow, and today I was rewarded! (my tongue-in-cheek humor…as is the first photo below!)

The PoiBoiz were in good spirits today, maybe it was all the snow?

Even though I was sick all week, there were high points; these are a few of them! Thanks for visiting!

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