There are so many times I see something online and think, “I’ve GOT to share this on my blog!” but then my mind moves to something else and within minutes I’ve forgotten all about it. So here is my solution that little problem, I’ll just put a link here with a comment. And hopefully you will find something that you will be able to use, or just enjoy, too!

(These are in reverse order, with the newest at the top.)

WHY didn’t I ever know about this site??? I think I will be spending way too much time at LetterPile in the future!

49 Bible Verses About Signs of the End Times removes the guesswork about what’s happening in the world now, and what is to come – GREAT TO KNOW!!!

Sadie Robertson Huff discusses social media and brings up some great points I’d never considered!
(Along with this I will share related links from the March 26, 2023 Supernal Sunday post here for safe keeping:
Christian Guidelines for Social Media Usage
5 Biblical Principles for Social Media
12 Guidelines for Church Social Media

Old Thoughts. Wow. A Plain Life Travelled Upon Old Paths – what a fantastic find!

Every so often I read something and all the way through my mind is saying, “Yes!” “YES!” This is one of those things: The Bible. The Absolute Authority.

My friend and sister-in-Christ Cathy sent me this fascinating map in an email today – very enlightening!!!

In this uncertain world we can have a lot to worry about, or even fear. Gary Hampton wrote an article for Forthright MagazineGod’s promises to the needy, troubled, and uncertain – that can bring peace and comfort to our hearts.

I’m not sure what Prosonga Songs means but WOW Zach did a fantastic job bringing them all together here! He has created one of the most useful sites for musicians looking for CCM lyrics and chords that I’ve ever used

I love Music for Makers and have used them as my sole source for music on my vlogs, blog, and other projects for many years. Well worth the lifetime price, I ccan ALWAYS find exactly the right music, and quickly, using their excellent search methods. A vast variety of music for nearly every possible setting!

I launched my GoPro into Near Space on a Balloon shares the almost-magical experience of one young man as he did his own HAB experience. PHENOMENAL photos, with a link to his video of clips shared by his GoPro from 17 miles up into space!

Open Culture – (link leads to their FAQ) Open Culture brings together high-quality cultural & educational media for the worldwide lifelong learning community…It’s all free.

Arkadium is a game site that does gaming right! Since I started trying to keep up with the falling letters on a Commodore 64 I have enjoyed playing games on computers. But only a few actual sites stand out, because only a few sites have everything I look for in a gaming experience. This is definitely one of them! I don’t often find time to play games – not since discovering social media, and starting my own site – but when I need to unwind and relax my brain, Arkadium doesn’t overwhelm me with too many choices, it is easy to read and see, has pleasing colors, and doesn’t intrude on my brain with unnecessary input. Just pure gaming relaxation.

Tromnews – “curated news, videos, images and more, from all around the world” Finteresting is my favorite section but the pictures are fascinating also! This guy has an amazing gift for putting together the most amazing news, videos, images, and facts of anyone I’ve seen!

Topical Bible Studies are something I have always considered invaluable, and just as useful in growing in the Word as the more typical “by the book” studies. This site has some lovely topics in an easy to use format that, now that I have found it, I will consider an important part of my daily studies.

@Challies – “Welcome to the online home of Tim Challies, blogger, author, and book reviewer.” And he writes on it every day. For something like 20 years. Blog posts, links, articles…lots of stuff. From a Reformed perspective. I always find something interesting to read here, and subscribe to his emails so I don’t miss anything. Yeah. That’s how much I like it.

Majesty Radio – What a great idea for a radio station! A mix of CCM oldies (70s – early 2000s), southern gospel, instrumental, hymns, etc. Something for everyone, I LOVE IT! And the pop-out player shows the artist/song that’s currently playing, which I always appreciate!

Based.Cooking – A delightfully simple, informative site with probably over 100 recipes, clearly indexed, without frills or fol de rol. Discovered courtesy of its creator, Luke Smith on Mastodon.

Air Fryer Recipes – This fantastic site was posted on Savior Connect recently, I can’t wait to delve into all the treasures here, and look at the fantastic food photography!

Open The Word – A bit of Bible, a bit of Life, a bit of Politics

Daily Timewaster – “Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.” (I have no idea what this means, I hope it is all right to quote in polite society!)

We Are In A Spiritual Battle is one of those things that we don’t want to read, but at the end we are glad that we did.

The Last Prophecy is an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand take on the book of Revelation. It takes the topic to its bare bones, helping the reader to untangle himself from the interpretations – and misinterpretations – that abound, not do argue their points but rather to remind us What & WHO. It. IS. All. About. WONDERFUL!

During a discussion of webrings (remember?) on Mastodon these interesting sites came up: ~ ~

Sometimes I need to include something just because I agree with it SO MUCH! And OK Groomer is one such something. This blogger is one of my heroes. And it’s because of posts like this one.

Heritage History – “…we seek to promote, not so much the study of history as the enjoyment of History.” “Heritage History promotes Traditional, Story-based History for all ages.” What a WONDERFUL site!!!

How To Extract Ginger Juice – I keep reading about all of the health benefits of ginger juice. I use dried ginger powder a lot in my cooking but was wondering if using juice in tea and soups and things would also be good, so I found this page which makes the extraction process easy to understand.

Blackpilled to Godpilled is a wonderful testimony and a great example of the great content on

Is The Fediverse Right For You? for those who are wondering about the Fediverse and Federation in general.

Daily Blessing from Susie Larson – what a treasure! Phenomenal photography, and best of all the words of beauty, peace, and God spoken over the readers. We need to do a lot more speaking of blessings over people! (For more information on blessings, this site is a good read.)

Only In Your State: Michigan has TONS of great ideas for things to see and do in the mitten state, most of them off the beaten track – or at least not well-known. I get their daily newsletter in my email too!

RedeemTV is something we watch. A LOT! I don’t know of any other networks where we can find such clean entertainment for FREE! (They do take donations, as well they should, given the quality of their programming!)

Our Everyday Life – I stumbled across this one whilst looking at organization and storage ideas. And it has a WHOLE lot of stuff for the home arts, I look forward to carving out more time today to spend here!

Vintage Ads You Won’t Believe Existed – These are some great ads and bring back a lot of memories! I would enjoy the page more if each one wasn’t criticized because it didn’t reflect current values (!) but once I stopped reading the comments on each ad, I liked the page a lot!

Intelligent Parenting – Though my parenting days are over, I will have to remember to follow this with the grands…I often assume they know what I think they know.

Constant Pain Can Lead To… I NEED to look into this – SOON!

7 Ways to Improve Your Privacy in 2022 – Some privacy-focused New Year’s resolutions from Mashable

Keto Butter Cookies – This is a recipe for cookies that BOTH Pete and I can eat! Only 4 ingredients, no eggs, 0.4gN carbs/cookie!