Meals & Recipes From What I Eat In A Day

Disclaimer: I am not a photographer (if it’s not obvious)


How I eat, what I eat, and why

I follow 3 “how” guidelines:
OMaD, or One Meal a Day (or OMaD/s, meaning I also have a snack).
IF, or Intermittent Fasting: 12 hours is my minimum fast, most days are more, rare days are less. My opinion is the longer the fast, the better.
Low Carb: I generally keep total daily carbs < 50G, or net carbs half that; most days I eat a lot less. Occasionally I eat more.
And except on very rare occasions, I expect myself to achieve at least one of these goals each day, though 2 of them is more typical, and 3 is great!

I follow the following “what” guidelines:
Most foods are animal products. The higher in fat, the better. I enjoy eating veggies several days every week, but sometimes want more and happily indulge. Fruits are infrequent (except in summer), I’ve never been a fan of most of them. Grain-based foods and sugars, along with most processed foods, are very VERY infrequent. And I choose foods that are low-carb-per-serving.
I may choose to make exceptions for the occasional restaurant meal or social occasion. I always love going back to “my foods” afterward and, after 19 years of eating for my own health (I started low carb in April 2004), know my body and its responses well enough to judge what I can or can’t eat, how much is too much, etc. There is not, and never will be, “cheating” – every food I eat is what I choose to eat.

Why I eat as I do:
First is for my health, and to control the multiple disease processes I have had going on in my body for many years. Second, related to the first, is to control inflammation and pain. Third is because I love these kinds of foods. Fourth is how much better I feel/sleep/think/etc. when I’m eating what’s best for my body. Fifth is – sometimes – weight loss; when I am losing too fast or am not comfortable with the loss, I tweak my foods to stop it or slow it down in the best ways without jeopardizing any of the above.

This page describes what *I* do. I’m not advising anyone else. It is your choice to eat what you want to eat, for your own reasons.
This page is about my choices. And I hope that you, if nothing else, get some meal ideas here that you can use. Enjoy!


May 28, 2023 – IF, low carb

19-hour fast. Munched on a few sunflower seeds to tide me over until we ate supper. Backyard BBQ Salad at Noodles & Company (which has their nutritional data online and surprisingly there is a lot on the menu that fits in my plan!). Some of my roasted pork, with a little mayo, for a snack later. 6-hour eating window today.


May 27, 2023 – IF, low carb

10:00 a.m. broke my 20-hour fast with some of my roasted pork. 18:30 had more pork, and some zoodles with spaghetti sauce and green-can-parm. Done eating by 19:00.


May 26, 2023 – IF

14-hour fast broken by scrambled eggs. Drive-in restaurant meal of a turkey/bacon wrap and onion rings @ 14:00.


May 25, 2023 – IF

Broke my 16-hour fast with some pork and horseradish. At 6:30 I ate supper at a restaurant where we were celebrating a family birthday; had some beets and a salad, then some sirloin steak and mashed potatoes with it; chose banana bread with for dessert.


May 24, 2023 – low carb, IF

18-hour fast, then had some pork at 14:00; 19:30 had more pork, with SF BBQ sauce, and Pete made some Dreamfield’s pasta so I had a little of that with butter and shredded parm on it too.


May 23, 2023 – OMaD/s, IF, low carb

15½- hour fast, then yogurt snack – a few bites – at 10:30. 18:30 had my meal, as shown. Reheated some of the pork from the pig roast (I took another bag out of the freezer last night, and will eat it through the rest of the week) and made some roasted butternut squash, seasoned with paprika, cinnamon, ginger, and salt, then tossed with SF maple syrup (Lakanto) at the end. Planning to munch on a couple mouthfuls of sunflower seeds, eating window will be done by 20:00, for 9½ hours.


May 22, 2023 – IF, low carb

Broke my 16½-hour fast with a ribeye steak at 1:30. Had HB eggs, smashed and fried in butter, with colby-jack cheese melted on top at 18:30; done eating for the day by 19:00 with a 5½-hour eating window.


May 21, 2023 – OMaD

I had another pizza like last Sunday, over my 50g carb allowance so OMaD and longer IFs, as usual. (No grains/gluten/inflammatory ingredients which is the most important thing!) 18½-hour fast before my meal.


May 20, 2023 – OMaD/s, IF, low carb

12:30 broke my 16-hour fast with some pork belly and roasted cauliflower. 21:00 I tasted a small (walnut-sized) piece of Pete braised beef supper and am calling it a snack. That is all.


May 19, 2023 – OMaD/s, IF, low carb

We ate at The Nest for the first time in a couple of months. I had cottage cheese and salad with 1000 Island, and grilled (I think) garlic parmesan salmon rather than the usual fried fish I’ve always gotten on Fridays in the past. That broke my 20-hour fast. Photo shows both my meal in the foreground, and Pete’s – he got the fried fish/fries/slaw that is their special on Friday.

At 20:30 I had some salted roasted sunflower seeds for a snack.


May 18, 2023 – IF, low carb

13:30 had some “toast*” with butter and cream cheese after a 17½ hour fast. 18:30 I had some cabbage and sausage with Mayochup. Finished eating before 19:00.

* This was made from things I could reach at the front of the cupboard, mostly: whey protein, psyllium husk, baking powder, green can parm (for flavor only), salt, yogurt, olive oil, egg whites. Made it in the red boat (as 3YO granddaughter Luna calls it) so I wouldn’t have to dirty a pan; Pete had just done all the dishes.


May 17, 2023 – IF, low carb

At about noon I ate some yogurt and scrambled eggs, breaking my 16+ hour fast. 7 hours later I had some of my little waxy potatoes with some pork sausage and cooked cabbage; finished eating by 20:00 (don’t recall the exact time).


May 16, 2023 – IF, low carb

16-hour fast broken by soda crackers at the medical center after a procedure early this morning; a couple of hours later I had some scrambled eggs and cottage cheese. Finished my evening meal of steak and leftover chicken nuggets (with Mayochup) at 19:30. Was craving protein all day.


May 15, 2023 – IF, OMaD, low carb

22-hour fast. Went to a restaurant for lunch since we were over an hour from home; I had parm/garlic chicken wings (they had some sort of coating on them but far from 50g worth I am sure!), and parm/garlic broccoli. That’s all I ate today, I’m hungry now but will be going to bed soon so will wait until tomorrow.


May 14, 2023 – IF, OMaD

Had my meal at 4:30 (18½ hour fast). Tossed zucchini and onion slices with Romano Buttermilk Ranch dressing, parmesan from the can, and almond flour, plus seasonings, and roasted it in the air fryer using the Bake function for 25 minutes at 375°F; sprinkled some real parmesan on top and put it back in for 3 more minutes. Had this with my pizza. I knew it would be a moderate carb day so no snacks, longer fasts at each end, and OMaD. (The pizza is grain-free and gluten-free, don’t remember the brand but we found it in the freezer section at Meijer; NO WAY would I be able to make my own crust and cook my own today.)


May 13, 2023 – IF, low carb, OMaD/s

Broke my 16½-hour fast at a restaurant, wanted breakfast but they had already stopped serving it so I got a sunrise burger (I think it was called?) which was an 8-oz patty with cheese, bacon, and egg on top – no bun. Next best thing, the bacon was 2 full slices and they were THICK! Came with fries, Pete ate most of them, I had 6. At 19:30 I had some HB eggs dipped in mayo for a snack (and I shared those with the dogs, I wasn’t too hungry, just a little); 7½-hour eating window today, done before 20:00.


May 12, 2023 – IF, low carb

Broke my 18-hour fast with a dish of cottage cheese; I was hungry so I ate 2 half-cup servings. At 19:30 I ate chicken nuggets – I thought I had the recipe here but I’m not seeing it in the index so I guess I will share it next time, or do a Keto Kwikkie (or you can see when I did something similar for chicken patties) – which are nearly 0 carbs, then I had some cheesy cauliflower rice with it. Finished eating by 20:00 for an eating window of 4½ hours today.


May 11, 2023 – IF, low carb

18-hour fast ended with a beef stick (Slim Jim type) as a snack; 15:00 finished the last of my pork* and potato salad from Saturday. Was hungry again later so had some scrambled eggs with cheese and a few slices of beef summer sausage at 21:00. 10-hour eating window.
* I still have several gallon-sized bags packed full of pork from the pig roast in the freezer for future use.


May 10, 2023 – IF, low carb, OMaD/s/s

my usual few bites of yogurt ended 17-hour fast; hungry when out and about so had a seed-based keto bar; same meal as yesterday and at the same time; eating window 7 hours today.


May 9, 2023 – IF, low carb, OMaD/s

13-hour fast broken by a few bites of full-fat cottage cheese (a little bored with yogurt). Meal at 17:00 was pulled pork with potato salad.
(Let’s talk about that potato salad: (a) well within my daily allowance of carb grams, especially because (b) resistant starch ) Finished the day’s eating by 17:30.
And, by the way, no carb cravings or other appetite-related effects from my 3 days off plan.


May 8, 2023 – IF, low carb

12-hour fast broken by a couple of wraps (approx. ½c egg whites, light sprinkle of gelatin, about 1T psyllium husk, cooked as usual)…wrapped around pulled pork mixed with mayo. 22:00 fried up some cabbage and onions, added a little tomato sauce, and had it over pulled pork; done eating before 22:30. (As usual, I eat more often, and more food, but very low carb, when my body is recovering from carbier foods; usually takes a few days.)


May 7, 2023 – I have just a few carby foods left from yesterday that I intend to consume today; they were lovingly made by family and I want to savor all that love for one more day – some things are more important than carbs. Tomorrow we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming after my 3-day birthday break. (NOTE that, unlike previous “diets” when I take a day or two off, rather than struggling to get back to my regular way of eating I look forward to it, crave it, and relish it! VERY different from a typical “diet”!)


May 6, 2023 – Today was our pig roast. I didn’t keep track of what I ate, or when. That is all.


May 5, 2023 – OMaD/s

Yogurt at 11:00; ate at CocoLoco in Saginaw, MI. It is a decidedly carby seafood chimichunga with salad, rice, and the best refried beans I have had in any restaurant; those beans are the main reason I chose this establishment for my birthday meal. We also had the basket of tortilla chips (not shown) that is the typical appetizer.


May 4, 2023 – IF, low carb

Broke my 15-hour fast with some yogurt. At 2:30 ate the rest of my pork belly and steak from last night. Full-fat cottage cheese-based keto ice cream for a late-night snack, finished it at 23:30.

(From this point until Monday I will be shooting for 1 out of 3 of the above daily goals as it is my birthday weekend and I will be celebrating with family and friends; however I will still report here what I eat.)


May 3, 2023 – IF, OMaD/s

(Had no issues from what I ate yesterday.)

Had my yogurt (the “snack” in OMaD/s) at 10:30, breaking a 16-hour fast. At 17:30 I ate my lovely meal, I think I will do this more often! I had a few strips of pork belly thawed in the fridge so I cut that into bite-sized pieces and fried it up first. When it was about done I tossed in my half-dozen leftover wings from Sunday and reheated those until really hot. After pouring the chicken and pork into my bowl I added a ribeye steak that I had cubed and quick-fried the pieces in the fat already in the pan over high heat, turning them frequently. Poured those into the bowl with the chicken and pork. WOW, why didn’t I ever think of such a great meal before??? A new favorite!

Made toast out of the last of my cinnamon coffee cake for dessert, with cinnamon/”sugar” (Monk fruit) on it. But only because I didn’t want that last piece to go bad – otherwise it would have been a (very welcome!) carnivore day!


May 2, 2023 – IF, OMaD/s

Broke 21-hour fast with a few bites of yogurt at noon; 18:00 had a piece of fried (battered) fish, 2 small hushpuppies, some of my french fries, and the cole slaw that was my meal; we ate out. Wasn’t too awful of a carb hit, but definitely over my 50g/day that I allow myself. Being an OMaD day I don’t expect any backlash from my body!


May 1, 2023 – IF, OMaD, low carb

I ate my meal at 14:30; a cheese pizza with marinara and mozzarella only, made on a chicken pizza crust which is basically a can of chicken (drained, dried, crumbled well), refill the can with shredded cheese and add it, then break an egg into it; add spices if desired. Mash it into a dough, spread it onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake – add desired toppings and return to oven until complete. It is actually quite good!


April 30, 2023 – IF, low carb

Broke my 15-hour fast with a slice of cinnamon coffee cake (used my typical keto baking ingredients and added cinnamon and some unsweetened coconut) while Pete and the grandkids were in town getting donuts; supper was some ground beef with Mayochup and a few chicken wings I made in the air fryer (no coating); another slice of coffee cake for dessert, with butter.


April 29, 2023 – IF

11:00 I had some HB eggs, smashed and fried in butter with melted cheese on top after a 14-hour fast. Went out for supper while taking the grands to a walleye festival, I had walleye and fries for supper. Ate a cheese stick at 22:55 for a 12-hour eating window today.


April 28, 2023 – low carb, IF

Yogurt at 09:00 (13 hours); lunch of eggs, cheese, and pork belly in “the red boat” at 14:00; supper of fried cheese and sausage with marinara at 19:30; finished by 20:00 for the day.


April 27, 2023 – low carb, IF

No yogurt this morning; lunch of scrambled eggs with butter at 15:00 (18-hour fast); finished supper of roasted pork belly and onion by 20:00.


April 26, 2023 – low carb, IF

Yogurt at the 14½-hour mark; toast (using a grain-free very low carb bread recipe*) with SF jelly a few hours later; ground beef patties with Mayochup at 20:30.

* dry ingredients: unflavored protein powder, psyllium husk, baking powder, salt, golden flax meal, parm-in-the-can (for flavor)
wet ingredients: egg white, sour cream, warm water


April 25, 2023 – low carb, IF, OMaD/s

14-hour fast broken with my usual few bites of yogurt as a morning snack at 10:00. 20:00 I had 2 chicken thighs and some of my little waxy potatoes, roasted. That is all.


April 24, 2023 – low carb, IF

15-hour fast broken with yogurt snack at 09:00; 14:30 had a ground beef patty with melted cheese and mushrooms, and a small serving of skinny little onion rings; 20:00 I had a pork steak and some sauerkraut. That is all.


April 23, 2023 – low carb, OMaD/s, IF

20-hour fast broken with yogurt snack. Supper at 17:30 was leftovers and a keto “bread” – sort of…ended up as a mess but tasted good! That is all.


April 22, 2023 – low carb, OMaD/s, IF

Broke 12-hour fast with yogurt snack. Supper at 14:00 was leftover lasagna and skirt steak. That is all.


April 21, 2023 – low carb, OMaD, IF

No yogurt this morning

23-hour fast. This is a lasagna. Had tried a “flatbread” recipe which turned out too thin and a little rubbery. So I cut the sheet into “noodles” and layered them with marinara, cheeses, onions, and sausage and baked it. Perfect! What you see here was my only meal today, no snacks.

April 20, 2023 – low carb, OMaD/s, IF

08:30 yogurt (16 hours); supper 12 hours later: braised skirt steak with onions and some of my tiny waxy potatoes. That is all.


April 19, 2023 – low carb, OMaD/s, IF

Had my yogurt at 10:30, breaking a 18½-hour fast. 16:30 I had a “crustless pizza” – a bowl of toppings – from the pizza place and tossed a leftover hamburger patty in with it. That is all.


April 18, 2023 – low carb,

Yogurt at 08:30. Slept on and off all day (day 5 of being sick). 13:30 had some chicken soup (no noodles, just chicken and broth, with sour cream for substance). Not much of an appetite. That is all.


April 17, 2023 – low carb

Had my yogurt at 08:00. Slept on and off all day (day 4 of being sick) so most of the day is a blur but I know I had a couple of cheese sticks at one point this afternoon. Now I’m hungry so Pete is making me a couple of burger patties and I asked him to toss a few of his organic 100% potato flakes in the pan to soak up the juice; I think I’m wanting comfort food. Anyway, they’re 16g per serving and I doubt if that will make even half a serving. Will probably finish eating by 21:30.


April 16, 2023 – low carb, IF

Had my yogurt at 13:00 (17-hour fast); finished my meal of fried eggs and sausage by 16:30. Snacked on some pecans a couple of hours later.


April 15, 2023 – low carb, IF

Had my yogurt at 9:30 (12 hour fast)

At 13:30 I had what you see here: the last of my roasted caulirice which I reheated with cheese over the top; also had some convection-fried pork belly strips.

At 20:00 I had 2 colby-jack cheese sticks as a snack.


April 14, 2023 – low carb, IF

Got up really late, had my yogurt at 11:30…what you see here* at 15:30…16-hour fast unintended.

Had a half of a small bag of 3-seed cheese crisps in the evening, finished at 21:30.

* Leftover caulirice mixed with a shredded cheese blend and moistened with some egg white from the carton; heated the 5-minute Chef, sprinkled some pork panko in the bottom, followed by a slice of provolone, followed by the mixture, and topped with 2 slices of canadian bacon. Cooked until heated through and pork rinds were crispy, flipped the unit over to brown the meat – here you see one showing each side, though they were still really hot when I took them out, so they didn’t hold together real well. Still, they were DELICIOUS!!!


April 13, 2023 – low carb

Had my few bites of yogurt at 10:30 this morning.

Munched on some of my canadian bacon chips, and some cheese, through the day.

My supper is shown left: Chicken wings that I marinated in olive oil, Happy Salt, garlic, and paprika, then cooked in the convection oven atop a bed of frozen cauliflower rice @ 425°F for 30 minutes; sprinkled shredded parmesan on top and cooked a further 15 minutes.

Finished eating at 19:30.


April 12, 2023 – low carb

Yogurt when I got up; “faux-tmeal” a few hours later; evening meal was pork belly and zoodles with tomato sauce. Had some SF dark chocolate covered peanuts for dessert.

(I’m not worrying about numbers – IF or OMaD – for the time being.)


April 11, 2023 – low carb

On days like today I can’t really worry about fasting or OMaDing or even what times I eat – just gotta feed myself and keep it plain and simple low carb. Had my morning yogurt at 06:00…a few hours later, far from home, had fried eggs and bacon in a restaurant, plus a few – very few – bites of Pete’s hash browns…a few hours later I had a handful of SF chocolate covered peanuts and some cheese for a late afternoon snack on the road…late in the evening, finally home, I had burger patties with Mayochup on a bed of lettuce; finished eating at 21:00 for the day.


April 10, 2023 – low carb, IF

14-hour fast broken by my morning yogurt; finished the rest of my pork roast 6 hours later, had planned for OMaD today but got exceedingly hungry, so had some eggs with cheese and a pork rind crust as another meal, finished by 21:30.


April 9, 2023 – IF, s/OMaD, low carb

16½ fast broken with a few bites of yogurt at 10:30; supper at 17:00 was the rest of my pizza from yesterday plus some pork roast and sauerkraut. 7-hour window.


April 8, 2023 – IF, low carb

14-hour fast broken by morning yogurt @ 08:30. Lunch @ 14:30 of tiny tomatoes wrapped in sliced beef with mayo. Half of my very low carb pizza, finished eating at 18:00.


April 7, 2023 – OMaD/s

Had my yogurt at 08:30. 18:00 ate at a restaurant with family for a birthday celebration; got an appetizer sampler plate and couldn’t finish it, munched on a few fries – not too many carbs I’m guessing, but more than the 50g cutoff.


April 6, 2023 – low carb

Pete brought me yogurt at 09:30 with my coffee…3 hours later I had some pork roast, a few baby wax potatoes, and some sauerkraut…finished up a cottage cheese snack at 21:30.


April 5, 2023 – low carb

I was up most of the night and got hungry sometime in the wee hours so I had some cottage cheese. 12 hours later I had some pork roast and sauerkraut. 8 hours after that I had some more pork roast, this time I spread some Primal SF BBQ Sauce on it, and had some cottage cheese on the side. Done eating by 22:00 for the day.


April 4, 2023 – IF, low carb

10:00 (14 hours) I had a few bites of yogurt. (Trying to not do the early morning yogurt since it messes with my IF but my stomach needs it sometimes before the pills hit!) 15:00 I fried together some slaw mix, some broccoli slaw mix, a couple of cubed tomatoes, and some cut-up hard salami. (Hey, it was quick and available!) I had some pork belly and the last of my little waxy purple potatoes, since I only had a few left I sliced them and laid them along the bottom of my small baking pan, then cut up the pork belly and put the pieces on top of the potatoes; 35 minutes @ 425°F – delicious! 11-hour eating window as I finished at 21:00.


April 3, 2023 – IF, low carb

At 14:30 I had some deli roast beef slices wrapped around tiny tomatoes and dipped in mayo, with some sliced Canadian bacon with cream cheese. At 20:00 I had scrambled eggs.


April 2, 2023 – IF, low carb

This was a very long post that, for some reason isn’t here anymore. But other than that it was pizza day, I don’t remember times or such. I know I made a pizza with another crust experiment…and I ate some of it mid-afternoon and some of it in the evening. I did post the experiment part of it in my Mastodon KetoPlus group, so I will copy that below. Other than that, I don’t know.

On a parchment-lined baking pan I spread a thin layer of shredded mozzarella cheese. In my little blender jar I put about ½c of egg whites (from the carton), 2T each of einkorn flour and unflavored protein powder, 1 tsp of yeast (for flavor), and ½ tsp of xanthan gum. Then I blended it until it was thick and frothy, and poured it gently over the shredded cheese. Baked @ 350°F for 15 minutes. Removed it, topped it, and put it back in the oven for 12 minutes on 425°F but the cheese on top still hadn’t started to brown so I stuck it under the broiler for a couple of minutes which didn’t do much but I was hungry so I ate it anyway!


April 1, 2023 – IF, low carb

25 hour fast broken at 17:00 at a restaurant (we were far from home today) with a ground steak patty topped with cheese, mushrooms, and marinara, and split a side of onion rings with Pete. However, I’m not ruling out finishing off that rotisserie chicken yet tonight…pretty sure I will. (Did – finished by 22:30.)


March 31, 2023 – IF, OMaD/s

21-hour fast broken by roasted zoodles, pork belly pieces, and purple (lower carb) small potatoes, roasted, with cottage cheese on the side. (This is a very small roasting pan; my favorite, personal-sized.)

Had some popcorn for a snack a couple of hours later.

3-hour eating window.


March 30, 2023 – IF, low carb, OMaD

Broke my 20-hour fast @ 15:30 with my supper, consisting of some of my rotisserie chicken, cottage cheese, and some ranch-flavored Whisps.


March 29, 2023 – IF, low carb

15-hour fast; a mushroom-swiss burger without a bun (grains make me sick) and some tater tots (potatoes don’t) at a restaurant; a roasted chicken leg quarter – from a Costco rotisserie chicken – when we got home. 8-hour eating window.


March 28, 2023 – IF, low carb

21-hour fast broken with some roast beef deli meat and provolone cheese “foldovers” dipped in mustard. Chicken wings done in the convection oven for 2nd meal @ 21:30, Eating window 7 hours.


March 27, 2023 – IF, low carb

22-hour fast broken at 15:30. Broke up some of the failed pizza crust (I had peeled off the topping and saved it in the fridge for later use) into pieces and fried them until crispy in butter; broke eggs over the top and covered to cook until they were done. It was actually quite good! 18:30 I had about a pound of ribeye steak. Eating window 3½ hours.


March 26, 2023 – OMaD/s, IF, low carb

15-hour fast broken by yogurt; tried a boughten keto pizza crust mix for my pizza and didn’t like it, only ate a little, will use the other packages up as a low carb “flour” addition to other baked goods. Done eating by 17:30 for the day.


March 25, 2023 – OMaD, IF, low carb

Broke my fast after 19 hours with 3 burger patties & MayoChup, with some cheddar Whisps.


March 24, 2023 – low carb

Started my day with my yogurt @ 07:00. Don’t remember what time I had supper but I had 2 roasted chicken thighs and some “dash browns” (shredded daikon fried in butter). 2 slices of cheese just before midnight.


March 23, 2023 – Low carb, IF

12-hour fast broken with yogurt. 4 hours later had fried eggs and pork belly. Was hungry but didn’t eat supper, so ended up eating 2 meat sticks and a small dish of popcorn; done by 23:00.


March 22, 2023 – Low carb, IF

Broke my 17-hour fast with some yogurt, then ate the last of my cubed roast beef, reheated in butter, with mayo on it several hours later. I will likely fry some eggs shortly, or even some pork belly, as on my day – or two – after an off-plan day I don’t worry so much about how often I eat as what I eat, aiming for lots of fats, and enough protein. This helps me get past any potential issues (cravings or extra hunger) within a couple of days.
P.S. I did end up with 3 fried eggs and some fried pork belly pieces…finished eating at about 22:00…so had a 12-hour eating window today. Not bad for “the day after”!


March 21, 2023 – Planned off-plan day.


March 20, 2023 – IF, low carb

Broke my 15½-hour eating window with a ribeye, some onions, and a few of my little waxy potatoes fried in duck fat @ 13:30. 19:00 I had salami sandwiches – 4 slices of salami in 2 sandwiches made from the Outer Aisle Cauliflower rounds, with mustard. Eating window 6 hours today.


March 19, 2023 – IF, low carb

23-hour fast, then ate some spaghetti squash into which I put tomatoes, cheese, and beef at 14:30. At 21:30 I put some cheeses and beef (I need to use it up) into my 5-Minute Chef and had it with a schmear of mayo on top. 7½ hour eating window today.


March 18, 2023 – s/OMAD, IF, low carb

16-hour fast broken by some yogurt. My meal a few hours later and consisted of 3 eggs and 8 mini sausages fried in butter, witth some toasted pecans for dessert (and for something crunchy!); plenty of fat and enough protein in my meal insured I didn’t get hungry again today. 4-hour eating window ending at 15:30.


March 17, 2023 – s/OMAD/s, IF, low carb

Broke my 19-hour fast @ 13:30 with a mozzarella/prosciutto snack stick. (I got a box of 12 for $1.50 at an Amish grocery.)

At 16:30 I ate my supper of the diced roast beef, a couple of my small waxy potatoes, some mushrooms, carrots, onion, garlic, salt, and marjoram fried in pork fat, with a gravy made of sour cream, mushroom broth, and a tbsp of keto baking mix. I made some “bread” in my 5-Minute Chef (see yesterday) and had the meat/veggie/gravy on top of it. This made 3 generous servings (or would have been 5 normal servings); I bagged and froze the other 2 servings. I had some yogurt a couple of hours later. 6-hour eating window.


March 16, 2023 – IF, low carb

Had my yogurt at 09:30.

14:00 – toasted 3 Outer Aisle Cauliflower Sandwich Thins in a pan with butter. When those were crisped up and I had spread mayo on them, I reheated some of the roast beef I showed yesterday with some chopped tomatoes; then I spooned that out the beef and tomatoes on top and put some cheese over it. (I flipped back part of the cheese to show the inside.) That was my lunch.

18:00 – had some “bread” (protein powder, golden flax meal, keto baking mix, yogurt, olive oil, and salt, all combined, cooked in the 5-Minute Chef) and butter with a cup of tea.

9-hour eating window today.


March 15, 2023 – OMaD/s, IF, low carb

Broke my 14-hour fast with the yogurt (a few bites with which to take my morning meds) @ 10:00. 1:00 ate caulirice with cheese, and some roast beef I got from the Amish store (already roasted, diced). I also ate about 3 handfuls of pecans over the next few hours. 10-hour eating window today.

March 14, 2023 – IF, low carb

Broke my 14-hour fast at 10:00 with yogurt; supper as shown (crispy pork belly bits and spaghetti squash with green-can parm); also some roasted pecans for a snack. Eating window 12½ hours today.

Pete also had spaghetti squash, with roasted bell pepper, tomatoes, and onion on the side and nutritional yeast flakes over all.


March 13, 2023 – IF, low carb

15-hour fast broken at noon (I didn’t have a snack last night), we had lunch at a restaurant as we were out of town; I ordered a scramble with mushrooms, spinach, onion, and swiss cheese. It came on top of hash browns so I just ate the eggs off the top and Pete finished off my hash browns and brought home my 2 biscuits too. 7 hours later I nibbled on some cottage cheese and salami, I’ll call it an 8-hour eating window for today.


March 12, 2023 – IF, low carb

Today I did my typical day-after program: eating as often as needed to keep from getting hungry, but only very low carb foods, high in fat for satiation to fight off renewedcarb cravings, and drinking as much as I can. (see also

13-hour fast broken by 3 eggs fried in butter on a simple toast made of protein powder, golden flax meal, pork rinds, olive oil, water, and salt, all combined, poured into 5-Minute Chef and “toasted”, sliced in half/buttered, and eggs broken over it. Several hours later I had some full-fat cottage cheese, and a few hours after that I scavenged the rest of the meat from the duck carcass I had boiled this afternoon for the meat and its broth. I have eaten all of my food in an 8-hour window at this point BUT, being the day after, I will eat something small if I need to (maybe a handful of pecans or a couple of slices of salami).


March 11, 2023 – OMaD, but I don’t want to talk about it; went to our daughter’s house, ate pizza. And breadsticks. And a brownie. Then another brownie.


March 10, 2023 – IF

Broke my fast after 15 hours with some reheated roasted duck. The last of it now, mostly what’s on the carcass, I will probably boil off, freeze the meat for a future use, and use the broth for an amazing soup. Had our fish dinner at The Nest, then a few SF chocolate chips in the evening because I had a sweet tooth. All of my eating was in a 9-hour window (12:30 – 21:30).


March 9, 2023 – low carb, OMaD/s, IF

Yogurt snack @ 09:00 ( 16-hour fast). Very late supper at 21:00 after a daytime 12-hour fast (!); had a ribeye with cauliflower and cheese.


March 8, 2023 – low carb, OMaD/s, IF

I had my yogurt at 09:00 (13 hour fast) and at 17:30 I had my supper of 2 ground beef patties on toasted cauli sandwich thins, toasted. They really take a long time to toast in the air frying, BTW. But they toast well, losing their flexibility but not getting crisp. I ate one with just butter, and the other two encased a double burger. With Mayochup, of course. 9-hour eating window.


March 7, 2023 – low carb, IF

I didn’t write this down on the same day and so don’t remember times but I know I had my yogurt in the morning after at least 12 hours…afternoon I had some of my duck and mushrooms with melted shredded parmesan in them; shortly afterward I had some roasted pecans and SF chocolate chips for a snack; I’m pretty sure I done eating by 20:00 for the day.


March 6, 2023 – low carb

Broke my 32-hour fast with some yogurt with cinnamon at 07:00. 4 hours later I had some pork belly and fried eggs. Supper was late; I ate some duck and some little “pizzas” made with Outer Aisle Cauliflower Sandwich Thins (a box of 14 for $9.99 at Costco and worth every penny!), a schmear of tomato paste, and mozzarelli cheese. I finished eating at 21:00.


March 5, 2023 – fasting from food; beverages only


March 4, 2023 – IF, low carb

26-hour fast, then 2 burgers with Mayochup. 5 hours later I had sausage and fried eggs. 2 hours after that I had some of my freshly-roasted duck. My foods were all consumed between 14:30 and 23:00.


March 3, 2023 – IF, OMaD

At noon – after a 15-hour fast – we were out and about so stopped for lunch at a pizza place. I ate super-thin (think cracker-crust) gluten free cheese pizza. I have no idea of the nutrient data but doing OMaD and long fast afterward anyway.


March 2, 2023 – IF, low carb

I broke my 25-hour fast @ 13:30 with a “bowl” meal at Qdoba. Ground beef and vegetables, salsa, guacamole, etc…and splurged with some corn and a little rice in it. (MUCH better splurge than an Asian buffet.) I usually get the salad in the edible bowl but decided to forego that today. Topped with sour cream. Later I ate my 2 leftover chicken patties after melting cheese over them and adding some sour cream on top. Had finished all of my eating at 21:00, eating window was less than 8 hours.


March 1, 2023 – IF, OMaD/s, low carb

Ate my other biscuit with my meds to break my 17-hour fast @ 09:30 (snack); we were out of town and so ate lunch at a restaurant @ noon; I got hash and eggs, and toast but only ate 1 slice of the toast. Ate all of my food in a 3-hour window.


Feb. 28, 2023 – IF, OMaD/s, low carb

11:30 I broke my fast (14 hours) with my 3 spoons of yogurt (snack).

16:00 I had my meal: the patties contain chicken, egg, pork panko, and green-can-parm – plus some regular shredded parm; I dipped them in ranch dressing when I ate them. The “nests” are organic Zucchini Nests from Costco that I doctored up with onion and garlic powder, Happy Salt, avacado oil spray, and green-can-parm. And some very simple “biscuits”.

To share details of exactly how I made them, I added an update to my Keto+ page

All of my food was eaten within a 5-hour window.

Feb. 27, 2023 – IF, OMaD/s

We went to The Nest for lunch today; I ate my meal at noon (14½ hour fast*); cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a wrap, and hash browns. Chose a wrap rather than a bun, and hash browns instead of fries which are deep-fried; we’re trying to avoid deep-fried food in restaurants.

I had some roasted pecans for a snack at 20:30 with my evening cup of tea.

*I usually time my fasts for on-the-hour so I don’t have to do the math. Today is one of those rare times that I didn’t.

Feb. 26, 2023 – IF, low carb

19 hours after my beef patties I had my gluten-free pizza. Because it had fake cheese on it and the ingredients were REAL iffy and carby I scraped it off and reloaded the crust with our own mozzarella. Later I had eggs, ham, and cheese, followed by some roasted pecans after a while. I did all of my eating between 11:30 and 21:30 today.


Feb. 25, 2023 – IF, low carb, OMaD

Last night well before midnight Pete made popcorn and I had a small dish of it. It was 17 hours until I ate again – 3 ground beef patties with Mayochup. And that’s all I ate today.


Feb. 24, 2023 – IF, low carb

I wasn’t too far off! 12-hour fast, then my little dish of yogurt (which I flavored with some stevia orange flavor and a drop of vanilla, always loved creamsicles!). 5 hours, then one of my 5-minute Chef creations – parm/porkie crust on both sides, eggs and cheese in the middle. 6 hours after that I had my supper: the last of my pork butt I’ve been eating all week, with cauliflower rice; details on today’s Keto+ update. And that’s it! 11½ hour eating window, finished at 20:00.
(I’m starting to have a hard time remembering these times, so I will have to include them in these updates I guess.)


Feb. 23, 2023 – IF, low carb

I actually had a meal and 2 snacks today, started with my little dish of yogurt when I got up (16-hour fast), then mid-afternoon I had the same thing as the 18th, then a few hours later some cottage cheese with a spoon of SF jelly mixed in. All of my food was consumed within an 11-hour period; probably will only have a 12-hour (my minimum) fast tonight, but we’ll see!


Feb. 22, 2023 – IF, low carb

15-hour fast followed by a few bites of morning yogurt; I spread out my supper over 3 hours, just didn’t want to eat a lot at once, but was hungry – had a “funny tummy” I guess? Anyway, had some turkey chips with a homemade dip…a handful of my little waxy potatoes…a hunk of my pork roast with SF BBQ seasoning and a little monk fruit golden mixed together, sprinkled on top. Ate everything within a 9-hour period.


Feb. 21, 2023 – IF, low carb

18-hour fast, then yogurt (a dish of greek yogurt, more than a few bites, so considering it a meal); we went to an italian restaurant for supper, I got plain chicken wings and the salad bar, from which I ate a salad (lettuce, bacon, cheese, HB eggs, black olives, 1000 Island), cottage cheese with a little fruit mixed in, and just a couple bites of macaroni salad. I drank 80% unsweetened iced tea/20% fake fountain “lemonade” in a small cup, throwing half of it away after my meal. Pretty close to my 50g daily limit but not too far off by my calculations.


Feb. 20, 2023 – IF, low carb

After my 22-hour fast I had some leftover pork and creamed cabbage from a couple of days ago. 5 hours later I ate a “crusty grilled cheese” sandwich made in my 5-Minute Chef (layered shredded parm & pork panko for the crust, the american, colby, and monterey jack cheeses for the middle, and more pork panko and shredded parm for the other crust) and some cottage cheese with SF jelly mixed in for “dessert”.


Feb. 19, 2023 – OMaD, IF

No yogurt again today, I had a nice 19-hour fast. Pete bought me a frozen pizza so I wouldn’t have to cook and/or create more dishes for myself, which was lovely of him! It was gluten-free and small, and – vegan. Fake cheese. But he piled on some real mozzarella and a colby-jack blend and it was fine. In reading the box it seems to me that the ingredients in the fake cheese are worse than the crust, and add plenty of carbs, so if I have another one I will scrape their cheese off and replace it completely. The crust was tasty, and the FIRST ingredient in that was cauliflower – usually they are listed somewhere down the line. Anyway, it was quite good and I would definitely eat it again. Then I had some of my candied pecans for dessert.

The pizza brand was Tattooed Chef.


Feb. 18, 2023 – IF, low carb

I’m not quite sure how to classify my day. Last night it wasn’t until 22:30 that finally was able to start slow-roasting this pork butt. I didn’t finish – due to oven issues – until 03:00. At 03:30 I ate a small plateful of the lovely, tender, warm, fatty, falling-off-the-bone meat. Was that a meal? Would that count for today, or yesterday? I didn’t eat today’s meal until 15 hours later (no yogurt again this morning!) and you see it here. A slice of the roast (plus part of the fat cap), with roasted cabbage and onions with some melted butter, cream cheese, and cottage cheese added on top during the last 20 minutes, which I mixed into it on my plate. Very rich meal, very filling! Afterwards I “needed” something sweet to counteract the fat so ate some of the candied pecans for dessert that I had made last night since I had the oven on anyway…Delicious!

Feb. 17, 2023 – OMaD, IF, low carb

19-hour fast (no morning yogurt) then a fish dinner from The Nest.


Feb. 16, 2023 – IF, low carb

no morning yogurt so 16-hour fast broken by chicken soup, the last of my soup from a few days earlier, I blended the few dreamfields noodles that were still in there with a stick blender, as well as some sour cream, it was a delicious cream soup; 5 hours later I had a small ribeye and some caulirice, browned in butter; a couple of hours later I had a handful of pecans. (all food consumed within 8 hours)


Feb. 15, 2023 – IF, low carb

Got up later than usual so 18-hour fast before my few bites of yogurt; a few hours later I fried up some ground beef, mushrooms, and onion, mixed with some mayo and smoky ketchup. A few hours later had some buttered toast with melted shredded parmesan on it.


Feb. 14, 2023 – OMaD/s, IF, low carb

14-hour fast – yogurt – 6 hours later, some of the rotisserie chicken I bought yesterday. It was so good, in fact, I ate half of it!


Feb. 13, 2023 – IF, low carb

After 12 hour fast I had my few bites of yogurt; mid-afternoon we went out to eat, I had a spinach/cheese/pesto flatbread; in the evening I started munching on the rotisserie chicken we bought. (My carbs were right around my 50g daily allowance for my meal.)


Feb. 12, 2023 – OMaD/s, IF, lowcarb

14-hour fast, a few bites of yogurt, ate 2 burgers with Mayochup 9 hour later, with some cottage cheese mixed with SF jam for dessert


Feb. 11, 2023 – IF

13-hour fast broken by yogurt. Chicken broth with chicken and some dreamfields noodles late morning. Supper was totally off-plan (which I had planned to do ahead of time), with a corned beef/swiss/cole slaw sandwich on rye and french fries. Typically I try to do OMaD/s (the /s being my few bites of yogurt when I wake up, which I count as a “snack”) on those days; today wasn’t typical.


Feb. 10, 2023 – low carb

I did end up eating a handful of pecans last night, then woke up early today, so between the pecans and my yogurt was only about 8 hours. Then early afternoon I had some leftover pork and vegetables (from Feb. 7). Early evening I had a ribeye steak and 5 of my little red waxy potatoes, I’m just rounding up to 20g carbs for those. That was it.


Feb. 9, 2023 – IF, lowcarb

22-hour fast (no snack last night), yogurt late morning; seasoned chicken broth with some dreamfield noodles in it, courtesy of my hubby; late afternoon ate whatever meat was left on the bone from the pork butt I’ve been eating all week. (In bed all day, fighting a cold; hubby fed me well!) All food consumed in a 6-hour window.


Feb. 8, 2023 – IF, lowcarb, OMaD/s

16-hour fast, yogurt, then my own recipe 90-second bread with a slice of American cheese on each grilled (in butter, in a pan) slice mid-afternoon. I will likely have a snack this evening, probably a handful of pecans.


Feb. 7, 2023 – IF, lowcarb

Broke my 15-hour fast with my morning yogurt, then 8 hours later…

Into a pot I put cubed leftover pork roast – including a big chunk of the fat cap – chopped onion, a can of hearts of palm (drained), a can of carrots (with liquid) a half-bag of frozen spinach, and a 1# bag of frozen caulirice. Seasoned it with Amish Happy Salt and a lot of paprika. Cooked it over low heat until everything was cooked through and the liquids from the carrots and fat were bubbling. Served it in a dish mixed with a chunk of butter and a generous sprinkle of grated parmesan on top. Amazing meal!


Feb. 6, 2023 – IF, OMaD/s, low carb

13-hour fast…my 3-4 bites of yogurt…a chunk of my pork roast 8 hours later, with a little ranch dressing for flavor, and my glass of whole milk.


Feb. 5, 2023 – IF

12-hour fast…yogurt…then some sliced turkey and swiss cheese in a “cassave” wrap for lunch. And we ordered from Hungry Howie’s for our Sunday pizza, so I got a small GF pizza which works out to about 42 total carbs for the whole thing! I nibbled on that for the early evening; all meals were eating within a 12-hour period, pushing my IF “rules” to the max!


Feb. 4, 2023 – low carb

Actually I munched all day (probably in response to the extra carbs I ate yesterday). Broke my 20-hour fast with my yogurt in the morning, had 2 ground-beef patties with Mayochup early afternoon with my glass of whole milk (that seems to reduce my pain levels…related to calcium I’m thinking, has happened before), munched on a dozen of the smallest cocktail cukes I’ve ever seen, dipped in ranch, then ate some of the pork roast that I slow-roasted this afternoon, and had some sauerkraut with it, for supper.


Feb. 3, 2023 – IF, OMaD/s

Had my greek yogurt this morning, 12 hours after my toast, and the lunch I show here was my only meal. And it was DELICIOUS!


Feb. 2, 2023 – IF, lowcarb

So I did end up having some pecans and Whisps last night…broke my 13-hour fast after that with some roasted chicken this morning, I had 3 chicken thighs thawing in the fridge so I made them and had one when they were done. A few hours later I had the other 2, and then a few hours after that I had some 90-second bread – similar to this recipe but like most things I do it my own way; in this case I omitted the oil and added some sour cream and a pinch of salt. (I made this a LOT in the past when I started out with just cutting carbs and did it today the same way I did back then.) I sliced it thin so I got 3 slices, and “toasted” them in a frying pan in butter, and had them with a schmear of sugar-free jam. All my eating was within an 8-hour window. (No yogurt today, not sure why. Maybe I forgot?)


Feb. 1, 2023 – IF, lowcarb…
…and maybe OMaD/s?

15-hour fast broken by my greek yogurt, then a few hours later I made this in my 5-minute Chef: a layer of pork panko, then a layer of shredded parmesan, then a drizzle of egg white (carton), then a few layers of deli turkey, then a layer of parmesan, and finally a layer of pork panko. Since the unit flips both ways, it gets really crispy and browned on both sides. A little dijon on the side for dipping. (I didn’t end up using the fork, it’s plenty sturdy to pick up!)

It’s been 6 hours since I ate and I am hungry but can’t fix myself anything right now…maybe I’ll just have a few pecans and Whisps to tide me over…or maybe I’ll skip it…either way, it’s all good.


Jan. 31, 2023 – IF, low carb

19-hour fast broken by my lunch; I didn’t have any yogurt this morning (and I should have!). I ate the leftover meat meal – just the meat mixture. 4 hours later I wanted pizza, and I didn’t want to make any at that point, so I melted cheese over my last piece of bread, then sliced it into strips and dipped them into tomato sauce. It was good and very filling!


Jan. 30, 2023 – IF, low carb, OMaD/s

25 hours after yesterday’s meal I had this: ground pork and mushrooms (I bought them like that!) that I fried up with cauliflower rice and green onions. When it was cooked through I added half a brick of cream cheese and some shredded parmesan (the real stuff). Simple but excellent. I had it with some of the garlic bread I made yesterday. I’m about to have some nonGMO popcorn for “dessert” since it’s been a very low carb day.

I don’t remember what time I got up and had my yogurt today, but my fast was at least 15 hours…probably more?

Jan. 29, 2023 – IF, low carb

16-hour fast broken by my first resistant starch experiment of oatmeal in my yogurt. 4 hours later I had 2 ground beef patties with Mayochup and a slice of garlic bread.


Jan. 28, 2023 – IF, OMAD/s, low carb

18-hour fast broken by my morning plain greek yogurt; 4 hours later had steak and eggs.

It’s now 7 hours later and I’m starting to get hungry; may have a few roasted pecans for snack #2 to tide me over. Or I may just go to bed. The latter is looking more likely.

Jan. 27, 2023 – IF, OMaD/s

Yogurt to break my 12-hour fast; 5 hours later had our usual Fish Dinner at The Nest (I had mine with cottage cheese and a salad with 1000 Island), then a little popcorn from the Amish store for “dessert” after (instead of apple pie!).

Jan. 26, 2023 – IF, low carb

Had my yogurt to break my 12-hour fast. Mid-afternoon I had a couple of eggs fried with ham, topped with cheese, with some mayo on it. Ate again late evening, 3 (small) roasted chicken thighs which I had planned to have with some canned carrots (which I LOVE!) but because it was so late I skipped the carrots. So it was really kind of an animal-based day but I don’t want to eat any more this late…anyway, feel recovered from yesterday already. So that’s a good thing. And because I ate so late it is doubtful that I will make it 12 hours before I have to eat my yogurt. But we’ll see.

Jan. 25, 2023 – UGH!

Ate way too much, ate the wrong things, and will be doing the usual 2 days (at least) of VERY low carbs but eating as much as I want – even if it’s 2 ribeyes and a half-dozen fried eggs and only mushrooms, spinach, and cauliflower for my veggies – and at least 12 hours of IF. After 48 hours my system will be back to normal.


Jan. 24, 2023 – low carb, IF

Morning yogurt after a 12-hour fast (which is my minimum). 3HB eggs dipped in mayo for lunch. Roasted cabbage and onions and a pork steak (with my usual SF/lower carb applesauce as a condiment) for supper.


Jan. 23, 2023 – low carb, IF

Morning yogurt after 15-hour fast; last 2 slices of the bread I made on the 21st, grilled in a pan with butter, topped with the swiss cheese and chicken mixture from the 19th on it, then “air roasted” in my air fryer until heated through and cheese melted; some cheddar cheese at bedtime.


Jan. 22, 2023 – IF, OMaD/s

16-hour fast broken by my few bites of greek yogurt. 5 hours later I cut approx 50g carbs worth from my pizza for my meal and put the rest in the freezer for another time. Had a t-bone steak with it. (I probably went over my daily carb allowance of 50g of carbs today but I don’t worry about it much when I just have one meal that day – plus my morning yogurt now.)


Jan. 21, 2023 – IF, low carb

16-hour fast broken by my few bites of greek yogurt. A couple of hours later I experimented with a grain-free (of course) bread replacement recipe and it was a success! So I “toasted” – in a pan, with butter – 2 slices and had them with a schmear of peanuts-only peanut butter.

Later in the afternoon I reheated the last of my cheesy-cauli-rice with some added butter, and sliced some breakfast sausage into it. And I am full! DONE for the day!


Jan. 20, 2023 – IF, OMaD/s

24 hours between yesterday’s meal and today’s meal (with my yogurt 4 hours earlier, or 20 hours) of our usual fish dinner at The Nest.


Jan. 19, 2023 – 12/12 IF, lowcarb, OMaD/s

12 hours between finishing supper and eating my few bites of yogurt. 7 hours later I had my meal.

In a bowl I mixed up a 12.5 oz can of chicken (drained), one block of cream cheese (softened), and 2T of dijon mustard until the mixture was quite smooth.

In a parchment-lined baking pan I laid down 2 thin slices of deli ham (because they were very thin), then a layer of sliced swiss cheese, then a generous layer of the chicken mixture, more swiss cheese, and 2 more slices of deli ham.

After 25 minutes in a 325°F oven the top slice of ham had crisped up and was delicious on its own! The rest was fantastic eaten with a fork!


Jan. 18, 2023 – 12/12 IF, lowcarb

My few bites of yogurt when I got up; 3 HB eggs smashed and reheated in butter with melted parmesan mixed in for lunch; roast pork with sauerkraut for supper. Eating spread throughout the day but within a 12-hour window (as noted in Jan. 2023 Update 4).


Jan. 17, 2023 – IF, OMaD/s, lowcarb

I took a photo of my meal but now I can’t find it. Anyway, 22 hour fast before I had my yogurt (because I ate early yesterday, then slept late today!). 7 hours later I had my supper: 2 ground beef patties with Mayochup, and roasted cauliflower with butter and sharp cheddar cheese melted on top. Then I had a couple of pieces of pizza left over from Sunday so I ate that for “dessert”; finished eating within my 8-hour window.


Jan. 16, 2023 – OMaD/s

Morning yogurt (only a 13-hour fast; having to eat this first thing in the morning is REALLY making it hard to keep with the IF! I have ALWAYS not eaten until afternoon, this is throwing me off! But it is helping my stomach issues.), then an early lunch, we were out of town for Pete’s infusion and ate at the local Mexican restaurant, I got a chimichunga with beans/rice/salad and ate some chips/salsa. Since it was a carbier lunch than I typically eat (and included grains) I’m fasting until I get up tomorrow and have to have my few spoonfuls of yogurt. (side note: I’m having no effects from the meal, totally surprised by that!)


Jan. 15, 2023 – low carb, IF

Morning yogurt after 16-hour fast; afternoon pizza with a mozzarella-based crust, then some of my pork roast (a very fatty piece) a short time later.


Jan. 14, 2023 – OMaD/s, 95% animal based, low carb

Had my morning yogurt (15-hour fast) when I got up; mid-afternoon ate some of my pork roast, over which I added a sauce of 2 parts of the drippings and 1 part sour cream.


Jan. 13, 2023 – Today will be my first “5%” day; I’ll let you know how it went later!

So here’s how it went:
After my yogurt (14-hour fast) we went to The Nest for our usual Friday fish dinner. I ate just 2 small pieces of fish about half the size of the photos I’ve shared, and a dish of cottage cheese; the fish was battered and deep-fried as always; starting next Friday I will switch to grilled salmon which I believe is the only fish without a coating. Later in the evening we went to our daughter’s for supper, they had turkey, mashed potatoes/gravy, and a combo veg with yellow & green zucchini, broccoli, cauli, and carrots. I had some of each thing and 3 small mini-naans that were equivalent to a slice of italian bread. No dessert.

I am feeling pretty good, usually I go kind of crazy when off-plan from my usual LCHF or keto but felt much more disciplined today, not really enjoying the other foods as much as I thought I would. This is a good change! The only regret is those little naans; without those it just would have been a moderate-carb day, with all food consumed without my 8-hour window. At any rate, I enjoyed my first 5% day, but more than happy to get back to my 95% days.


Jan 12, 2023 – low carb, 95% animal based, IF

morning yogurt (a few bites is all it takes) before meds and coffee
finished up my chicken “salad” on pork rinds early afternoon
made some carnivore buns, and had one with butter in the evening to try it. (Not bad, kinda strong pork rind taste, but will tweak next batch.)


Jan. 11, 2023 – low carb, 95% animal based

After my morning yogurt…

Lunch: Base is made of layers of cheese, an egg, and pork rinds, cooked in my 5-Minute Chef, then topped with chicken just moistened with mayo. (I was able to eat the first one held like a piece of pizza; the 2nd one, however, I was impatient and didn’t cook until crisp as I had done with the first piece so I had to use a fork.)

Supper: I had made nearly 6# of pork butt, which I’d cut into chunks, seasoned with Amish Happy Salt, covered, and roasted @ 250°F for 3 hours this afternoon. Though I wasn’t yet hungry and had no intention of eating again today, well…just look at it! So I ate the little piece on the left, with some of the drippings poured over it. SO tender and lovely!


Jan. 10, 2023 – low carb, OMaD, 95% animal based

chicken moistened with mayo, double-wrapped in egg wraps and cooked in the panini press; a few thin slices of sharp cheddar cheese afterward


Jan. 9, 2023 – low carb, 95% animal based

I’ll make this brief: yogurt in the morning, 2 ground beef patties (with Mayochup) in the evening.


Jan. 8, 2023 – low carb, OMaD, 95% animal-based

Pizza Sunday. And I’m excited because my crust was wonderful, most of the crusts I try are a disappointment. Anyway I stirred together about ¾c of shredded mozzarella, an egg, 2T pork panko, about ¼c of sour cream, and a tsp of baking powder, spread it out on a parchment-lined baking sheet, baked in my Ninja 8-in-1 air fryer (just used the bake function though) at 350°F for 15 minutes. Then I flipped it over, put on a very thin layer of tomato sauce, 4 small breakfast sausages sliced up, and about ½c of mozzarella on top. 12 minutes @ 400°F and 2 minutes under the broiler because I like my cheese brown – not just melted – and it was great! I had my daily glass of whole milk with it. One thing that I was excited about was discovering there’s NO NEED to pre-melt the mozzarella in the microwave before mixing with the other crust ingredients, as with fathead dough, and the end result is exactly the same! That will be a time savings in the future! So that was my meal today, meeting my goal of “95% animal-based & 50g or less total carbs most days” this month.


Jan. 7, 2023 – low carb, IF, 95% animal-based

17-hour fast just happened, not intentional, but I’ll take it! Had my yogurt almost at lunchtime; mixed in some ginger and cinnamon for a different flavor. A few hours later layered in my 5-Minute Chef pork panko, sliced fontina and asiago cheese, a mixture of eggs and sour cream, more cheese, and more pork panko on top. So cheesy and crispy on the outside, nice creamy scrambled eggs on the inside! Late supper was pan-fried ribeye steak. Had my glass of milk (for pain) with lunch . And that’ll do it for today!


Jan. 6, 2023 – low carb

Plain greek yogurt when I got up, mixed in some of the unsweetened granny smith applesauce and cinnamon for something different.

Made my lunch in my 5-Minute Chef, as shown; spread in a batter (2 eggs, 2T pork panko, 2T parm from the can), put 2 pork belly slices – cooked/leftovers – on top, then some cheese slices on top of that. Wonderful stuff! Probably could have put a little mustard on top but it was great as it was. (And Maisie thinks she isn’t REALLY begging if she just sends side glances toward my food every so often!)

Went to a different place for our fish, we used to go here a lot but it’s changed and we probably won’t go back. Anyway I ate my walleye grilled rather than coated and fried, with only cottage cheese on the side, and a small glass of milk (as discussed on my health page). I didn’t eat the hush puppies.


Jan. 5, 2023 – low carb

Had my plain greek yogurt when I woke up (before coffee or meds). Lunchtime I finished my soup from 2 days ago. Supper was leftover chicken legs from Sunday and a couple pieces of pork belly I cooked in the air fryer.

Jan. 4, 2023 – moderate carb

Started the day with my plain full-fat greek yogurt; I mixed it with about a dozen sugar-free chocolate chips because they were laying on the counter. Out on errands later I was starving and Pete had bought bananas so I ate one. After we got home I had some chicken and cheese (melted together in my 5-minute Chef) with mayo. In the evening I had a pork steak with no-sugar added granny smith (lower sugar) applesauce as a condiment.

Jan. 3, 2023 – low carb

Started the day with plain greek yogurt; made a pot of my chicken soup and had some at lunchtime; finished my leftover chuck roast at suppertime.


Jan. 2, 2023 – OMaD/s, IF, low carb

20-hour fast, then some leftover chuck roast; mixed the meat juices with sour cream to make a gravy. Also some pork rinds with sliced sharp cheddar. Snacked on pecans.


Jan. 1, 2023 – OMaD/s, IF

Air-fried chicken legs, cauliflower/yellow squash with cheese sauce casserole, a few sweet potato fries, and some custard for dessert; snacked on pecans.


Dec. 31, 2022 – IF

Lunch was scrambled eggs with cheese; supper was sausage and broccoli, with a little bit of au gratin potatoes; snacked on pecans.


Dec. 30, 2022 – IF, OMaD/s

Fish dinner at The Nest BUT also had a chocolate shake (not a big one) for dessert with my grandkids; snacked on pecans in the evening.


Dec. 29, 2022 – IF

2 meals: lunch was a salad and plain wings, with a dish of (brothy) tomato florentine soup at an Italian restaurant. Supper was steak and shrimp with fries at Outback. (it was hubby’s birthday, he got to pick what/where we ate.)


Dec. 28, 2022 – IF, OMaD/s, low carb

22-hour fast broken by a snack (some pork rinds); 2 hours later ate a supper of chuck roast, with some of my lower-carb baby creamer potatoes.

Dec. 27, 2022 – OMaD, IF

Chicken, spinach, artichoke, alfredo, cheese, on a flatbread & onion rings after 21 hour fast; at The Nest after spending half a day in the ER, too tired/painful to go home and cook.


Dec. 26, 2022 – low carb, IF

20 hour fast, then bacon and eggs (scrambled with a little cream cheese). 5 hours later a pork steak with fried cabbage.


Dec. 25, 2022 – I took the day off.


Dec. 24, 2022 – low carb, IF, OMaD

17-hour fast, then 2 hamburger patties with MayoChup, and cauliflower with butter and cheese melted on it. Finished the last of my toasted pecan halves too, about 10 of them, for “dessert”.

Dec. 23, 2022 – low carb, IF

Today was an exciting food day, had low carb versions of some of my favorite foods!

After a 16-hour fast I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. So I mixed together some egg whites (from the carton) and a couple of other things (which turned out like biscuit dough!) and dropped some in the bottom of my 5-MinuteChef as it was heating up. Then I layered some American, Swiss, and a shredded blend of cheese on top of it, and put some more of the dough on top. Closed it, let it cook, turning once, and this is the delicious result!
I wanted to cook it in butter but have learned that even small amounts of butter in the unit will get sloppy and drippy when I turn it. So I just spread butter on it after the fact, while it was still hot. It was really great, and extremely filling!

7 hours later I decided to do a “chicken nugget” experiment. These tasted fantastic, but turned out more like chicken cookies! I mixed a drained can of chicken, a couple handfuls of mozzarella, a generous scoop of almond flour, granulated G&O, and an egg together in a bowl, then formed nugget shaped pieces and pressed them in a 50-50 mix of canned parm and almond flour. Sprayed both sides with avacado oil and air-fried at 400°F. It took about 15 minutes because I wanted crispy, with blackened (as you know I love!) edges. They flattened out a bit, probably because of the amount of cheese, but tasted crispy and chicken-y and wonderful! I dipped them in Mayochup.

Very easy to make, I want to try them using tuna too; if I also use Pete’s egg replacer instead of a real egg, and his vegetarian mozzarella…and we can dip them in tarter sauce (using his egg-free mayo) – wouldn’t those be great too??


Dec. 22, 2022 – low carb, IF

After at least a 16-hour fast (I don’t remember when I ate yesterday but it was mid-afternoon when I ate my first meal today) I had some cheese, egg, and deli turkey in my 5-minute chef. 5 hours later I had a porterhouse steak, with a handful of toasted pecans with butter for “dessert”.


Dec. 21, 2022 – I don’t know what happened to this update. But I was using my laptop that shuts itself down at random and I’m guessing that must have happened while this page was updating. Anyway, I don’t remember what I ate (it is now the next day)…sorry…


Dec. 20, 2022 – OMaD/s, IF, moderate carb

18 hour fast, then 2 ground beef patties with Mayochup and some of my tiny (pearl onion sized) waxy creamer potatoes, air-fried, with butter. Evening snack of toasted pecans.


Dec. 19, 2022 – low carb

Got hungry after a 15-hour fast (my minimum is 16) so I ate my last piece of my pizza sandwich from yesterday. 7 hours later I had a pork steak fried with some onion, and a couple of fried eggs mashed with butter.


Dec. 18, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

23-hour fast, then a pizza sandwich. Thin fathead crust, cut in half with my usual toppings (sauce & cheese) between the 2 pieces. I could only eat half, fathead crust is so rich.


Dec. 17, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

25-hour fast, then a pot of…well, call it what you want, it was like a stew in consistency. Browned ground beef, onion, shredded cabbage, rutabaga, some of my tiny creamer pottoes; cooked it down some, added crushed tomatoes and diced tomatoes; seasoned with granulated garlic, Happy Salt, lots of parsley. Cooked until rutabaga & potatoes were soft. Served with a dollop of sour cream on top.


Dec. 16, 2022 – IF, OMaD

21-hour fast, then our Friday fish dinner at The Nest.


Dec. 15, 2022 – IF, OMaD/s, low carb

17-hour fast broken by a handful of pecan halves with butter.

leftover ground beef, steak, panini chaffle croutons (cubed/fried), cheese on a bed of greens with blue cheese dressing 4 hours after snack.


Dec. 14, 2022 – A MESS!

All went well when we ate at The Nest after a 19-hour fast. Ground beef patty, mashed potato, green beans. Planned an OMaD day. Until Abby offered some pumpkin pie and, because I’m depressed and frustrated by my current pain levels and lack of mobility, I just didn’t care what happened and I ate it. And now I’m a mess. End of story.


Dec. 13, 2022 – IF, OMaD/s

I made some panini-press “caffles” for burger buns and some burgers. I could only eat one, the other will go in the fridge for tomorrow. And a handful of roasted pecans.

Dec. 12, 2022 – IF, OMaD/s (One Meal a Day, with a snack)

We ate at Culver’s while we were out today, I got chicken nuggets and fries. Snack was a few roasted pecan halves a few hours later.


Dec. 11, 2022 – IF, low carb

For my meal I had roasted pork and onions. I also snacked on a few roasted pecans.


Dec. 10, 2022 – low carb

We went out to eat with family/friends early in the afternoon to a mongolian grill. The first go-round I had pork, cabbage, and onion. The 2nd time I had shaved beef, onion, and carrots, and I added soy sauce to it. I also had a dish of egg drop soup. I know that they put starches and whatever-else in their food; since I don’t know exactly what’s in it, I’m just taking it at face value.

Later in the evening I mixed into a bowl a couple of eggs, some mozzarella, some shredded deli turkey, a couple little spoonsful of low carb baking flour, and a squirt of mustard. Scooped it into the panini press, and voilà! Supper! It made a nice little zig-zaggy crispy bready thing that I was able to tear off and munch on as I worked on my blog. So good! Probably similar to the panini version of a chaffle.


Dec. 9, 2022 – IF, OMaD

My meal was a fish dinner from The Nest which Pete picked up and brought home to me.


Dec. 8, 2022 – IF, low carb

This was a wonderfully tasty meal today! I made it in a pyrex loaf pan, half at lunchtime and the other half for supper.

We’d stopped at the market and I saw one of my favorites from back in the day: Stouffer’s vegetable lasagna. So when I got home I decided to make something similar enough to satisfy. And this did it!

I mixed together approx. equal parts shredded cabbage, zucchini, and parmesan (not from the can), and pressed it into the bottom of the oiled (olive oil) baking dish. Added julienned carrots, then spread a layer of roasted chicken across, poured some garlic alfredo sauce over it, and sprinkled some more of the cheese on top. 45 minutes in a 350°F oven and it was done. And ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! The shredded cheese and vegetables in the bottom formed a nice chewy “noodle” too!

Dec. 7, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

For my meal after a 23-hour fast I had scrambled eggs with sausage gravy over them.


Dec. 6, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

19 hour fast, then 2 grass-fed beef patties cooked in the panini press (because I can’t find my pans) with Mayochup, then 2 slices of a cabbage cooked the same way, served with butter.


Dec. 3 – 5, 2022 – As we were in the process of moving I wasn’t cooking and we ate out all 3 days (one meal/day but I snacked on pecans once a day as well, usually).


Dec. 2, 2022 – IF, OMaD

Only meal today was my fish dinner at The Nest after a 20-hour fast. I may snack on a few pecans if I get hungry yet this evening. Big if.


Dec. 1, 2022 – IF, low carb

Broke my 18-hour fast snacking on some freeze-dried vegetable chips. They’re pretty carby in this concentrated state @ 22gN for a cup – I ate less than half that amount.

5 hours later I reheated and finished the casserole from yesterday.


Nov. 30, 2022 – IF, low carb

Windy, bone-chilling cold, required comfort food. In the bottom of the dish I sprayed avacado oil, then layered up, in order: shredded parmesan cheese, a drained and shredded can of chicken, a grated zucchini, heart of palm noodles, alfredo sauce, and bacon. 375°F for 45 minutes. Added some parm from the green can on top when I served it. (I don’t usually count, but out of curiosity I checked the carbs; the entire casserole had 12gN. I ate a little less than half of it.)

Supper, 6 hours later, was another chunk of my pot roast, cubed, reheated in butter, and tossed with mayo.


Nov. 29, 2022 – IF, low carb, OMaD

18-hour fast, then 2 burger patties with MayoChup, and some of my little waxy creamer potatoes oven-fried with olive oil and Happy Salt.


Nov. 28, 2022 – IF, low carb

16-hour fast, then some “pizza” (link is to the video on my NEW Keto Kwikkie page!). 5 hours later I reheated (in a frying pan with butter) one of my chuck roast hunks, tossed it with mayo – made a NICE sauce with the liquids from the pan! – and it was extremely filling and delicious. I will likely have a :ratio yogurt yet this evening.


Nov. 27, 2022 – low carb

I haven’t felt well today so I mostly grazed. Some pot roast, a little later some cheddar crisps, a little later a keto bar, a little later some pecans, a little later some :ratio yogurt…and so it goes.


Nov. 26, 2022

For lunch I had a lovely very-low-carb creation in my 5-minute chef involving all animal-based foods and it was delicious.

Had a huge chuck roast marinating, planning to eat some today (and on successive days until it was gone).

Family came over, went out for supper together, I ate BBQ ribs, onion rings, and cottage cheese, thinking it was an OMaD day (forgot I’d eaten earlier). At least the portions were small I guess.


Nov. 25, 2022 – IF, low carb

This weekend, after what I ate yesterday, I will be eating very low carb, and 95/5 animal-based/lowcarb veg rather than my usual 80/20.

22 hour fast, then in my 5-minute chef I layered pork panko and grated parm (not from the can) in the bottom as the unit was heating up. While the crust was forming and browning I hand-shredded some turkey, laid on a slice of havarti, broke a couple of eggs over it, then another layer of parm/pork panko. Bottom crust was crispy and browned so I flipped the “chef” over to crisp up the other side. Served with some dijon on top. Fantastic!

When I got hungry again I fried up a pork steak with, as usual, SF BBQ rub and a little sprinkle of Lakanto Golden monkfruit sweetener. Then I notice a lonely jar of coconut butter in the cupboard. So as soon as the steak was done I put some down the middle of the top and put the cover on for a few minutes. It seemed to have mixed with the other seasonings to make a little glaze – and it was DELICIOUS! (And had the added bonus of extra fat!)


Nov. 24, 2022 – Thanksgiving. I don’t want to talk about it. Tomorrow is another day :).


Nov. 23, 2022 – IF

After an early, busy, exhausting morning Pete wanted to go to Ponderosa for our meal. I started with a salad (mixed greens, HB egg, cheese, 1000 Island, then a couple of small pieces of catfish with a corn meal coating, a roasted chicken leg quarter, and a few pieces of crispy oven-friend potato – the last because I LOVE their mac’n’cheese and it took a supreme effort to walk away from it! For dessert I had some cottage cheese with pineapple. Not low carb but definitely better than my typical trip through the buffet!

A few hours later I wanted a little snack so I took some toasted pecan halves, spread a pea-sized schmear of cream cheese on the flat side, then dipped it into dessicated coconut (unsweetened of course). WOW! Delicious!! Next time – and there WILL be a next time – I will also sprinkle on some cinnamon :).


Nov. 22, 2022 – IF, low carb

19-hour fast broken by my last 2½ pieces of leftover pizza.

7 hours later I made an egg-white-based batter that makes a lovely bready crust, spread some in the bottom, then spread some chicken salad (mostly chicken & mayo, a little onion) over it, and another layer of the batter. Then cooked it in my 5-minute chef – delicious! And very filling!


Nov. 21, 2022 – low carb

Because I woke up at 3:30 a.m. my system had no idea when to eat. I was starving by 8:30 so, even though it had only been 14 hours, I fried some canadian bacon and eggs. 7 hours later I was hungry again, and ate 2 burger patties with mayochup and some of my tiny creamer potatoes. Pete was having tater tots, which I LOVE, but my waxy mini taters were ok too, after quartering them and oven-frying them in oil with Happy Salt on them.

I always got them at Costco, and have about 3g of carbs. Last week I grabbed another bag of “creamer potatoes”, the bag looked slightly different but not that much, the potatoes were still tiny and still multi-colored and looked exactly the same and called the same thing…but when I opened the bag today I double-checked the nutrient data and they had SEVEN grams of carbs each!! I was shocked. I’m going to eat them anyway, though they’re carbier I’m mainly avoiding sugars and grains and being a little more generous with my carbs (up to 50g total/day sometimes) so the occasional non-processed natural food that doesn’t have added sugars and isn’t a grain isn’t a problem for me and doesn’t affect my health goals. STILL, I was pretty surprised and it was a lesson learned!


Nov. 20, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

As you know, Sunday is pizza day around here. I tried a different crust today and it is quite possibly the best ever. Roughly equal parts shredded mozzarella, parmesan, and baking mix, plus a large egg, about 2 Tbs of oil and some water. First I mixed the cheeses and baking mix together, then added the egg and olive oil and mixed well. It was dry and crumbly so I drizzled in some water until it was a oft doughy consistency. Spread and pressed it down on a parchment-lined pan and baked 15 minutes (will do 20 next time) at 425°F. Topped with sauce and cheese, baked for another 12 minutes (will do 15 next time) and it was done. BEST low carb crust ever!


Nov. 19, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

Had leftovers for my meal today after a 17-hour fast. Country ribs, and roasted cabbage/onions on which I put some full-fat sour cream.

I will shortly eat the leftover cheesy caulirice and a ratio:yogurt.


Nov 18, 2022 – IF, OMaD

19-hour fast, then, for the first time in IDK HOW long, we got a fish dinner at The Nest. No photos because it looked the same as always except I got American fries instead of cottage cheese, though I ate less than half of them….maybe half a cup? with my 2 pieces of fish, and salad with 1000 Island dressing. Hot tea to drink.


Nov 17, 2022 – IF, low carb, OMaD

27-hour fast (no appetite) broken by this meal (of which I only about about ¾) of 2 pork country ribs, seasoned with SF BBQ rub and golden monkfruit sweetener then roasted. And caulirice (from Costco) tossed in Amish Happy Salt, butter, and olive oil then roasted, with cream cheese and sharp cheddar added for the last 10 minutes, then mixed together.


Nov. 16, 2022 – IF, low carb, OMaD

19-hour fast, then 3 grass-fed burgers with Mayochup.


Nov. 15, 2022 – IF, low carb

IT is now the next day; don’t recall what I ate at lunchtime, just remember it was low carb and a 20-hour fast. Supper was a pan-fried t-bone steak.


Nov. 14, 2022 – IF

16-hour fast, then this, made in my Red Copper 5-Minute Chef : mixed together a shredded zucchini (with the water pressed out), a handful of mozza cheese, and an egg, then served with sour cream. Delightfully soft inside and crispy outside!

Hungry but too sick to cook so Pete gave me about a half-dozen of his lobster raviolis from his supper about 6 hours later.


Turkey deli meat, cheese, and egg in my Red Copper 5-Minute Chef after a 19-hour fast.

I will have a pan-fried t-bone steak for supper. (If I decide to eat anything else I will come back here to update.)


Nov. 13, 2022 – IF, low carb

20-hour fast, then some very simple creamy chicken soup: broth, chicken (used that last Costco breast), spinach, cream cheese, seasonings.

Trying out various pizza crust ideas on our pizza Sundays. This one was pretty good, I wanted QUICK so I put about 1/3c of egg whites in the “party blender” (whatever it’s called), and whipped them until doubled in volume; added equal amounts of shredded mozzarella, a little xanthan gum, and Victoria’s flour blend, and processed until thick and smooth. Spread onto pan,, baked, added sauce/mozzarella, baked. Good flavor but I want more chewiness (maybe more mozza?). 3.5 ⭐ out of 5.


Nov. 12, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

22-hour fast, then finished the other half of my meat wrap from yesterday, and the dark meat from the other side of my Costco chicken. (All that’s left is one breast which I’ll use in a recipe since I’m not fan of breast meat.)


Nov. 11, 2022 – low carb

Was up and out early which messes up my body – doesn’t know when it’s hungry – so when I found myself hungry at the time I typically am getting up, and an hour away from home, and about to go to Costco (on an empty stomach? NO WAY!) we stopped for breakfast at a little family-type restaurant. I got meat wraps (eggs, cheese, bacon) and a side of corned beef hash. I ate half the wrap and half the hash and was full. So the carbs were certainly under my daily limit, but the timing of my meals was way off!

8 hours later I grabbed my Costco roasted chicken and a fork, and ate all the dark meat and half the breast from half of it.


Nov. 10, 2022 – IF, low carb

Broke my 18-hour fast (ish; can’t remember if it was 17 or 19) with some bread, eggs, and Canadian bacon.

This bread I made using Victoria’s Keto Kitchen’s KETO Self-Rising Bread Flour which I have been using for various things, following my own instincts rather than her suggestions because that’s what I do…for this I put about a half cup of the flour in a bowl, added about 2Tbsp of melted butter and about ¼c of water.* (it needed salt, I will do that next time) I cooked the bread for 5 minutes in my Red Copper 5-Minute Chef, and my eggs/bacon for 4 minutes but I’ll do 3 next time, the eggs were too done for me. Great meal, very filling, only ate half the bread.

*If you try this – make the dough quite soft, otherwise the bread is too dry and even tough. Measurements are approximate, I don’t measure anything.

Supper – 5 hours later – was AMAZING! I was going to make salmon patties but couldn’t physically manage it. So I put all of the ingredients into a pan with oil and fried it up like hash. I used 3 small cans of salmon, shredded – some egg replacer powder (Pete can’t eat eggs), Amish Happy Salt, onion & garlic powders, and, as a binder, potato flakes (total 12gN carbs for the entire recipe; I ate about 25% of what I made). I had a splop of mayo on top. Did I mention this was AMAZING???

We had roasted cabbage with onion on the side, and I ate the other half of my bread from lunch.


Nov. 9, 2022 – IF, low carb

20-hour fast broken with fried eggs and deli turkey, plus a :ratio yogurt.

Supper was ground beef (2 patties) topped with roasted veggies: zucchini, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, tossed with olive oil and Amish Happy Salt, garlic powder, and parsley; plus a large can of crushed tomatoes. Roasted @ 400°F for an hour, stirring after 30 minutes.


Nov. 8, 2022 – IF, low carb

I think it is the colder weather that makes me want 2 meals these days. No matter, I just make sure to keep them within my 8-hour (though I shoot for 6) window, and keep the carbs as low as possible. Anyway…

17+-hour fast broken by finishing my leftover chicken soup from the 5th (one bowl); 7 hours later I ate a pork steak (with my little cup of low sugar applesauce – 9gN carbs – for dipping as usual) and cauliflower mash.


Nov. 7, 2022 – IF, low carb

17 hour fast, then 2 wraps similar to what I made on the 5th, this time with deli turkey, an egg, and cheese.

4 hours later I fried a t-bone steak.

3 hours after that I had a :ratio yogurt with my evening cup of tea.


Nov. 6, 2022 – OMaD/IF

Since I can’t mentally adjust the fasting time with the time change, I’ll just say it was somewhere around 18-20 hours before I had my meal today, which was – it being Sunday, and all – pizza. Just a cooked frozen one, thin crust, cheap, with cheese.


Nov. 5, 2022 – IF, low carb

19-hour fast, then this “wrap” which wasn’t. I’d gotten some coconut “wraps” and they are very very thin, and stiff. And rectangular. So I cut one in half and put it in the bottom of me RC5MC, then layered on deli turkey, grey poupon mustard, and provolone cheese. Set the other half of the “wrap” on top and let it cook in there and this is the rather unattractive – but extremely delicious – result.

Supper was soup. Browned chopped bacon in a pan, added a bunch of mushrooms, can of carrots (drained), can of chicken (ditto), half a bag of frozen chopped spinach, half a carton of chicken broth, and a hefty dose of Amish Happy Salt. After letting it all cook together for about 15 minutes drizzled in my 3 beaten eggs; since I didn’t have enough liquid, apparently, the “noodles” stuck to everything like cobwebs, but no matter… The soup was AMAZING, I had 2 bowls, and plenty left for more next time!


Nov. 4, 2022 – IF, low carb

21-hour fast, then this: sprinkled some of Victoria’s Keto Kitchen’s self-rising keto flour in the bottom of my Red Copper 5-Minute Chef and sprinkled a little water from my fingertips over it…laid 3 sliced of bacon across, then broke 2 eggs and spread them over the bacon, and topped it with sharp cheddar cheese. It cooked with a lovely crust on the bottom!

5 hours after lunch I browned 2 ground beef patties (Kirkwood, from frozen) with some sliced mushrooms; in the resulting juices I reheated some hearts of palm spaghetti with the mushrooms; when hot I removed it to the plate with the burgers and tossed it with some shredded provolone cheese (that I grated off a brick).


Nov. 3, 2022 – IF, OMaD

We decided to have another pizza day today. (after a 20-hour fast)


Nov. 2, 2022 – low carb

It is rare that I slip out of my 8-hour eating window, even on the days I have a snack or even 2 meals. But today I did it, consuming THREE (smallish) meals within 9 hours!

After a 17-hour fast I had a little pork steak, dipped in sugar-free granny smith applesauce as a condiment. Several hours later I used toasted* the leftover lowcarb bread I made a few days ago and had it with a schmear of nut butter – this is a mixed nut butters, no peanuts, that I got from one of the local Amish stores. Then 5 hours after that I was craving protein again, so I had 2 slices of bacon and 3 eggs.

*My Gram grew up at a creamery that her family had, and her breakfasts and lunches were things like bowls of fresh sour cream with sugar, or the creamy top of the barrels of cottage cheese, or homemade bread fried in freshly churned butter. She was a big influence in our lives, we spent loads of time together and she is the one person who ignited my love of cooking, experimenting in the kitchen, and healthy eating in my soul. So while I LOVE all things “cream”, my “toast” is made the same way she made it; it isn’t that dry stuff that pops out of a machine.


Nov. 1, 2022 – IF, OMaD

After 20-hour fast I had a small Steak Cheese & Mushroom sub (they’re actually wrapped in a thin pizza crust) from Hungry Howie’s.


Oct. 31, 2022 – IF

We happened upon a FABULOUS restaurant today while we were in Saginaw for one of Pete’s appointments! To the left is a photo of my meal of eggs Benedict and hash browns. After my 21-hour fast I was able to eat all of the sauce/eggs/ham, most of the english muffins, and about 1/3 of the hash browns. On the side are 2 slices of toast (small round pieces of toast, very tasty!) which I also ate. But my food was fantastic, as was Pete’s!

I am craving some protein and have a leftover chicken breast in the fridge so I will probably eat that shortly.

(There will be more photos taken at Levi’s in today’s Photos Of My Day blog post as well.)


Oct. 30, 2022 – OMaD, IF, low carb

To break my 24-hour fast Pete made me a t-bone on the Blackstone, and I had spaghetti made with hearts of palm pasta, with spaghetti sauce and parmesan-from-the-can, on the side. (I might have a snack yet tonight but it will be well within my 6-hour eating window.)


Oct. 29, 2022 – OMaD/IF

We decided to have our pizza today rather than tomorrow. After a 23-hour fast I just ate a (cooked) frozen thin-crust cheese pizza over the course of a couple of hours of nibbling on it.


Oct 28, 2022 – IF, low carb, OMaD

As I have been in bed for the last few days Pete has been bringing me food once a day or so. But today I was up, and I reheated some roasted chicken, with caulimash (with garlic, cheese, and bacon) on the side.


Oct 25, 2022 – IF, low carb, OMaD

Using my Red Copper 5-Minute Chef I made two dishes for my meal. First I shredded some zucchini, then tossed it with approx equal part of shredded italian blend cheese. After lining the bottom with Canadian bacon slices I spread the zucchini mixture, then topped it with more slices (top photo). For my second one I spread colby-jack cheese on the bottom of the unit, spread the zucchini mixture, and piled more cheese on top (bottom photo). Both were delicious; however I really liked the crispy cheese coating on the 2nd one. I followed these up with a lemon almond keto bar for dessert.


Oct 24, 2022 – IF, low carb

burgers with Mayochup for my meal, then another one for an evening snack.


Oct 23, 2022 – OMaD, IF

We ordered pizza today. This is the first time I’ve had boughten pizza in many months. I just had mushrooms on mine.


Oct 22, 2022 – IF, low carb

Late afternoon I had a pork steak and a couple of fried eggs. A few hours later I had some cheese Whispas crackers with peanut butter, and some :ratio yogurt.


Oct 21, 2022Tried Something New

I started watching Victoria’s Keto Kitchen a couple of months ago – just about the time she started posting videos – and made up a batch of her self-rising flour a couple of weeks ago. Today I used a little bit for her 90-second white bread recipe, though I don’t have a microwave, but used the 4:3 flour:water ratio, then mixed in some shredded cheese. That made it too dry so I added just a little more water, then spread it into my new 5-minute Chef (thrift store find – brand new!) and ended up with a cheesy, soft, puffy biscuit. What a delight! Next time I will season it and will have the easiest-ever Red Lobster biscuit wannabe! I didn’t take any pictures because at this point it was an experiment, but since it turned out so well I will definitely have my camera ready next time!

AND Pete brought me home some fish from The Nest, I could only eat half but it tasted good.


Oct 20, 2022 – low carb, etc.

I didn’t eat much, and nothing at all until early evening (back pain = not much appetite), then I had some soup and a few rye crackers.


Oct 19, 2022 – low carb, IF OMaD

3 scrambled eggs, with a few more of my tiny potatoes, roasted, on the side.


Oct 18, 2022 – low carb, IF OMaD

Didn’t get hungry until evening. Was able to use up my last 2 lowcarb (but grain-based, therefore inflammatory) tortillas. Oil in a baking pan, dipped tortillla on both sides; layer of provolone cheese, layer of canadian bacon, layer of sliced tomato, layer of cheese, another tortilla on tip, brushed with olive oil. Convection baked at 425°F for 20 minutes. Spread top with mayo. Deliciousness.


Oct 17, 2022 – low carb, OMaD, IF

I had 2 ground beef patties with mayochup at lunchtime.

I can’t be bothered to keep track of much stuff right now, maybe will be interested in a few days. But my appetite came back (and all other symptoms gone) when God woke me up completely healed early this morning. I’m not planning to go strict on myself except for low carb for a while, and will eat when I get hungry. Will try to eat within an 8-hour window, but if I don’t, I don’t. Not really seeing food in the same way since being so sick.


Oct 14/15/16, 2022 – extreme low carb, extreme IF, NMaD (No Meals a Day)

Too sick to eat; diagnosed with covid. No appetite for these 3 days so I only sipped at water, and nibbled at :ratio yogurt when I could. At one point Pete roasted 5 of my tiny waxy potatoes (3gN carbs each) and I managed to get those down. That’s all I ate during this time.


Oct 13, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

I had some pork belly, fried, at lunchtime. Got hungry again later in the evening but my stomach didn’t really want to accept much food…and several hours later I started to feel sick so didn’t eat anything else.


Oct 12, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

T-bone on the Blackstone, followed by some california blend veggies (also cooked on the Blackstone).


Oct 11, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

21-hour fast. 2 burgers with MayoChup, half an acorn squash with butter, half a delicata squash with butter (not shown)

Oct 10, 2022 – IF

We went out to eat and I had already decided that I would eat off-plan for my meal. Got a delicious patty melt burger (with grilled onions & swiss) on rye, and onion rings to break my 18-hour fast; couldn’t eat it all so I ate the rest 5 hours later, at home.


Oct 9, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

I tried a pizza crust recipe I’d seen online. I forgot to put the oil in. It was so dry that it choked me. Ate what I could because I hate waste, but no way. It was all but inedible. So…

I fried up some pork belly strips, seasoning them with sugar-free BBQ rub, and Lakanto golden granulated sugar sub (similar to light brown sugar) – DELICIOUS! Could have eaten more, but I was full.

And a :ratio yogurt.


Oct 8, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

No photos today. My meal was a pretty big one, after a 23-hour fast. One of my crispy crust creations, this time with sliced tomato, mayo, 2 kinds of cheese. And some pork belly on the side, which I dipped in the unsweetened applesauce I use as a condiment. And :ratio yogurt, of course. Golly,


Oct 7, 2022 – IF, low carb

Even though it’s a restaurant/fish day I decided to have 2 meals today. This one broke my 19-hour fast, fried eggs and pork belly, with Amish Happy Salt on it.

This was my 2nd meal, 5 hours later. Because we were out of the area, we didn’t eat at The Nest. I decided I wasn’t in the mood for fish anyway, so I got “an Italian sub sandwich on a bed of lettuce instead of a bun” and she asked if I’d also like to substitute vegetables for the potato chips that came with it (which I didn’t know), which thrilled me! So this is what I got, the “sandwich” had beef, mushrooms, finely chopped onion, tomato, and melted cheese on top, and then with the broccoli on the side it made a VERY filling and delicious meal!!! I ate every bite! (I happen to love lettuce with hot stuff on it, like meat and gravy as an example, so this was perfect!) This is the first time I’ve ordered a sandwich on a bed of lettuce instead of a bun or bread and it’s so much nicer than sandwich guts on a plate! I loved that I didn’t have the feeling of having to eat “diet food” at a restaurant too…it was GREAT!


Oct 6, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

Shortly before supper I ate 2 little hard sausages to tide me over until the casserole was done; I hadn’t eaten in 25 hours and was starting to get hungry.

Pork belly, lightly seasoned and fried, with a veggie casserole containing onion, zucchini, tomato (my favorite summer trio!), sour cream, and havarti cheese. :ratio yogurt for dessert


Oct 5, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

On my crunch crust (see Pumped Up Eggs) I added 3 eggs, some canadian bacon, and some havarti cheese on top. This was my meal today, had planned to eat 2 meals but it is 6 hours later and I’m still not hungry. I just love this really REALLY crunchy crust, it’s great no matter what I put on it!


Oct 4, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

No photo. 23-hour fast followed by 2 fried eggs and 2 ground beef patties; also :ratio yogurt.


Oct 3, 2022 – IF

Today I’m feeding! 17-hour fast broken by a breakfast at Big Boy (which was terrible by the way, food was cool and gummy!) as shown; it also came with 2 big pancakes which Pete brought home to munch on later. I may eat potatoes once or twice a week but I’m avoiding grains and sugars like the plague! Now, 6 hours later, I am reheating some leftovers (rotisserie chicken and squash). Just hungry today, don’t know why, but I DO know that denying my hunger leads to an eat-everything-in-sight scenario, so I’m making my best choices for the day.


Oct 2, 2022 – IF, low carb

I had just over a 24-hour fast. (BTW, I eat when I get hungry, not by the clock; I don’t get hungry very often.) I ate my meal in 2 sittings, 4 hours apart, with :ratio yogurt for dessert after the 2nd sitting.

I made a pizza with a different kind of crust, but quite delicious! I’m really into squash right now, and had a spaghetti squash here I wanted to eat. So I roasted it, then mixed up about ¾c with an equal amount of cheese (combined shredded mozzarella and provolone), an egg, and a few shakes of grated parmesan. After pressing it into the pan (on parchment) I baked each side for 20 min @ 350°F, topped it (sauce, mushrooms, canadian bacon slices, and mozzarella) and baked it for a final 20 minutes at 350°F. This is the delicious result!

The crust held up fine in my hand once it cooled enough, with a very slight sweet taste I really liked! The texture was a little different, not too chewy but not delicate either. It won’t be my new favorite, but definitely a great success!


Oct 1, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

26 hour fast broken by chicken leg quarter (rotisserie), half of a roasted delicata squash, and some vegetables Pete griddled on the Blackstone (cabbage, onion, and zucchini)


Sept 30, 2022 – IF, OMaD

We had our usual fish dinner at The Nest – subbing the sweet cole slaw and french fries for cottage cheese and tossed salad (1000 Island).


Sept 29, 2022 – IF, low carb

18-hour fast broken by a pork steak (with my usual unsweetened applesauce “dip”), and multiple veggies all cooked on the Blackstone, with love, by Pete. I had a :ratio yogurt about 2 hours later.


Sept 28, 2022 – IF, low carb

16-hour (my minimum) fast broken by this in the early afternoon. Used the Pumped Up Eggs technique, but filled with tomato, cheese, bacon bits, and a couple of eggs. I just LOVE this crust so much, everything I make with it is really crispy and delicious! I had a cup of :ratio yogurt with it.

Mid-afternoon I had one of my almond-lemon bars to tide me over until I could make something else. (Since I’d eaten so early in the day I knew I’d have a 2nd meal later.) And “later” my “something else” was 2 ground beef patties with Mayochup on them. Today’s eating period was 8 hours (my maxiumum, though I try to keep it at 6 or less on those days I don’t do OMaD).


Sept 27, 2022 – IF, low carb

Leftovers, after a 27-hour fast. My chicken soup to which I added some spicy sausage; then I took the other half of my pizza, cut it in half, and put my leftover ground beef patty between it to make a sandwich; 20 minutes and 325°F later it was crispy and delicious!

A couple of hours later I had a :ratio yogurt.


Sept 26, 2022 – OMaD, IF

While in Mt. Pleasant today we ate at Ponderosa. First I ate from the salad bar (pineapple & cottage cheese, carrot/raisin salad, tossed salad – mostly spinach, with mushrooms, HB eggs, & 1000 Island) then I got my meal (catfish, chicken legs, mac’n’cheese). I did forego most of my favorites, but cut back on many things: no dessert, the chicken wasn’t deep-fried, only ate half the catfish, and only 1 sweet thing from the salad bar (carrot/raisin salad) rather than my usual several. And I thoroughly enjoy the mac’n’cheese, they have the BEST there! Anyway, being an OMaD day with IF on both sides, I didn’t worry overly much about it. HOWEVER I was all-but-unable to walk shortly after (and still!) so I am all-but-certain that it is inflammation from the grain-based macaroni and coatings. Still, it was a delicious meal at the time!

Sept 25, 2022 – OMaD, IF, low carb

My meal for today, after a 25-hour fast, was pizza. I tried something new for a “crust”, mixing just shredded mozzarella and some psyllium husk with an egg, beating well, and adding just a little freshly boiled water. Then I put in some pork panko just to thicken it up further (because that’s what I grabbed from the cupboard!), and seasoned with onion/garlic powders and oregano. After letting it sit a while I pressed it into a thin circle on a greased baking pan and baked it for 30 minutes at 350°F, flipping it once when the top was browned enough to hold together. Then I topped it with sauce, bacon, and cheese. I was surprised at how much the crust rose! But it was very light-weight, not chewy or crispy except around the edges; I liked the edges best. It was good, but rather flavorless. I’ll try something different next time.

I also had 2 leftover beef patties with “mayochup” on the side, and a :ratio yogurt for dessert.


Sept 24, 2022 – OMaD, IF, low carb

SOUP! Since I’m not able to stand very well anymore I made it SIMPLE: chicken broth out of a box, chicken, carrots, and mushrooms out of cans, 2 beaten eggs stirred in for “noodles”, seasoned with onion & garlic powders & paprika, with a spoonful of plain yogurt mixed in the bowl as my meal today. For “the best I can do” it was pretty darned tasty! It filled a 2-quart saucepan, for about 20gN carbs (not counting the yogurt) in total! Lots in the fridge for another day too. Was excellent!


Sept 23, 2022 – OMaD

We ate somewhere we haven’t eaten in a while because we were in that area. I got a cup of tea, cottage cheese instead of salad, and a baked potato instead of fries or rings (cutting out some of the deep fried part of the meal), plus 4 pieces of cod. Pete got AYCE walleye, catfish, and perch with fries & slaw.


Sept 22, 2022 – IF, low carb

Broke 18-hour fast with a spoonful of SF peanut butter. 2 hours later I had a burger on a chaffle “bun”, and a few of my waxy mini “creamer potatoes” (both griddled on the Blackstone) followed by a :ratio yogurt.


Sept 21, 2022 – OMaD, IF, low carb

22-hour fast, then my meal: pork steak, SF applesauce for dipping, and another half of a delicata…SO tasty!!! (No picture, I was really hungry so didn’t take the time!)


Sept 20, 2022 – IF, low carb

I got hungry after 21 hours and fixed myself some deli chicken wrapped around cucumber slices and swiss cheese, which I dipped in mayonnaise.

4 hours later Pete put vegetables on the Blackstone, I had half of a large delicata squash (which I’d roasted in the house) plus cabbage and onions from the griddle. AMAZING!!!


Sept 19, 2022 – IF

20-hour fast, then lunch at a favorite restaurant. A bowl of french onion soup, and a BLT wrap. The meal came with cole slaw also but I took a bite and it was full of sugar so I didn’t eat it.

4 hours after my meal I made some of my “fliscuits” (flat biscuits) that I haven’t had in a while. But since I had a little sweet tooth I added some cinnamon and granulated golden monk fruit to the batter. I used to make sandwiches out of these, but I just put butter between them tonight. To make them I put about (I don’t measure) a cup of almond flour in a bowl, about a tsp of baking powder, a dash of salt, and then I add plain yogurt until it makes a very thick batter. (If I’m going for cakey I also beat in a couple of eggs and some oil.) I spread this into my muffin top pan and bake them for 25 minutes at 350°F. I’d forgotten how good they are!


Sept 17, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

23-hour fast. Then, because I was too busy to make anything more complicated, I spread some cream cheese on 3 finger-sized smoked sausages and wrapped them in deli chicken slices. Ate them with one of my :Ratio lemon bars.


Sept 16, 2022 – IF, lowcarb

Broke my 25½-hour fast with the last of my Costco rotisserie chicken, ate the last of it (but saved the carcass to boil tomorrow).
4 hours later ate at the Mongolian grill: salad (lettuce, bacon, eggs, a couple of tomato slices, blue cheese dressing) followed by the main meal (mostly cabbage and pork – in that order – with a few onion slivers, carrot slices, and broccoli florets, plus some sort of ginger-sesame sauce or similar, not a sweet one just thin and a little spicy). So all food consumed within 4½ hours.


Sept 15, 2022 – ???

Well for one thing I felt starved late last night and ate some Whispas cheese chips, about a dozen, but the quantity doesn’t matter, I broke my fast. (Not sorry – making myself starve is one of the first steps on the road to failure!)

(Pardon the facial expression, that’s what happens when someone takes a picture while I’m talking!)

Today Pete wanted to go to The Nest for lunch, which meant only a 12-hour fast. Got a burger and rings BUT his wet burrito looked fantastic, and ticks more of my own how-I-should-be-eating boxes; that will be my go-to meal there (other than Fridays of course!) from now on. Now, nearly 7 hours later, I’m still not hungry so I’m going to shoot for a 24-hour fast.


Sept. 14, 2022 – IF, lowcarb

20-hour fast broken by a :ratio almond-lemon keto bar (2gN; see Sept. 10), followed by my main meal of beets and cubed pork cooked together in butter with salt and cinnamon an hour later – delicious! I ate half of it, then the other half 2 hours later, so I can’t claim OMaD today.


Sept. 13, 2022 – IF, lowcarb

21-hour fast broken with the leftover steak and vegetables from the 10th. 4½ hours later I had some more of that Costco rotisserie chicken I got yesterday (1 leg, 2 wings, and about half of a breast, with skin of course!)


Sept. 12, 2022 – IF

19 hour fast, then a taco salad which was NOT the best choice for my new eating plan, for several reasons: grain-based shell…unknown seasonings…deep-fried shell (almost certainly in an inflammatory oil). It was hard to choose something from the menu, I need to have several ideas I have approved ahead of time; my first restaurant meal on the new “diet” was a big fat fail! BUT it did have plenty of “clean” green peppers, olives, tomatoes, and lettuce on it, so it wasn’t all bad!

4 hours later I munched on part of the Costco rotisserie chicken I bought today.


Sept. 11, 2022 – OMaD, IF, low carb

This is what I ate today after a 21-hour fast. Actually I ate 2 of them. I don’t know why the box shows 4g total carbs per serving, as according to the nutritional data one serving is one pizza and has 9 total carbs with 3 grams of fiber. So I am counting 12gN for both. We got these super-cheap at an Amish store a while back, they’re ok, not my favorite, but adequate. I will eat them so they don’t go to waste, before I eliminate them (and all such convenience foods) from my diet per the post linked above.


Sept. 10, 2022 – IF, low carb


Broke my 23-hour fast with a couple of fried eggs and sausages, with swiss cheese on top.

Late afternoon Pete grilled some steaks and veggies (zucchini, tomatoes, onions) on the Blackstone; I was able to eat about half of what he put on my plate.

Had one of these for a snack a couple of hours after supper.

All of my food was consumed within a 5½-hour period today.


Sept. 9, 2022 – IF, OMaD

Fish dinner at The Nest and, as usual, swapped out my cole slaw for cottage cheese, and my fries for onion rings.


Sept. 8, 2022 – IF, OMaD

Cheese pizza. Since I’m currently all-but-totally-immobile Pete is doing the cooking. I have been craving “real” pizza for weeks, so today that’s what I got!


Sept 4, 2022 – Sept 7, 2022

I was once again in the hospital and didn’t worry too much about what I ate. They had me, most of the time, on a “heart healthy” diet which, actually, isn’t. And my choices were very much unlike what I eat at home. So I made the best choices I could, and maintained my 16-hour (or more) fasts.


Aug. 31, 2022 – Sept. 3, 2022

Due to an injury on the 31st I am unable to cook for myself. Pete has been preparing and serving me some great meals…but I can’t right now worry about control over what – and when – I am eating. I DO try to maintain the 16-hour fast each day, however…it is pretty much what I can control at the moment.


Aug. 30, 2022 – IF

Pete Blackstoned some zucchini, cabbage, and onion, plus a couple of ribeyes, while I roasted some parsnips in the convection oven and made a butter sauce for the vegetables. Besides the melted butter I added some nooch, thyme, parsley, garlic powder, and salt. The sauce isn’t pictured but here are photos of everything else. (And yes, we LIKE our veggies cooked that way!) (Eaten after a 21-hour fast.)

I snacked on some cinnamon Cheerio-s for dessert. (No, I don’t buy cereal, especially sugary sweetened cereal, but it was given to us for the wildlife to eat and I made the mistake of tasting it and cinnamon is just about my favorite flavor on earth…) But given that I did eat them, I will be sure to do my 16-hour fast, at the very least, before having our anniversary celebration supper tomorrow.


Aug. 29, 2022 – IF

20-hour fast. No photos but I made a tortilla pizza as usual EXCEPT I used chicken, mushrooms, and canadian bacon for toppings, and the last of my alfredo sauce for the sauce.


Aug. 28, 2022 – IF

16-hour fast. I can’t find the photo I took…but it just looks like white sauce with green specks. Totally uninspiring. Anyway, I took my last pre-roasted pork roast out of the freezer in the morning and put it in a dutch oven with a little water over low hear for about 90 minutes. When it was thawed and also falling off the bone, I put some of the meat onto a plate. Then I sliced up a (drained) can of hearts of palm and sauteed them in olive oil for about 10 minutes; while they were in the pan I diced up 2 small tomatoes and put them onto the meat on my plate, to which I added the hearts of palm as well. Then I poured alfredo sauce over everything and topped it off with a few dried herbs from the spice rack. It doesn’t sound like anything special but it sure was delicious!

A couple of hours later I had some Brownie’s popcorn.


Aug. 27, 2022 – IF

Early in the day we were out and about and starving so Pete stopped at Taco Bell. I had a burrito which broke a 17-hour fast.

We went out for supper with “the kids” (Bill & Casey & the grands) at a place in Bay City whose name escapes me. I gave my bread stick to Pete, and ate this chicken breast that was stuffed with veggies, as well as the tomatoes along the side of it, and about 1/3 of the pasta.

Later in the day I snacked on some cheese doodles that are about 1gN each but I probably ate 20 of them!


Aug. 27, 2022 – IF

Broke a 21-hour fast with this: In a nonstick (ceramic lined) frying pan I laid out a lowcarb tortilla, then a layer of provolone slices, some sliced tomato (fresh from my son-in-law’s garden yesterday!) then some chicken (from a can), then some mushrooms, then some canadian bacon, then a layer of shredded mozzarella (for glue), and another tortilla. I turned the burner on low and covered the pan until it was heated nice and hot all the way through, and lastly put some (boughten) alfredo sauce over it and covered it for a few more minutes until the sauce was hot. And it was FANTASTIC!!!!!

Later on I finished the cheese doodles so I don’t have to worry about having THOSE in the house anymore!


Aug. 26, 2022 – IF

Broke 24-hour fast with a fish dinner at The Nest, doing the usual substitutions (salad with thousand island for their sweet cole slaw, and cottage cheese for fries). The batter on the fish was MUCH lighter today than it usually is, too.!

I snacked on some Brownie’s popcorn in the evening.


Aug. 25, 2022 – OMaD, IF

Broke my 18-hour fast with the Chinese Buffet. Here were my rules: No sweet or heavy sauces. Nothing batter-dipped. No noodles or rice. No dessert. Started with the cleanest meats they have (which was none but we do our best right?) and a few veggies, then was still hungry so I allowed myself the slice of garlic bread, cantaloupe, and crispy fried zucchini which is just about my favorite thing there; had I seen it on my first round all bets would have been off, and that would have filled my plate! I’m thinking I got probably about 20% of the carbs I would typically have by omitting some of my favorites BUT I still got things I liked.

BONUS: I wasn’t hungry after a few hours! In fact I wasn’t hungry for about 7 hours after eating! (But not going to snack since tomorrow is fish fry Friday, so will try to do another OMaD.)


Aug. 24, 2022 – IF, lowcarb

No photos. Leftover chicken salad after 22-hour fast. Loaded cauli-rice (bacon, butter, cheese) 5 hours later.


Aug. 23, 2022 – OMaD, IF, lowcarb

No photo. Chicken salad: chicken, chopped cucumber and onion, low carb macaroni, mayo, paprika, parsley


Aug. 22, 2022 – OMaD, lowcarb, IF

No photo. Ribeye steak and zucchini, simply seasoned with salt, done on the Blackstone; a low carb bar for dessert.


Aug. 10-14, 2022 I was in the hospital and – when I was allowed to eat – didn’t worry too much about what I ate. They had me, most of the time, on a “heart healthy” diet which, actually, isn’t.

Aug. 15-21, 2022 I was home but, due to after-effects, not cooking for myself. Still I managed to stay low carb, about 80% carnivore-type foods, and most of the rest as low carb vegetables. All but 2 of those days were OMaD as well. No photos; when I can use both hands properly I will resume picture-taking.


Aug 9, 2022 – low carb, IF

Broke my 16-hour (which is my minimum) fast with egg salad, using 5 eggs, and adding some Everything But The Bagel seasoning.

Supper was a ribeye, seasoned with Amish Happy Salt and fried in olive oil. On the side I had a slice of tomato (big huge Amish tomato!) with a cauliflower rice creation on top. After dry-frying the riced cauliflower (which removes the cauli flavor with the moisture) I added seasonings: pink salt, herbs de provence, onion/garlic powders, and a little paprika. Once the “rice” was tender I melted some sour cream and boursin cheese into it. Pete had 3 thick tomato slices topped with the cauli-rice side dish for supper, I just had a portion as an accompaniment to my steak.


Aug 8, 2022 – low carb, IF

Sausage slices and eggs fried in butter was how I broke my 16-hour fast.

Supper was a pork and cabbage bowl, with onions and carrots, and lots of salt, created from leftovers.


Aug 7, 2022 – low carb

Some nice patties made from eggs, bacon, pork panko, and parmesan, and fried in butter. Slices of provolone melted on top, covered with alfredo sauce for my main meal.

Later in the day I had some sliced tomatoes with melted cheese on them, heavily salted. (And yes, it was awful that I cooked my food – especially tomatoes! – on foil! I haven’t done such a thing in YEARS! I should have just torn the cupboard apart to reach my parchment paper!)

I also munched on some Brownie’s popcorn today, but not much, it just didn’t hit the spot like usual. Of course my tastes are clearly changing; it must may not be something I will enjoy anymore.


Aug. 6, 2022 – low carb

Today was very low carb. An animal-based-food-only day, in fact; I find myself wanting to do these days more and more.

I did not do IF or OMaD as I’ve been hungrier lately and wanted to eat to satisfy rather than by the clock. Meal 1 was some sausages I fried up. Meal 2 was 2 burger patties with Boursin cheese melted over them. Evening snack was some sliced turkey sausage and cheese.


Aug. 5, 2022 – OMaD

Had our typical fish dinner at The Nest – I had 2 pieces of fish, a salad with Thousand Island (instead of their sweet slaw) and cottage cheese (instead of fries).


Aug. 4, 2022 – OMaD

Went to Ponderosa where I had a little of this and a little of that.


Aug. 3, 2022 – IF, low carb

IF I had been able to I would have made a QuikVid of this process today. And I will at some point. But this was my meal that broke my 19-hour fast this afternoon. Melted butter in a nonstick (but bird-safe!) saute pan; sprinkled in about 2 Tbsp each of parmesan from the can and pork panko – mixed in with butter and patted down; while browning over med-low heat I spread thinly sliced sausage over it, then cracked 3 eggs over that and just broke the yolks, then sprinkled mozzarella on top. The crust was brown by this time, so I turned the burner to its lowest setting and covered the pan for 5 minutes to cook the eggs and melt the cheese. Rich. Filling. Carnivoricious.

Heated olive oil in a heavy stock pot, then added a slivered onion; when tiny waxy (3gN carb each) potatoes were washed I tossed the onions, then put the potatoes on top, salting heavily (at least 1tsp. pink salt) and covered the pot; leftover water from potatoes helped steam-cook them over med-low heat for 30 minutes. Stirred onions and potatoes, added a huge cabbage that had been cleaned and chopped, poured another tsp of pink salt on top, covered, and continued cooking over med-low heat for 30 minutes; uncovered, stirred everything together bringing potatoes and onions up from the bottom, covered, raised heat to medium, and cook until the potatoes and cabbage were soft – about 20 more minutes. I served mine (only eating 4 of the potatoes, with butter) over reheated roasted pork 5 hours after my first meal. Followed by a low carb bar for dessert.


Aug. 2, 2022 – IF

At some point very late last night I had some Brownie’s popcorn (in the wee hours after midnight I’m pretty sure) so IDK how long, exactly, I fasted before eating my meal this evening. But it was at about 7:00, and I went to bed at 2:00 a.m., so it was 17 hours minimum. If I hadn’t had that popcorn today wouldn’t have been an OMaD day. But I can’t, in good conscience, make that claim. At any rate, we were with family, and they – we – had submarine sandwiches for supper.
(Also – nothing to do with food – today I was able to sit cross-legged for the first time in years. Decades, even.)


Aug. 1, 2022 – OMaD

Taco salad (no pic but it looks like every other taco salad I’ve ever seen) and a few onion rings, at The Nest


July 31, 2022 – low carb, IF

I munched on some Brownie’s popcorn mid-afternoon (18-hour fast), then for supper I had some reheated pork roast, roasted yellow squash rounds, and Dreamfield’s pasta with a sprinkle of mozzarella and some parmesan/garlic white sauce over it. I want to eat the same meal again tomorrow it was so good…plus I didn’t get a picture so I guess I’ll have to!


July 30, 2022 – low carb, IF

18-hour fast, then a ribeye steak. 5 hours later had some roasted pork doused with the juices from the pan; still had “sticking issues” so I gave half of it to Maisie.


July 29, 2022 – OMaD

Just fish at The Nest, after 25-hour fast; only ate one piece, my salad, and a few onion rings before I was full.


July 28, 2022 – see July 27, 2022


July 27, 2022 – train wreck – let’s not talk about it.


July 26, 2022 – IF, (very) low carb

To make up for yesterday, broke my 19-hour fast with some chicken and mayo on pork rinds. Planned to do carnivore today but had pork 5 hours later and (because of a re-piped esophagus years ago) I can’t eat it without something wet without choking on it – so I had sauerkraut since it’s (a) delicious! and (b) extremely low in carbs. (No pics/QuikVid because it was all leftovers.)


July 25, 2022 – planned “day off” for my OMaD at a Chinese buffet; 25-hour fast prior, 19-hour fast after


July 24, 2022 – lowcarb, IF, OMaD

After 17-hour fast I made – and ate – one of my low carb tortilla pizzas. In the accompanying QuikVid I show my secret to a chewier, more “realistic” crust experience.


July 23, 2022 – IF, lowcarb

Broke 21-hour fast with Pumped Up Eggs. [NEW! see QUIKVID]

Supper, 6 hours later, is a simple cornish hen, spatchcocked, seasoned, and roasted in the convection oven. (no pic)


July 22, 2022 – IF, OMaD, lowcarb

After yesterday I felt I needed to accomplish all 3 goals today. I’m usually happy if I meet 2 of the 3 most days, and even 1 of the 3 sometimes. But given that I accomplished NONE yesterday I felt the need to eat with great care today.

Since Pete would be eating with me, I made some of my tiny ‘taters. They’re very waxy rather than starchy so much lower in carbs, at 3gN each. I usually have 7. After washing and halving them I tossed them in olive oil with Amish Happy Salt. Pete cooked them in the air fryer over in Junior (with the a/c on!) while I cooked some pork in the leftover oil/Happy Salt from the potatoes, and a bag of frozen chopped spinach, to which I added onion & garlic powder, and goat cheese.

Pete had his creamy spinach over his potatoes; I had mine over my meat (shown “naked” above), with the potatoes – topped with a good blob of butter – on the side. And I stayed within my goals.


July 21, 2022 – Good Intentions

Since we were going to Saginaw we would eat at a favorite place there, State Street Tony’s. They are known for their massive portions. I planned ahead: steak & eggs breakfast, cottage cheese instead of potatoes, and a splurge on their amazing toast using fresh Italian bread from the bakery next door. And OMaD. However, I got the bad news that they were out of cottage cheese, so I ended up getting the hash browns, but wasn’t about to forego the toast either! Still…OMaD… But then earlier this evening I started to get hungry and some of that leftover delicious bread was calling my name…

So today I struck out on all 3!


July 20, 2022 – IF, lowcarb

19-hour fast, then I added 3 eggs to a pan with butter melted in it, put ¼c each of pork panko and parmesan (out of the can) on top, then stirred it all gently as the eggs cooked through. DELICIOUS! Next time I’m going to put salsa on top.

4 hours later I ate some cold roasted chicken, followed by this dish that we both love: add chopped onion to some oil to start cooking while cutting up the zucchini and tomato; add those, add salt, toss together; simmer over low heat, covered, 10 minutes; add a block of garlic & herb Boursin cheese on top, cover, simmer 5 more minutes, stirs together to create sauce; let stand uncovered 2-3 minutes for sauce to thicken slightly.


June 19, 2022 – IF, lowcarb

17-hour fast, then HB eggs cut up with diced tomato and minced onion and tossed with pink salt and mayo.

6 hours later, pork. I have no idea what the cut was, it was flat and wide, just over a pound; I seasoned it with seasoned salt plus more onion and garlic powder, and fried it lightly; added SF brown sugar/cinnamon syrup and ketchup, covered, and let simmer until very tender. That was my supper.


July 18, 2022 – IF

Mid-afternoon lunch at Taco Bell (it was what was available where we were) (combo #6); chicken sandwich with just mayo on “light” bread in the early evening.


July 17, 2022 – IF, OMaD

pizza, from frozen, after 16-hour fast.


July 16, 2022 – IF

2 burgers, fried, with Boursin cheese melted over them, after 21-hour fast.

Smoked, bacon-wrapped fresh (just processed that morning) chicken, green & yellow summer squash (just picked that morning), some of my son-in-law’s excellent chicken salad, and one s’mores over their fire pit. (I haven’t had sweets in a long time; it was so sweet it was hard to eat.)

Cheese and crackers for a snack later.


July 15, 2022 – IF, OMaD

Fish dinner at The Nest (2 pieces of fish, cottage cheese, onion rings, a cup of their excellent “chicken crack” soup) as we do almost every Friday.


July 12 – July 14, 2022 – Things going on and when/what/how I ate wasn’t a priority. I haven’t been able to cook so Pete has fed me; some of the things I’ve had are grilled cheese, a lovely fried egg/canadian bacon low carb wrap with Boursin cheese melted over the top, pork steak with “creamed” spinach (spinach with Boursin cheese melted in), and I don’t remember what else. But I did eat low carb, and did fast at least my 16-hour minimum each day. Given everything else health/mentally this week, just eating when I got hungry is a much less stressful option that I have welcomed; having lots of low carb options already in the house makes things easier and not much thought or planning required at times like this. I am glad that we found 10 more 5.2 oz Boursin cheese at one of the Amish stores on Monday (20¢ each – not expired), it improves nearly everything we put it on or in.


July 11, 2022 – IF

Broke my 16-hour fast at The Nest with a BBQ chicken flatbread (also had cheese and onion straws on it) and onion rings. Was only able to eat about 3/4 of it, so had the rest 5 hours later, at home. (Pete had nachos.) Also had a low carb bar with it.


June 10, 2022 – IF, OMaD

Sunday is pizza day. I wasn’t able to stand at the counter and make a low carb pizza today so I just put a frozen one in the convection oven and then ate that. for my meal.


July 9, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

Broke my 21-hour fast with a burger on a “light”/low carb spinach wrap with cheese and Mayochup. (I made 2 but could only eat one.) A low carb bar for dessert.


July 8, 2022 – Had my typical fish dinner at The Nest, as we do nearly every Friday, subbing salad for their sweet cole slaw and cottage cheese for the fries. with my 2 pieces of fish. In the evening I finished the last of the Brownie’s popcorn I bought last week. I can’t say I’ll never buy it again, that’s not realistic; however, I’m not very good at self-discipline when it’s around and eat it too often. So I am choosing not to buy any more at this time.


July 7, 2022 – low carb

I was very hungry today, so I ended up eating an hour before my minimum-16-hour fast was done and ate 2 meals, 6 hours apart, plus snacks as noted below.

Lunch: I put some butter in a pan and when it was melted I added a slice of ham, then a slice of cheese, then broke 2 eggs over it, then another slice of cheese, then another slice of ham; when the first side was browned I flipped it, and continued cooking it until the cheese was melted, the eggs were set, and the ham was browned. Delicious!

Sliced half of a small onion into slivers, and cooked them until they started to brown in a little olive oil. While those were cooking I sliced up 3 small zucchini and diced 2 large tomatoes, which I then added to the pan, covering it, and tossing the vegetables every 10 minutes or so until they were well-softened but not mushy – about 30 minutes – over med-low heat. Melted a block and a half of Boursin garlic cheese in it to create a sauce with the juice from the vegetables, it was a little thinner than I wanted to I ended up adding a couple spoonfuls of nutritional yeast.

I had mine with a pan-fried ribeye. Pete had his over pasta. It was AMAZING!

And I had 2 low carb bars for snacks today. It was a hungry day!


July 6, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

Just broke my 24-hour fast with a leftover tomato and cheese tortilla (from July 3) reheated in a dry pan, and a burger on a low carb tortilla with “mayochup” (75¢ I think? from one of the Amish grocery stores). Am about to eat a low carb bar for dessert.


July 5, 2022 – IF

Grilled cheese on pumpernickel for my meal after a 20-hour fast, some Brownie’s popcorn a few hours later.


July 4, 2022 – IF, moderate carb

19 hour fast, then fried up some diced beef summer sausage and a diced zucchini until the sausage pieces were crisp and the zucchini was browned; melted a half-chunk of Boursin cheese over it. (NOTE that the 5.2 oz packages of Boursin are $5.29 on Amazon; we pay 20c at the Amish store, otherwise I probably wouldn’t use it as a sauce.) It was delicious but a little too salty – not TOO bad, just a little; next time I’ll use less beef stick and add more zucchini I think.

A couple of hours later I had some Brownie’s popcorn. AND a note about Brownie’s: in past summers I’ve been known to eat half a bag at a sitting. This year I eat about 1/5 or 1/6 of a bag at a time as I work on practicing moderation. This should serve me well in the future, it isn’t something that I’ve ever really worked at in the past.


July 3, 2022 – IF, moderate carb

Broke my 23-hour fast with this beauty: “keto friendly” tortilla, olive oil to both sides, topped with sliced provolone, then tomato, then some shredded mozz and seasonings; 325°F for 20 minutes. Locally grown fresh tomatoes from the Amish and mayo for dipping.

Made 3 of these so I could reheat some for 2 other meals in the next few days – glad I did!

Not an OMaD day because I plan to indulge in some Brownie’s popcorn in a little while.

P.S. Then I had some :ratio Keto peach yogurt with the Brownie’s.

(All foods eaten within a 2-hour time frame – which is great!)


July 2, 2022 – IF, very low carb

Confession time: I couldn’t sleep last night, had stuff on my mind, and self-medicated with Brownie’s popcorn. Then did a 16-hour fast before eating the skin off of a turkey breast that I’d roasted for my dog.

This was my meal today, a couple of hours after the turkey skin snack. Hard-boiled eggs smashed and seasoned with Amish Happy Salt and Everything But The Bagel seasoning. Put it on ham slices and fried them up. Forgot to put slices of cheese in them doggone it! But it was a delicious meal.

July 1, 2022 – IF

After a 20-hour fast we had our fish dinner at The Nest. I subbed cottage cheese for the fries, and a tossed salad for their sweet cole slaw – just like the link. 3 hours later I ate some Brownie’s popcorn; I didn’t buy any in June, just to test my self-discipline, so when July started today I got some. Now let’s see how I do with self-discipline when I’ve got some in the house!


June 30, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

25-hour fast, then a pork steak fried in olive oil, with a cup of unsweetened applesauce seasoned with a ton of cinnamon. And a low carb bar.


June 29, 2022 – IF, OMaD

After 22-hours without food I had 3 triangles of frozen breaded fish (but I cooked it!) and 7 mini-potatoes of the waxy variety, not the starchy kind. Because I had more carbs today I chose not to eat anything else, and to surround the meal with lengthy fasts.


June 28, 2022 – IF, low carb

21-hour fast broken with a burger on a keto bun with “mayo-chup”, and 3 mini-cukes dipped in ranch.

5 hours later I had a salad with lettuce, chicken, bacon crumbles, tomato, and ranch – no photo – and a low carb bar. Followed by another low carb bar for dessert 😉


June 27, 2022 – IF, low carb, OMaD – chicken thighs, mini-cukes, mayo


June 26, 2022 – IF, low carb

After my 18-hour fast I ate 2 beef brats. For supper I had a pork steak and sauerkraut, followed by a low carb bar.


June 25, 2022 – IF, moderate carb

I had fully intended this day to be low carb & OMaD, but things are what they are…

Pete made the fish we’d planned for supper early in the day – too early for me to eat – so it sat out for a couple of hours. I ate it, and planned to make the zucchini sticks you see here as a side dish…but he took a nap, so I waited until he was awake, several hours later, so it wouldn’t be cold and lose its crisp. So I ended up with 2 half-meals today, and extra carbs from the zucchini coating. (original plan: make 2 coatings since he can’t eat eggs or pork panko but my pain levels didn’t allow me to do that so I just made his kind, with the extra carbs, and ate it.) And I had low carb yogurt for dessert after the zucchini.

(Non-low-carb zucchini coating involved egg replacer, potato flakes, arrowroot starch, parmesan cheese, and Everything But The Bagel seasoning, plus an air fryer.)


June 24, 2022 – IF, low carb

As is typical after carbier day, the next day I just want to munch. All day. And I go with it, but with 2 rules: do my minimum fast first, then eat all I want but only within my 6-hour window, and only the lower carb foods I typically would eat anyway – nothing else. I find it much easier to get past the carbs of the day(s) previous and back to my preferred way of eating this way.
So today after my 16-hour fast I ate, spread throughout the course of my 6 hours: 7 parmesan Whisps…a low carb bar…a dish of full-fat greek yogurt flavored with vanilla and cinnamon, with some SF applesauce mixed in…6 mini-cukes with ranch and bacon crumbles.


June 23, 2022 – IF

After a 16-hour fast (my minimum for IF) I had a burger and onion rings (though I only ate part of the order) at Little Boots in Houghton Lake, MI. It was a favorite place for us since we moved up there in 2005, this is likely the last time we’ll eat there, so I got my favorites. Later this evening Pete made us grilled cheese. No photos – everything looked like you’d expect :).


June 22, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

After a 27-hour fast I made a casserole by tossing thawed/dried cauli-rice with parmesan cheese, than spreading it in the bottom of an oiled baking dish, seasoned with garlic and Amish Happy Salt, then added a layer of chopped tomatoes and a layer of cheese, and baked it (with Pete’s other course, roasted mushrooms & onion) at 375F for 40 minutes. FANTASTIC! Pete ate 3/4 of it, I had the rest with my pan-fried steak. And topped it off with a low carb bar for dessert.


June 21, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb

4 tiny, previously-roasted-and-frozen, then thawed, boneless skinless chicken thighs, dipped in ranch, after a 19-hour fast. That is all.


June 20, 2022 – IF, low carb

After an 18-hour fast I ate fried slices of summer sausage on keto buns with mustard, swiss cheese, and sauerkraut. Later in the evening I had scrambled eggs and a keto yogurt (not pictured).


June 19, 2022 – IF

Today was Sunday, pizza day. I ate cheese pizza – on thin crust rather than low carb tortillas this week – splitting it up into several small snacks over 6 hours which started after a 22-hour fast.


June 18, 2022

No photos – today’s food was nothing to brag about; early lunch at a Chinese buffet, then an early supper at the granddaughters’ birthday party, including cake & ice cream. And that’s that.


June 17, 2022

Ate my Friday fish dinner mid-afternoon, I didn’t keep track but probably 14 hours after I had some late-night pork steak. I only ate half of my fries – not a big french fry eater and usually get cottage cheese instead.

Then ate a low carb bar and some popcorn later on in the day.


June 16, 2022 – OMaD, low carb

14 hours after The Sourdough Pretzel Incident I made a favorite snack of mine: Pork rinds topped with melted cheese, then dipped in a 50-50 mix of salsa and full-fat sour cream!

Even though it is late, I have a pork steak that needs to be cooked; also, I haven’t had much protein today (similar to yesterday, just some cheese) so I’m going to eat part of it anyway to stave off middle-of-the-night meat cravings that could end in disaster!


UGH! Middle-of-the-night: Had gone to bed hungry (not unusual). Got up at 2:30 wanting a big hunk o’ meat but who cooks meat at 2:30 a.m.? So I started foraging and found a package with the last bits of sourdough pretzels in the bottom. And ate those. REALLY?? That is SO not me!


June 15, 2022 – OMaD, IF, low carb

HOT today, not much of an appetite, just had 2 grilled cheese sandwiches on keto (high-fiber, 0gN) buns after a 19-hour fast. Too hot to eat!


June 14, 2022 – IF, low carb

No photos today. Broke my 21-hour fast with some mini-cukes dipped in ranch and some parmesan Whisps. Supper 5 hours later was a pork steak and unsweetened applesauce for dipping. A low carb bar for dessert.


June 13, 2022 – IF, low carb

Hungry again about 22.5 hours after my last food, and was out and about, so I bought some low carb flatbreads, some cheese, and some sliced ham, and made a wrap for myself in the car. (For that $10 I can also make 7 more wraps, and have more ham left too!) 4.5 hours later, when I was home, I had supper: 2 burgers on keto buns, each with a tomato slice and a spoon of hot dog chili sauce on it. Followed by a low carb bar for dessert.


June 12, 2022 – OMaD, low carb

Sundays are pizza days. This was today’s tortilla pizza I ate after a 21-hour fast. As time goes on I am only able to eat smaller and smaller quantities; today I could only eat 4 of the 6 pieces. But it was delicious! (This was a 4-layer pizza, I usually do 3 layers but 2 of the tortillas stuck together out of the package and it was easier to just use them than to deal with it 🙃 )


June 11, 2022 – IF, low carb

After a 21-hour fast I snacked on some summer sausage and cheese. 4 hours later I ate my supper, a pork steak and sauerkraut, with a low carb bar for dessert.


June 10, 2022 – OMaD, IF

After a 22-hour fast I had my single meal today. I knew it would be carby so I’m doing a long fast before and after; I also had a lot of physical activity today, LOTS more than I’m used to. Anyway, all of that may or may not help mitigate the effects…but I enjoyed it. At Olive Garden I had the chicken & gnocchi soup, then this dish that was cheese-stuffed tortellini baked, covered with alfredo sauce, and topped with a big piece of grilled chicken. I could only eat half of it, and had to leave the other half behind because I didn’t want to eat so many carbs again. But it was DELICIOUS!


June 9, 2022 – IF

Delicious early supper after a 20-hour fast: ribeye, fried to med-rare, with cauli-rice (from Costco) prepared as the Keto Twins do it – which is wonderful, BTW! – then topped with pats of butter, sprinkled with shredded cheese (I LOVE the Chihuahua cheese from Gordon Foods!), and seasoned with paprika and parsley; then I covered the pan and left it over low heat while I prepared the meat, and by that time the cheese was melty and wonderful!

I had a meeting up north, and it was at a restaurant, so I decided on an appetizer. It was 4 hours after supper, so I was starting to get hungry anyway…since they didn’t have anything even remotely lower in carbs I just went with their homemade pitas/chips and dips; I thought I’d get little tasters of the different items. It wouldn’t have been appropriate to take a picture of my food, so I didn’t. But just let me say that I ended up with at least twice as much food as I would be capable of eating even if I was starving! So I just nibbled, and Pete finished the rest later in the evening at home. (I will be doing a 22-hour fast before my next meal – again at a restaurant – later today.)


June 8, 2022 – OMaD, IF, very low carb

After a 25-hour fast I had pork from a roast I’d cooked and frozen in big chunks a couple of months ago, which I cubed and reheated with some sauerkraut. And a low carb bar for “dessert”.


June 7, 2022 – IF, low carb

No photo today. Finished up that rotisserie chicken from Costco. After an 18-hour fast I had the last of the breast mixed with mayo and a little minced onion on pork rinds, followed by a (4gN) low carb bar. 3 hours later I had the last leg/thigh/wing, just plain, with a few mini carrots, and another low carb bar.


June 6, 2022 – low carb

After a 14-hour fast (IF, to me is 16 hours or more, the more the better) I made something similar to what I had on the 4th, but I used provolone cheese instead of cheddar with the pork panko on the bottom to form the crust, followed by diced chicken breast, then a sliced tomato, then provolone on top. After it was done I drizzled some ranch over the top. The result was SPECTACULAR!

A couple of hours after lunch I finished up the last of my bag of Brownie’s popcorn; these are huge bags and it takes me a week to go through one. I’m thinking I will try to go a week without any and see how I do; Brownie’s popcorn is a seasonal weakness!

I got hungry almost 6 hours after lunch so I spread out some Canadian bacon slices (the size of pepperoni) on the bottom of a pan and broke 3 eggs on top. Then I seasoned it all, put a lid on, and let it cook. That was supper.


June 5, 2022 – IF, moderate carb

This was my meal after a 19-hour fast. I love these little low carb street taco tortillas, more even than buns, on a burger! (I use ketchup & mayo.) Within the my 6-hour window I munched on raw broccoli & cauliflower with ranch, Brownie’s popcorn, and a low carb bar to satisfy my sweet tooth.


June 4, 2022 – very low carb

My first meal was after only 13 hours of fasting. I had been thinking about something I wanted to try for the last couple of days, and was anxious to make it. What I made – and ate – is in a video but I didn’t think to take a photo. You can see the video of my delicious creation HERE. I was – and am – pretty excited about it and can’t wait to make something else using this technique!

I thinly sliced some cabbage and part of an onion and tossed it with the last of my bacon crumbles and some Amish Happy Salt. And I had a chicken leg off that Costco rotisserie chicken I bought on Thursday. That was my 2nd meal.


June 3, 2022 – IF (19 hours)

My main meal today was, of course – it being Friday – a fish dinner at The Nest (Farwell, MI). I got a salad instead of their cole slaw (which is quite sweet), and cottage cheese instead of fries; though it was all-you-can-eat I only ate 2 pieces of their delicious batter-fried pollock.

Throughout the next 8 hours I munched on some Brownie’s popcorn and ate some Costco rotisserie chicken.


June 2, 2022 – IF (18 hours), OMaD, moderate carb

We ate at a Mongolian grill today. It was my only meal. I had a romaine salad with egg, cheese, bacon, and blue cheese dressing. My entree was pork, cabbage, onions, pea pods, and bamboo shoots, grilled with a spicy plum sauce. Not shown is the bowl of egg drop soup I had after my meal.


June 1, 2022 – NOTE: I’m doing things a little differently than usual for a while, as my eating habits will be evolving into the summer plan this month, as happens every year, anyway, so expect to see changes. 16 hour fasts (minimum) for example – rather an 18 – and concentrating more on what I eat than when I eat it during those 8 eating hours.

I snacked a lot today: raw cauliflower/ranch, “keto” yogurt, lowcarb crackers/cream cheese, Brownie’s popcorn.

Leftover beef of some sort, that I picked out of a beef-and-rice dish, and reheated in oil. No sauces, just some seasoning. This was my only actual meal.


May 20, 2022 – IF (23 hours)

(NOTE that I won’t be “worrying” too much about how I eat for the next week or so, I’m on rest for the next few days for a knee injury so Pete will be feeding me and I don’t want to add any pressure to him in choosing and preparing my food; then will be out of the state visiting with my sister for a few days, and while I’m eating in restaurants I also don’t want to have to think about everything I eat though, of course, I will be making my best choices. Usually. Anyway, there will be about a week-long gap in my reporting on this page after this update.)

I’ve been craving sauerkraut. One of my favorite foods but I don’t eat it too often due to the sodium content…but today Pete made me some pork (already roasted) and sauerkraut for my main meal and it REALLY hit the spot! A few hours later I had some lower-carb crackers with cream cheese as a snack too.

I don’t usually show Pete’s meals but tonight he showed me what he made for himself. These are like tortilla bowls, and he filled them with all kinds of goodies, though I don’t remember everything I know there was pasta, a lentil/sauce dish, some cheese on top…and whatever else, but don’t they look great???


May 19, 2022 – IF (18 hours)

2 meals again today: chicken and raw cauliflower dipped in ranch and some popcorn, then a jumbo clam dinner with tots (only ate about half of those), cottage cheese, and a roll at my daughter’s birthday dinner.


May 18, 2022 – IF (19 hours)

Out and about, got an appetizer sampler mid-afternoon (no photos, forgot), ate about half of it; 2 roasted pork sandwiches on keto buns with mayo early evening.


May 17, 2022 – OMaD, IF (20 hours), lowcarb

I fried a ribeye steak, and roasted some whole, thin green beans after tossing with olive oil, salt, and onion/garlic powders; 20 minutes at 350°F, tossed, another 20 minutes at 425°F. And grilled keto roll (not shown) with butter.


May 16, 2022 – UGH. With the grandkids all day. McD’s for lunch, A&W for supper. I just want to forget about it!


May 15, 2022 – IF (20 hours), OMaD, low carb

Fried cauliflower in oil and butter, seasoned with Amish Happy Salt, and 2 hamburgers on boughten keto buns.


May 14, 2022 – IF (18 hours)

I just finished up the last of the chicken & egg salad from the other day, on pork rinds, then ate some popcorn – very little actually – a few hours later.


May 13, 2022 – IF (24 hours)

We went to our usual Friday dinner spot today for their fish. But I decided to try their sweet potato fries, which I never even knew they had until today – crispy and delicious! (Cole slaw not pictured, already eaten by the time this food came.) Didn’t worry about carbs today.

Had some popcorn a few hours after I got home.


May 12, 2022 – IF (17 hours), OMaD, low carb

Just one meal today, mid-afternoon. I had a leftover chicken breast and a few HB eggs so I chopped them up along with about ¼ of an onion, added mayo, parsley, and paprika, and ate some on pork rinds. It is now over 8 hours later and I haven’t yet gotten hungry again, so that’s all I ate today.


May 11, 2022 – IF (20 hours), low carb

I didn’t get hungry most of today, but when I did, it hit all at once. So Pete fried me up this 1# ribeye steak and it was delicious!

A little later I wanted something crunchy so I melted cheese over pork rinds in the air fryer (left; the collage app didn’t choose the best part of the photo, it wasn’t all burnt in real life!), which I usually like to dip in a mixture of sour cream and salsa. But we were out of salsa so I mixed up a half can of drained diced tomatoes with the sour cream, and seasoned it with onion/garlic/chili powders and cumin (upper right, before I mixed it).

Then I had a chocolate caramel & pretzel bar (5gN). Everything I ate today was within a 2-hour window.


May 10, 2022 – IF (14 hours), low carb

Again, no photos. Throughout the day, in a 10-hour period, I ate some Brownie’s popcorn (a small amount), a chunk of pork roast with SF BBQ sauce, and a dish of full-fat cottage cheese.


May 9, 2022 – IF (16 hours), low carb

Nothing photo-worthy. But I followed the messages I was getting from my system today and ate accordingly. Mid afternoon I had some full-fat cottage cheese and some hard-boiled eggs with mayo. Mid evening I had a quarter (dark meat, my favorite!) of a roasted chicken.


May 5-8, 2022Took a break. Still ate the usual things but added a few other foods, things I never (or rarely) eat, during the 4 days of my birthday celebrations.


May 4, 2022 – IF, lowcarb

In the background is a hamburger with “Mayochup” that I buy whenever I can find it at the local Amish stores, served on 1 net gram carb bread. And with it are some “bean fries”: thin whole green beans tossed with olive oil, onion and garlic powders, pink salt, EBTB seasoning, and parmesan, then air-fried (420°F for 12 min., tossing twice).

I also snacked on some popcorn a few hours before eating this supper. (Click the link to learn about my summertime popcorn addiction.)


May 2-3, 2022 – Totally off my game this week with high pain levels, can’t cook, etc…I ate what I could find (and what Pete made for me) if I got hungry, no rhyme nor reason.


May 1, 2022 – Slept much of the day. Ate pizza because it’s Sunday. Popcorn in the evening with Pete. Feeling rotten so I don’t really care what I eat.


April 30, 2022 – I haven’t felt good all day so I just munched. Mid-afternoon I had some mini-cukes dipped in ranch dressing. In the evening I had some FinnCrisp sourdough & rye crackers with cream cheese. That’s it for today.


April 29, 2022 – IF, OMaD, after not eating anything since sometime yesterday.

I didn’t take any photos. In the evening we ate from a seafood buffet at a local restaurant, I had fish, shrimp, mushrooms, mac’n’cheese (because they have the BEST!), 2 small rolls, and a sliver of apple pie, and that was it for the day.


April 28, 2022 – I didn’t take photos or write it down and now, more that 24 hours later, I don’t remember what I ate, or IF I ate.


April 27, 2022 – IF, lowcarb

I decided I would have 2 meals today, just going by how my body felt, energy levels, etc. This is the grilled cheese sandwich I had for my mid-afternoon lunch. Pete put the parm/romano cheese on the butter before cooking the sandwich (with keto bread) in the panini press, then sprinkled the crispy cheese bits over the top. Freakin’ FANTASTIC!

Early evening’s supper was roasted vegetables (zucchini, tomato, onion, mushrooms in olive oil with (Amish) Happy Salt. When they were soft and browning, I poured off the excess liquid and added a sauce made of full-fat sour cream, mushroom powder and flavoring, some nooch, and lots of parsley. Parm-romano on top for the last 15 minutes added a nice little topping. I heated up some of the mini-slices of Canadian bacon I’d gotten from the Amish store a few days ago to eat with it.


April 26, 2022 – IF

So today we were at our daughter/son-in-law’s house babysitting our almost-3YO granddaughter. For lunch said toddler and I had “cheese doodles” – the name I use for any cornmeal-based shape covered with a powdered cheese-wanna-be chemical concoction laden with artificial everything and preservatives. But at least it followed a decent 19-hour fast…then when the older siblings got home from school and daddy got home we were invited to partake in their supper which, for me, was about a dozen fish sticks and 2 biscuits. This might be the least healthy day of eating that I’ve had in a while. But, good for me or not, I enjoyed every single bite!


April 25, 2022 – OMaD, IF, lowcarb, after 20-hour fast

I had a big ribeye steak for my meal today, accompanied by some cheese straws for crunch. That’s it.


April 24, 2022 – OMaD, IF, lowcarb, after 17-hour fast (again)

Had my tortilla pizza exactly like last week’s except I’d found some pepperoni-sized canadian bacon at the Amish store yesterday (5 packs for a buck!) so I used about a half-packet instead of the mushrooms. And the bacon crumbles on top, which came out crispy and delicious…I really love these pizzas! I also had a keto chocolate/caramel/pretzel bar with my tea afterward.


April 23, 2022 – 17-hour fast

Today we were out and about, and happened to find ourselves near The Nest, and Pete was hungry, so…

I got one of their amazing flatbreads, this one is spinach and artichokes, with chicken, alfredo sauce, and mozzarella cheese melted on top. I absolutely LOVE their flatbreads but usually choose not to indulge. Then I got onion rings on the side, of which I ate half (I would have ordered just 3 of them, I didn’t want a lot) and the rest came home for Pete to snack on.

We’d bought a big bucket of cheese doodle things to keep around for the grandkids, but Maisie and I broke into them. Oops.


April 22, 2022 – IF after 19-hour fast

Today we had our usual fish dinners at The Nest . About 4 hours later I had some nausea (from pain, not from the fish, never from their fish LOL!) so I ate some crackers with diet Vernors. And that’s it for today!


April 21, 2022 – IF, low carb, 20-hour fast

I was SO excited for today to come, as I had decided I was just going to have grilled cheese (on low carb bread) for my meal, and I love grilled cheese! Then someone on my 2nd-favorite Mastodon instance gave me a tip: add parmesan cheese on top of the butter before frying it in the pan to add an extra cheesy and crispy layer to the sandwich. And Oh. My. GOODNESS! BEST doggone grilled cheese sandwich EVER!!! WOW!

A few hours later I was hungry again so I ate a few spoonsful of (full-fat) cottage cheese to get me through the evening, it was enough to fill me up again. And with my tea I’m having a cinnamonny keto bar, still within my 6-hour eating window for the day. Great food day!


April 20, 2022 – IF, OMaD, 24-hour fast

This evening’s meal was the last of the leftover roasted pork, plus a veggie casserole. Sliced tomatoes, green and yellow zucchini, and onion tossed with (Amish) Happy Salt, parsley, lots of minced garlic, and olive oil, roasted 30 minutes @ 350°F then tossed after adding shredded cheeses. Another 30 minutes, this time @ 400°F, then mixed in sour cream before serving. EXTREMELY wonderful!


April 19, 2022 – IF, after 19-hour fast

Mid-afternoon I snacked on a some mini-cukes dipped in ranch.

Supper was roasted cabbage, carrots, and onion with leftover pork roast a few hours later. (My favorite part – and Pete’s – is the crispy black cabbage leaves!)


April 18, 2022 – IF, after 21-hour fast

There’s a restaurant up north in the town where we did workcamping for 2 seasons a few years ago, we used to eat there at least once a week during those times. It closed a couple of years ago and we’ve been waiting for it to open back up, and finally it did. So we ate there yesterday. I got the same thing I always used to get: a burger and tots. And the food was just as great as I remembered it! I ate my burger but only half the tots before I got full.

5 hours later I ate a few mini-cukes and finished up some leftover chicken and steak that I had in the fridge. So it was one of those rare 2-meal days!


April 17, 2022 – OMaD, IF, low-carb, after 16-hour fast

All I ate today was my tortilla pizza that I usually eat on Sundays. But I did want to talk about it a little bit. I just marvel that something so simple, cheap, and low-carb can be so “real-pizza-like” and I think today I figured out why. The first tortilla I lay down and just put a thin layer of shredded mozzarella on it, then another tortilla. On the 2nd tortilla I spread my sauce, which does soak into the tortilla a bit, then whatever topping(s) I want to use; today it was mushrooms. After another thin layer of mozz (works like glue) I add the 3rd tortilla, spread a little more paste, and then top with mozz. Today I always sprinkled some bacon crumbles on top. Now HERE is why I think it is so much like “real” pizza: The bottom tortilla gets crisp but from there and up through the 2nd one the heated sauce and melted cheese it all gets very soft and almost dough-y – like good chewy pizza crust. Then the top layer of cheese is exactly like the cheese topping on a “real” pizza. I truly enjoy these as much as the pizzas I always used to eat on Sundays!


April 16, 2022 – We ate at our daughter’s house, they had a big turkey dinner. ‘Nuff said.


April 15, 2022 – IF, after 21-hour fast

Late afternoon I had a PB&J sammich (everything sugar-free and low carb) because it was fast and easy and I wouldn’t have to be on my feet for long to feed myself.

About 4 hours after my sandwich I was hungry again but in too much pain to cook. I started out with a pan and butter melting in it to fry an egg…then I decided to chop up the rest of yesterday’s chicken breast into that butter. Low carb bread on my plate with a slice of swiss cheese waited for the hot buttery chicken on top…then some pesto over it. And that was just about the best open-face sandwich I have ever thought of! Fantastic!

(…and this is why I don’t usually buy low carb bread – I eat it!)


April 14, 2022 – IF, after 19-hour fast

We were in one of the cities today so we ate a mid-afternoon meal there. Today was intended to be OMaD but…well, I’ll get to that in a minute…

Asian buffet was our choice, once again. The bottom layer of my plate was boiled cabbage and mushrooms in a thin brown broth. On top of that I have 2 chicken wing flats, a chicken-on-a-stick (teriyaki?), an egg roll, and several pieces of fish (I LOVE their fish!); tarter sauce in the bowl to the right. Not shown: 3 crab rangoons.

One of the things we bought at Costco was a rotisserie chicken. When we got home I cut it in half and put half in the freezer. The other half was taunting me so after a couple of hours I grabbed it, and a fork, and nibbled on it for a while. Overall I ate half of the breast, with the skin. Ergo, no OMaD.


April 13, 2022 – IF, low carb, after 18-hour fast

Had a snack of baby carrots dipped in tzatziki mid-afternoon, followed by a handful of popcorn a little later – I really felt munchy today!

For supper I browned some onion and yellow squash in olive oil, then added some leftover roasted pork that I had frozen/defrosted and some alfredo sauce, marjoram, paprika, and some additional parmesan cheese. It simmered until the cheese melted. And it was delicious! Extremely good!


April 12, 2022 – IF, low carb, after 19-hour fast

I thought I got a picture of my lunch, but apparently not…I melted cheese over some porkies, then dipped them in some hot salsa and sour cream mixed together in equal parts.

Supper was a ribeye steak, seared and then lightly cooked to medium rare, and some low carb bread, toasted. Usually I fry my bread in butter to make toast, but tonight I put the buttered bread on a baking pan in the convection oven, 425°F, 10 min., turning once. REALLY crispy and buttery, also perfectly done!


April 11, 2022 – OMaD, after 20-hour fast

We stopped at The Nest after my appointment today, and I got loads of carbs, as you can see. Pete got fish’n’chips. I got chicken fried steak with american fries, gravy, eggs over easy, and sourdough toast. Tea to drink.


April 10, 2022 – IF, low carb

Sunday is pizza day, this is my pizza I make with low carb tortillas, doesn’t it look like a real pizza? Tastes like it too! Today I added a little garlic basil pesto in it too. Other than that, just the tomato (I use a thin layer of tomato paste) and cheese. And I enjoy this just as much as any other pizza, really. I did this in the air fryer (we have a Ninja something-or-other) so I could get it well-browned and crispy, as you can see, that’s exactly how it worked out – perfect! Even so, I could only eat 2/3 of it before I got full. Will probably eat the last of it for a snack in a little while.


April 9, 2022 – OMaD, IF; 24 hours between meals

Roasted cauliflower, tossed with olive oil and (Amish) Happy Salt, then melted cheese on top, with bacon crumbles over it, plus 2 roasted chicken thighs for supper. Keto cinnamon bar for dessert (not shown).


April 8, 2022 – IF

We ate at our favorite Chinese buffet. We haven’t eaten there in about 6 months, so we both really piled up our plates! My plate includes my 2 favorites: fried zucchini and peanut butter chicken, plus some mushrooms, a couple kinds of chicken in sauces, some crab rangoons, some seafood medley, and maybe one or two other things, I don’t remember it all…but it was delicious, and I was definitely full when I left! A few hours later I ate the fortune cookies and some pizzelles for a snack. VERY carby day!


April 7, 2022 – OMaD

We went out for our grandson’s birthday dinner, and I got fish’n’chips. I ate 3 of the 4 pieces of fish, and about half of the “chips”, plus the little garlic breads. Carby. But delicious.


April 6, 2022 – IF

Early afternoon I had a bacon/mayo sandwich on the lower carb bread I’d bought. 5½ hours later I had the roasted pork and butternut cubes (tossed with olive oil, Amish Happy Salt, cinnamon, ginger, and monk fruit sweetener and air-fried) for supper, followed by a few pizzelle cookies with my tea.


April 5, 2022 – I didn’t care how or what I ate today, I am pretty sick and tired of this wonky stomach. So I had leftover steak with eggs early in the morning (when I NEVER eat!), and mid-afternoon I had grilled cheese on some lower-carb (7gN/slice) bread I picked up yesterday. And that’s it. (I don’t think my stomach cares what I eat at this point!)


April 4, 2022

I just ate some most of my clams and a couple of onion rings at The Nest.


April 3, 2022 – IF (18 hours)

Sunday is pizza day, this week I ate a few pieces of a thin-crust frozen pizza (cooked, of course!), then a few hours later I had some popcorn


April 2, 2022 – IF (24 hours), OMaD, low carb

I finished off my chicken cucumber salad from the 30th, and drank a lot of tea.


April 1, 2022 – moderate carb, OMaD, IF; 22 hours since previous meal

My meal was our fish dinner from The Nest, except I only had one piece of fish, and had some hash browns rather than the salad.


March 31, 2022 – low carb, IF, OMaD; 20 hours since previous food

I had a little cottage cheese as a snack, then about half of this ribeye a couple of hours later.


March 30, 2022 – low carb

Since the cottage cheese was fine last night I decided to have some chicken salad with cucumber and bacon crumbles in mayo. Delicious! Snacked on a low carb tortilla wrapped around a cheese stick later.


March 29, 2022 – low carb

Same as yesterday, except I added some full-fat sour cream to my “soup” to test my stomach. It wasn’t happy but didn’t retaliate. I may try a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese later.


PLEASE NOTE that until my stomach is back to normal (just because I eat something doesn’t mean it went well!) I’m not going to worry much about OMaD or IF; rather I will just keep my food low/moderate carb and eat as I feel I can. This process is taking longer than I thought it would.


March 28, 2022 – IF, low carb

Sticking with liquids once I finally dragged myself out of bed mid-afternoon I had a “cocktail” of diet Vernors and water, thickened with some oat milk and seasoned with with a cinnamon stick, which really mimicked one of my favorite meals of oatmeal loaded with cinnamon (that I rarely allow myself anymore). A couple of hours later I boiled some chicken broth and drizzled in beaten egg to make “noodles” and seasoned it simply with garlic, ginger, and a little smoked paprika.


March 24, 2022 – I had one of my tortilla pizzas; March 25, 2022 I had a fish dinner from The Nest as usual. Then early afternoon on March 26, 2022 I had 2 coney dogs which went down great! But by that evening…stomach flu! So I ate nothing for the next 48 hours…


March 23, 2022 – IF, low carb

I am nibbling today. So far I have had a cup of keto yogurt, a mozzarella cheese stick, and then finally, after nibbling on the roast as it was cooking and I was breaking it apart, I had a plate with a few last bites, and roasted cabbage and onions. I’m probably done nibbling now.


March 22, 2022 – low carb – Because I was so hungry (doggone hamburger bun yesterday!) I chose to go ahead and eat when hungry, but keep my carbs very low. I had a couple of small steaks, which I ate 5 hours apart. I will likely also have some cottage cheese as a snack yet tonight.


March 21, 2022 – IF – today’s meal was 23 hours after my previous meal (again)

Went to The Nest, Monday is hamburger day. I got a Two Gouda burger which also has bacon and onion and I added mustard. I ate the burger but could only eat half of my onion rings which Pete brought home for his evening snack. 5 hours later I had some cottage cheese.


March 20, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb – today’s meal eaten 23 hours after my previous meal.

It’s Sunday, so I had my double-tortilla cheese pizza. That is all.


March 19, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb – today’s meal 24 hours after my previous meal

“Better Than Rice” konjac/oat fiber “rice” drained and cooked in a dry pan until totally dried out; set aside. Fried ground pork; added coco animos, ginger, sesame oil, chili powder, (Amish) Happy Salt, and a few green herbs of various types. Mixed the “rice” back in and stirred until the flavored juices were absorbed. Very good, nearly zero carbs; some pizzelles for dessert.


March 18, 2022 – This was a rough day, food wise. I didn’t keep track of times or any other numbers or take any photos. Late morning I had bacon and eggs. Mid afternoon I had my typical fish dinner from The Nest but only 2 pieces of fish. I got some pizzelle cookies at the store and had a few after my fish dinner. (4gN carbs each)


March 17, 2022 – IF, low carb – 1st meal 18 hours after previous meal; 2nd meal 5½ hours after that

For lunch I had pork rinds dipped in salsa mixed with sour cream. For supper I am having the tortilla pizza that I have mentioned here previously. No photos, keeping it simple as I recover from yesterday.


March 16, 2022 – lowcarb

No photos. I was just trying to make it through a very difficult day, everything else was secondary. Early afternoon I ate some chopped raw cauliflower, bacon pieces, and ranch dressing tossed together; it was quick and easy but also tasted good. In the evening I had a steak and some zucchini sticks seasoned with (Amish) Happy Salt and air fried.


March 15, 2022 – IF – 23 hours after previous meal

No photo; we’d spent most of the day at appointments, by the time we were done we stopped at Qdoba for a salad to get us home. The picture would have looked like a pile of cheese topped with sour cream in a bowl because all I could see was the top! It had lettuce, ground beef, tomato salsa, corn salsa, cheese, and sour cream in it though. And it was delicious! Now, 5 hours later, I am snacking on some cauliflower dipped in ranch dressing.


March 14, 2022 – OMaD – 17 hours after last night’s snack

Today was an appointment day; nearly every one of our appointments are an hour or more from home and they’re pretty much a day-long ordeal so we always have a restaurant meal. As long as I’m OMaD and IF I don’t worry as much about carbs; I missed IF by an hour today (a rarity!) but didn’t worry about it anyway; I usually have more on my mind than just food. I had a “scrambler” – eggs mushrooms, onions, spinach, cheese atop hash browns. I only ate some of the hash browns, Pete ate the rest, and I only ate some of my sourdough toast, he ate the rest. But I ate ALL of the healthy stuff on top and it was wonderful! I also craved a glass of milk so ordered that too. And this was my only meal today.


March 13, 2022 – IF – 19 hours after my previous meal.
We ate a traditional boiled dinner at our daughter’s, and I ate it all: corned beef, cabbage (tons of it!), potatoes, carrots, and rolls. And it was all great! I’d intended today to be OMaD as well, but about 6 hours later I had to eat some crackers; I’ve had a funny tummy since I started this new med, and I’m sure all of that cabbage especially wasn’t the best for it. Anyway, you can see a photo of the spread on today’s vlog (#2091), which will be posted at some point…maybe Monday. But it was all delicious, and worth the mild collywobbles!


March 12, 2022 – IF – 23 hours after previous meal

Actually 23 hours after I finished my previous meal I had a snack rather than a meal. After suffering with nausea all day I decided to eat some crackers – carbs or not. 4 hours after THAT I ate this meal of pork steak and roasted napa cabbage, both seasoned with (Amish) Happy Salt, plus Everything But The Bagel seasoning on the cabbage.


March 11, 2022 – IF, OMaD – 20 hours after previous meal – See the original photo about our fish dinners at The Nest . I’m not willing to give these up; however I do get a salad rather than their sweet slaw, and a little dish of cottage cheese instead of the pile of french fries. It is my compromise every week, their fried fish is SO good!


March 10, 2022 – IF, OMaD, very lowcarb – 25 hours after previous meal

Quite possibly the best soup ever. I’ve had some mild nausea going on all day and my stomach really didn’t want anything but the rest of me was hungry so Pete suggested some soup. This was very simple: Chicken broth seasoned with (Amish) Happy Salt, garlic/onion powders, parsley. When it boiled I drizzled in 2 lightly beaten eggs to make “noodles” and a drained can of chicken. Lastly I stirred in some (full fat) sour cream because, well, sour cream. And it is lovely. Even my stomach can’t complain!


March 9, 2022 – IF, OMaD, moderate carb; 21 hours after previous meal

This is, admittedly, junk. However, it is is not without redeeming qualities. And, most importantly, I love it. In the bottom photo you see my pork rinds which have had shredded cheese melted over them in the convection oven. In the top photo you see canned chili mixed with an equal amount of sour cream. And I dip the cheese-coated “chips” in the chili/sour cream. This was one of my staples way back when I started low carb in 2004, losing 90 pounds in 7 months…EXCEPT that I made my own chili back then. This canned stuff is junk with soy, oats, and corn in it. I’ll be making my own again in the future…meanwhile, this was my meal today, I’d been looking forward to this all week, and it was even better than I’d anticipated!


March 8, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb; 23 hours after previous meal

Today’s meal was 2 roasted chicken thighs like I usually do them, plus 4 mini cucumbers dipped in ranch. For “dessert” (I don’t usually have a sweet tooth) I had 3Tbsp SF chocolate chips but would have been satisfied with half that. Live and learn!


March 7, 2022 – low carb; see NOTE below

Delicious supper! Simple steak fried in oil & butter, with kohlrabi “noodles” minced garlic and slivered onion – about 1/8 of a medium onion – fried next to the steak in the same pan. Never had kohlrabi “noodles” before but they are my now favorite veg. noodle so far!


March 6/7, 2022NOTE: This period from supper on the 6th to supper on the 7th was one of those rare (maybe 2-3x/mo.) times when IF went out the window. I don’t always do OMaD but I do stick pretty closely to IF…anyway, an hour after supper on the 6th I was hungry so I ate 4 mini-cukes dipped in ranch dressing. About 2 hours after that my body was screaming for protein, so 3 eggs and 4 rashers of bacon later, I had that under control as well. (Note to self: include protein with every meal!) Then 15 hours after that I was hungry – I had awakened 6 hours earlier than normal and my body apparently thought it was suppertime – so I ate my other tortilla pizza I’d made yesterday. I have a good supper planned for this evening and after that, if history is any indication, I will be back to my daily 18-hour-minimum fasts. At least this between-suppers period wasn’t a HUGE carb hit, about 21gN. So there’s that.


March 6, 2022 – IF, moderate carb, OMAD; 22 hours after my previous meal

OK, I know I’ve shared this pizza before. But I just have to share again because see how the top got nice and browned and crispy? As did the bottom of the bottom tortilla…followed by the chewy “crust” just above that, formed by the melted cheese and the 2nd tortilla…and it doesn’t get better than that, right? A chewy crust that’s crisp on the bottom? This time I also sprinkled a few bacon crumbles on it too. I made 2 of these for < 30gN carbs, and, because I only eat OMaD, I don’t feel in the least bit bad about eating them both! OH YUM!


March 5, 2022 IF, lowcarb, OMAD; 27 hours after my previous meal

Today’s meal was 1½c of cooked spaghetti squash with ground pork, mozzarella, and about ¼c of SF spaghetti sauce, and less than 1T of peanut butter – scraped what was left in the jar – for “dessert” except I ate it before I ate the meal.


March 4, 2022 – See The Nest Fish Dinner from last Friday, this meal was the same, 20 hours after my previous meal


March 3, 2022 – IF, lowcarb, OMaD (+ small snack 20 hours after previous meal)

I was pretty hungry before suppertime so I had a spoonful of peanut butter – 6gN worth. Then for supper 3 hours later I had roasted chicken thighs, prepared as described below. With them I had slivered cabbage and onions, tossed with pink salt and olive oil, then roasted at 425°F for 50 minutes, stirring halfway through. I added some bacon crumbles to the top after it was on the plate.


March 2, 2022 – IF, lowcarb, OMAD, 25 hours since my previous meal

Today’s meal was fast and easy: a pork steak, seasoned with (Amish) Happy Salt, plus a quarter of an onion that needed to be used, broken into petals, and fried with the meat. I also had some applesauce – not shown – as a dip for the meat, as I can’t eat plain pork without choking on it. Simple but filling, nutritious, and delicious!


March 1, 2022 – IF, lowcarb, OMAD, 23 hours since my previous meal

Another winner of a meal! Fried a little cut-up onion and about a half-cup of mushrooms in oil until they started to brown; pushed them to the side and quick-seared a thin fatty chuck steak on both sides; reduced the heat, removed the steak to a plate to rest, and about a cup of thawed chopped spinach, a tsp of yellow mustard, a couple tsps of minced garlic, some butter, and 10 net grams worth of organic potato flakes to the pan. Kept tossing it as it cooked down together while I was cutting my steak; when the steak was ready I piled the spinach mixture on top, then added some bacon crumbles to the top. SO GOOD!

And here’s why: combination of meaty, savory, and salty, plus occasional hits of sweet from the onions, also reminiscent of a loaded burger from the hint of mustard, and comfort food from the little bit of mashed potato. All of that. On one plate! In one meal! In every bite! Definitely a WINNER!

Less than 20g net carbs, for ALL OF THIS!!! 5 hours later I am still stuffed.


Feb. 28, 2022 – IF, OMaD, lowcarb, 22 hours since my previous meal

For my meal today I had 2 roasted chicken thighs, prepared in my own special way where I rub both the top (under the skin) and the bottom with whatever seasonings I want, then oil the skin and roast them with the bottom on the oiled dish, roasted until the skin is crispy and the juice is clear. I LOVE my chicken this way! I also ate the rest of my Caulibrowns from Saturday, which had formed a patty in the fridge, by reheating it on an oiled pan, with a layer of shredded mozzarella on top, at 350°F for 10 minutes until it crisped around the edges and the cheese started to brown. Delicious meal!

I had a bit of a sweet tooth afterward, however, and since my supper had very minimal carbs I ate 2Tbsp of sugar-free dark chocolate chips. After I ate them I thought maybe next time I will toss them with a tablespoon or so of bacon crumbles – wouldn’t that taste fantastic!


Feb. 27, 2022 – IF, lowcarb; 18 hours since my previous meal

Sunday is pizza day, and I’ve been mentally working this one out all week. I wanted something that would have a crisp bottom but still have the rest of the crust be chewy, and of course plenty of cheese…not a huge fan of lots of sauce but I do like to taste it in there too…and this is the result. It is EVERY bit as wonderful as I suspected it would be – maybe even more! I made 2 of these and together they were a smidge over 25g net carbs – LOTS better than the 200 I’ve always eaten on Sundays! Anyway I put a lowcarb tortilla on an oiled, hot cookie sheet, upon which I put a layer of cheese, especially around the edges, to seal a 2nd tortilla upon and give it the chewy texture. A thin layer of spaghetti sauce, and few bacon crumbles, and more cheese on top before putting it into a 425°F oven for 8 minutes and this was the FANTASTIC result! I think it’s better than any other homemade pizza or baked frozen pizza I’ve ever had. DELICIOUS! After eating I worked on some online stuff, took a nap, then ate the 2nd one a few hours after the first. FANTASTIC!!!


Feb. 26, 2022 – IF, OMaD, lowcarb; 23 hours since my previous meal

I cooked the salmon, skin side up, on a parchment-lined baking pan that I had brushed with ChocZero maple syrup – we LOVE this, it’s really thick and sweet! – and oil, after seasoning it with sea salt and ground ginger.
This was a trial for the side dish and it is a definite WINNER! After thawing and completely wringing the water off of a package of cauliflower rice I mixed it with an egg, some cheese (grated parmesan and shredded colby-jack), and some bacon pieces (Costco), seasoned with onion and garlic powders. Then I fried it in some oil/butter, as I do hash browns, flipping around occasionally, until there were plenty of browned crispy bits.

I absolutely LOVE the “cheese hash browns” and will be making them a LOT in the future! Pete had a baked potato with his (he can’t eat egg or bacon), and ended up eating half of my salmon – it was extremely delicious but very rich! – and I couldn’t finish my “cheese hash browns” because I was too full.


Feb. 25, 2022 – IF; 18 hours after my previous meal, snack 7 hours later

I look forward all week to our Friday fish dinners at our favorite restaurant, and I’m not willing to give up their delicious fried fish. (Friday night fish fry dinners are a Big Deal around northern Michigan!) However to reduce the carb impact I did substitute a salad for their creamy sweet cole slaw, and a dish of cottage cheese for the mound of french fries. The dinner comes with 3 pieces of fish and is AYCE on Fridays; I just ate the 3 pieces, as usual; I don’t usually get additional pieces anyway.

These are just a couple of the grain-free tortillas (ref. 2/22/22) with cheese between them, and toasted. Definitely not delicious but curbed my hunger this evening. (I won’t be buying these tortillas again.)


Feb. 24, 2022 – OMaD, moderate carb; almost exactly 24 hours after my previous meal

This is the creamy chicken vegetable soup I made for my supper tonight. It was good, but I only rate it a 7 out of 10, and I will tell you why in a minute. I don’t “do” recipes but can describe: Cut onions and cauliflower in small pieces then cooked in hot olive oil in a saucepan. When softened I added a generous teaspoon of minced garlic (from a jar, in liquid), plenty of dried thyme and parsley, a can of carrots (drained), a can of white meat chicken (drained), and (Amish) Happy Salt. After stirring I poured about 2″ of chicken broth in, covered and simmered on low for 30 minutes. After simmering I added 4 oz. of cream cheese and continued to heat until it melted. Stirred, and served.

While making the soup I had 5 Mission low carb street taco sized tortillas on the oven rack at 225°F until crisp.

I had planned to start the whole process with some chopped bacon in the bottom of the pan. As I was cooking I kept thinking I was forgetting something and indeed there was something lacking in the taste, it wasn’t quite as I had imagined it. I even tried adding a chunk of butter for more richness (not included in ingredients above) but that didn’t help. So this is why I give the soup a 7 out of 10 rating; with the bacon it would have been a 10, I’m positive!
ALSO these little tortilla “crackers” are FANTASTIC! At only 1.5g Net each they are very tasty, slightly sweet, and were perfect for breaking off and dipping in this thick soup. In the end I ate the last two with my nightly DandyBlend tea, lightly buttered. Though I do avoid grains in most cases these will be an exception as they are SO good for sandwiches, crackers, dippers, etc. and are so low carb. Plus I often find them in our neighborhood Amish grocery stores for about 50¢ a package so they’re very inexpensive!


Feb. 23, 2022 – OMaD, moderate carb

A few minutes short of 27 hours since I’d eaten anything (which isn’t an issue for me, I don’t really get hungry much before 24 hours anyway) I decided to have a moderate – meaning up to 50g total – carb meal today. A simple fried fatty pork steak seasoned with Happy Salt, and roasted butternut squash with melted butter, cinnamon, granulated sweetener, and unsweetened applesauce. It was DELICIOUS!

(NOTE: Since my nissen fundoplication in Dec. 2010 I can’t eat pork without mushy food or heavy sauce on it, as – for some reason – it gets stuck above the wrap. So I always have to generously dip each bite into something.)


2/22/22 – IF, lowcarb – Today I got hungry fairly early, so had a snack at about 1:00 (19 hours after yesterday’s supper), then the meal at 5:00. So it became an IF day rather than an OMaD day.

These are grain-free “keto tortillas” from Aldi; not like tortillas in texture (very dry and crumbly) or taste but ok in their own right. Quite pricey. To use these up I will likely crumble and use as a topping or a coating.

I brushed these on both sides with olive oil, sprinkled on some parmesan cheese and garlic powder, then toasted them in a 300°F oven for about 20 minutes. I ate them with tzatziki because we ran out of my favorite, sour cream.

2 eggs (over very easy) and 4 rashers of bacon, fried up with love by my beloved.


FEB. 21, 2022 – OMaD, lowcarb, keto

Thin-sliced fatty chuck steak, sliced into bite-sized pieces and tossed with drained canned straw mushrooms, salt, and onion & garlic powders before frying in olive oil and butter

Raw cauliflower cut into bite-sized florets, tossed with Happy Salt (Amish brand, purchased locally), parmesan cheese (green can) and avacado oil, then roasted @ 400°F for 20 minutes; tossed, coated with shredded cheese, then roasted @ 400°F for 20 more minutes.


Brownie’s Popcorn Wagon shows up over in Clare, MI in the spring and stays into late fall, serving up – among other things – the best popcorn I’ve ever eaten in my life! It is an addiction that I don’t plan to even TRY to break, and whenever we have occasion to go through Clare during the season I always pick up a bag or two. They JUST opened this week and Pete brought me my first bag of the season. You will see in future updates to this page how often I eat it!



Leftover Pork Stovetop Casserole

Chicken Soup (variation 1)

Veggie Trio Casserole

Spaghetti Squash Pizza

Chicken Soup Variation 2

White Pizza Sammy

Caulirice in Cheese Sauce

Pork & Cabbage Bowl

Breakfast Patties Alfredo

My Secret to a Chewy Tortilla Pizza Crust

Pumped Up Eggs

Creamy Zucchini, with Tomato & Onion

Cheezy Porky Eggs

Cheese & Tomato Tortilla

Ham ‘n’ Egg “Tacos”

Summer Sausage “Reuben” (on a keto bun)

Cheezy Rinds ‘N’ Salsa Dip

Asiago Tortelloni Alfredo With Grilled Chicken at Olive Garden

Fried Canadian Bacon’n’Eggs

Open-Face Sammy on a Keto Crust

Roasted Cabbage with Onion and Bacon

Steak and Roasted Green Beans

Fish and Sweet Potato Fries at The Nest

Chicken Salad

Fried Ribeye Steak

Spinach & Artichoke Flatbread at The Nest

Parmesan-Crusted Grilled Cheese

Roast Pork with Zucchini Casserole

Roast Pork with Veggies

Matt’s Burger’n’Tots

Tortilla Pizza Secrets

Open-Face Chicken Sandwich

Pork with Squash, alfredo

Ribeye, with buttery baked toast

Tortilla Pizza, by the slice

Chicken Thighs, with Roasted Cauliflower

Fish’n’Chips at Gatsby’s

Roast Pork with Butternut Cubes

Clams’n’Rings at The Nest

Chicken Cucumber Salad

Roasted Pork, Cabbage, & Onions

Burger with Onion Rings at The Nest

Ground Pork with Konjac “Rice”

Scrambler (Big Boy restaurant)

Roasted Pork Steak (with napa cabbage)

Tummy-Pleasing Chicken Soup

Chips, Chili, & Cheese

Roasted Chicken Thighs

Double Tortilla Pizza PLUS!

Roasted Chicken Thighs (with roasted cabbage)

Pork Steak with Onion Petals

Has-It-All Steak

Roasted Chicken Thighs (with leftover caulibrowns)

Roasted Cauliflower with Cheeses

Chuck Steak with Straw Mushrooms

Bacon and Eggs, made with love

Grain-free Tortillas, toasted with Parmesan

Pork Steak with ‘Sauced Butternut

Creamy Chicken Veg Soup with Tortilla “Crackers”

Grain-free Tortilla and Cheese Sandwich, Toasted

Fish Dinner at The Nest

Salmon with Cheesy Caulibrowns

Double-Tortilla Pizza

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2 thoughts on “Meals & Recipes From What I Eat In A Day

  1. That recipe on the 22nd of cauliflower casserole sounded wonderful! I’m going to try that!

    I’ve been making up marinated veggies like a fancy 3 bean salad with veggies. It is delicious!

    1. Oh my goodness, it is wonderful and I’m thinking of so many ways to doctor it up too! I just love the “base” that the parmesan-tossed cauliflower rice creates to a casserole! I’ve not done marinated veggies but now I’ve got to try that too, especially for Pete – sounds great❣️

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