May 3, 2021 – KY Trip Post #6

Well first, the internet has been all-but unusable today. But now it’s after midnight on Monday and there appears to be enough of a connection to fill you in on what we’ve been doing. I don’t think I talked about yesterday, May 2nd, so I’ll start there.

We made the unfortunate discovery that Junior’s oven wasn’t working, and I’ve been long wanting an air fryer, so…yup, now the proud owner of a Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven! And as long as we were at Walmart anyway, we stopped at that wonderful Mexican restaurant again for supper. This time we both got shrimp chimichangas and those things were PACKED with shrimp! Add on the beans and rice and salad and it was a hefty meal. We knew better than to get an appetizer this time, the chips and salsa were enough to keep us happy until our food came.

Then we decided to do a little exploring. Having gone down the road to Harrodsburg we thought we’d go further down to Danville. We were shocked! Expecting yet another little town was a mistake, Danville has big shopping centers and lots of restaurants as well. Businesses large and small line every street of the shopping district. It’s about 22 miles from where we are. Then we took some pretty 2-lane roads back to see more hills, barns, cattle, and green pastures.

No getting online when we got back so we set up my keyboard – I brought the PSR-EW410 – and I got to play for quite a while, and it felt great! We watched some TV, and then went to bed.

Today I slept a long time, 10 hours I think, not waking up until 11:30. We had lots of rain and high humidity so I stayed in, not even getting dressed, but spent quality time with Elliot and Maxwell, played my keyboard and my uke – I brought the Sound Smith Resonator Tenor – for a long while, then fell asleep again for I-don’t-know-how-long. When I woke up Pete and I made supper. After cleaning it thoroughly Pete made a few dozen tiny potatoes in the Ninja oven outside; though I can’t see any nonstick surfaces we always burn off anything that heats by using it outside several times before using it in the house where my birds are. If the appliance has a nonstick coating it doesn’t come in at all, ever. Anyway, I made some brussels sprouts, steamed, with S&P, garlic, and turmeric for Pete with his potatoes; I had a pork steak fried up with broccoli and cauliflower, and one potato to see how they turned out. (Pete ate about a dozen of them, the rest he can add to his daily soup, or fry them, or whatever.)

Still only spotty internet, so we watched some TV, then after dark Pete drove me down to take a shower. I haven’t had a shower in over a year, I don’t think. I always wash at the bathroom sink, head to toe, and make a heck of a mess because I want it to FEEL like a shower LOL! But I’d forgotten that hot showers sometimes bring on an asthma attack so I didn’t take my puffer…so that was a little hairy for a while, with my O2 @ 93 (which isn’t actually too bad) and my heart rate at 144bpm…yeah. I think I’ll go back to standing at the sink!

After that nonsense I just watched some TV with Pete…when he went to bed I discovered we had a good internet connection so here I am! Not a whole lot to report but that Ninja oven is a great thing! I can’t wait to play with it myself, the only reason Pete used it was because of this humidity, I couldn’t sit outside and still breath!

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:
– Kentucky is beautiful but we don’t want to live here. Pete isn’t a fan of the roads, and I can’t take the humidity.
– There are a LOT of towns and cities for us to explore during the rest of our stay, and we LOVE doing that! One of the reasons I chose this campground is its location between Lexington, Louisville, and Frankfort.
– Every. Single. Town has a Walmart. They’re almost as plentiful as Dollar Generals in this area!
– I’ve wondered what it would be like to live more minimally than we already do, and in a smaller space; now I know. We could do it if we had no pets or hobbies. But we wouldn’t want to. Junior is great for trips, as a guest house, and, of course, Pete’s ham shack.
– I love the house that Gwen & Don bought! Really nice for them, exactly what they’d been looking for. We will likely make the occasional trip down here to visit of course, and will want to use a campground closer to their town than this. It’s about an hour to get there, and we’ll have already seen the sights in this area.
– Though the shorter keyboard would have made more sense I’m glad I brought the longer one for playing as one would a piano. And I’m glad I chose the uke I did also, it is more versatile.

So that’s it, you’re all caught up with us, and I’m getting sleepy. I will probably get video tomorrow, and hoping to be able to do Tuesday Titters as well.

2 thoughts on “May 3, 2021 – KY Trip Post #6

  1. That was a lot of things we did and went. We still have a few things to do before coming back to Michigan – like getting the right ball for the trailer. It was by God’s protection we made it without losing our little trailer. Also, have to go get the brakes checked out as well before our trip back. Still wanting to check out the nearest gun shop, do some thrift store shopping and maybe check out a pawn shop or two to see what they have. Oh, Sherry mentioned how the wifi was – I was banned from posting for 3 days on Farcebook. I’m going to close my account. When one gets kicked off for telling the truth – which apparently is a violation of their community standards but letting someone post indecent and immoral photo(s) that is ok in the Farcebook community. I’ll go to Gab,, MeWe, DingDash, or other places more fitting for keeping in touch without the threat of being banned for speaking the Truth in love.
    That little Ninja Air Cooker is so cool. Just the right size too for this travel trailer. We have had those round glass monsters before but they take up too much space and being glass they don’t travel well.

    1. I forgot about USA.Life – used to like it at first. Now I love gab so much, and of course always and other instances on Mastodon. Mewe is ok too, there are a few other ladies that I enjoy keeping up with. DingDash is good though I don’t participate much for some reason. (Zephan is on there.)

      I can’t wait to check out thrifts and pawn shops! I’ll probably wait in the car when you go to the gun shop(s) and save my energy for the other places.

      Whatever we do together, I like doing. Just being with you is everything to me!

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