Monday Madness

Today started out like any other day. Awake by 10:30ish (can’t seem to fall asleep much before 3:00 in the morning most nights), Pete brought me some fresh-brewed coffee, I started moving around to see how flexible I’d be (not very), then grabbed my tablet and…well, here is why I’m still “in bed”!

fired up Fedilab on my tablet to catch up on favorite instances with coffee

still had coffee left when I was caught up so searched out more instances to follow

looked up how to add instances to Fedilab because I forgot since last time

decided today is a good day to research Peertube

“A squirrel on the tree right outside my window!” wait…where’s my phone…oh well, I’ll use the camera on my tablet…but wait, it’s set to video and I don’t remember how to set it back to photo…”Pete, can you help me please???”

Took a picture of a squirrel.

forgot about Peertube.

saw Costway on my browser, curiosity piqued, went to

enough of that! forgot to check my mewe account, so…

nearly an hour later: “gee, I wonder if there’s anything new on all of those instances I’m now watching?”…fired up Fedilab

saw a cool Christmas emoji, “I wonder if there are any cool Christmas emojis available for Vivaldi…” opened up my laptop and fired up Vivaldi

“Oh, look, an ad for that new Librem AweSIM, I need to learn about that”…

something amazing caught my eye, “Raspberry Pi 400?!?!?! What is this delightful thing I need to research RIGHT NOW?”

after multiple pages and videos “researching”…”hmm…it seems I knew at one time what GPIO stood for, what was that again…”

COOL! “And what else could I do with GPIO?”

And where am I? Still sitting at the top corner of the bed, laptop on my lap…

4 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. That’s the kind of thinking I had back in the day I used the name li
    LinkChaser. Where one starts is never where one ends. One would think at some point in time you’d have gone full circle . Only thing going full circle is the dizziness of the brain. Leave a bread crumb trail so you don’t get lost.

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