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A couple of things:]

First, I mentioned that I cleaned out my closet yesterday- finally – and I wanted to share my before and after pictures. Here they are. I was going to label each photo but then figured if you can’t tell the difference then there would be no point anyway ?

Second, I had a couple of things I’ve read yesterday and today that I will add to the Sites I Like but meanwhile, I’m slapping ’em down here. Then I won’t lose them.
Is the Fediverse Right For You?
Blackpilled to Godpilled
Both are great reads, I get a lot of people wondering about “the fediverse” or federation in general, hence the first one. The 2nd one is a beautiful testimony, but also an example of the excellence to be found on gab in general.

Third, I hope you’ve enjoyed the first couple of Guest Posts from Don! I really enjoy how he writes, and the things he talks about and is one of the most interesting people I know. So I am happy and proud to be able to share some of his writing here. I plan to, whenever I have a new one (and I have some backlog for future use), post those on Sunday evenings. So they’re something to look forward to, and also those who are following them will know when to expect them.

Fourth, we will have the grands here for a while starting tomorrow, so my usual amount of online time will be cut back. Way back. Because I can’t do a lot of things physically I use the internet to stay socially active; for the next however-many days I will use the grandkids. And we will have all 3! This will be the first time that we’ve had Luna here overnight, and also the first time she’s been away from mommy and daddy overnight. But Lyra will be here at night anyway (Leelan will be sleeping in Junior) and I think it will be a fairly painless way for Luna to get her first night away from home out of the way. And we have lots of fun things planned too! The whole point being, I will not be online as much.

Lastly, I’m not sure how I will handle meals. For the most part Pete and I eat separately, and fix our own food when we each get hungry. Frankly that’s how I manage to control not only what I eat, but when, since IF and OMaD are the mainstays of my days there’s a lot to consider. So I’m going to go easy on myself, set myself up to stick with my plan and succeed, but if I choose – for whatever reason – to deviate then so be it and life goes on. And my What We Eat page will reflect that, for those who follow.

I think that’s about it, anything else I will share, as always, in the News & Updates box on the main page. I still plan – or hope, at least – to check in there a time or 2 every day.

hugs n kisses

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