Meals & Recipes From What I Eat In A Day

For any who are interested in low carb, LCHF, keto, IF, OMaD, foods and diets I am sharing meals, recipes, eating plans, etc. that I use. For information on how and why Pete, who eats a pescatarian diet, and I each eat as we do please read THIS post which explains it. ( NEW! INDEX to meals/snacks/dishes/how-to)

If you have questions about anything you find on this page, you can leave a comment at the bottom of this page, where I will respond.

Disclaimer: I am not a photographer (if it’s not obvious).


May 20, 2022 – IF (23 hours)

(NOTE that I won’t be “worrying” too much about how I eat for the next week or so, I’m on rest for the next few days for a knee injury so Pete will be feeding me and I don’t want to add any pressure to him in choosing and preparing my food; then will be out of the state visiting with my sister for a few days, and while I’m eating in restaurants I also don’t want to have to think about everything I eat though, of course, I will be making my best choices. Usually. Anyway, there will be about a week-long gap in my reporting on this page after this update.)

I’ve been craving sauerkraut. One of my favorite foods but I don’t eat it too often due to the sodium content…but today Pete made me some pork (already roasted) and sauerkraut for my main meal and it REALLY hit the spot! A few hours later I had some lower-carb crackers with cream cheese as a snack too.

I don’t usually show Pete’s meals but tonight he showed me what he made for himself. These are like tortilla bowls, and he filled them with all kinds of goodies, though I don’t remember everything I know there was pasta, a lentil/sauce dish, some cheese on top…and whatever else, but don’t they look great???


May 19, 2022 – IF (18 hours)

2 meals again today: chicken and raw cauliflower dipped in ranch and some popcorn, then a jumbo clam dinner with tots (only ate about half of those), cottage cheese, and a roll at my daughter’s birthday dinner.


May 18, 2022 – IF (19 hours)

Out and about, got an appetizer sampler mid-afternoon (no photos, forgot), ate about half of it; 2 roasted pork sandwiches on keto buns with mayo early evening.


May 17, 2022 – OMaD, IF (20 hours), lowcarb

I fried a ribeye steak, and roasted some whole, thin green beans after tossing with olive oil, salt, and onion/garlic powders; 20 minutes at 350°F, tossed, another 20 minutes at 425°F. And grilled keto roll (not shown) with butter.


May 16, 2022 – UGH. With the grandkids all day. McD’s for lunch, A&W for supper. I just want to forget about it!


May 15, 2022 – IF (20 hours), OMaD, low carb

Fried cauliflower in oil and butter, seasoned with Amish Happy Salt, and 2 hamburgers on boughten keto buns.


May 14, 2022 – IF (18 hours)

I just finished up the last of the chicken & egg salad from the other day, on pork rinds, then ate some popcorn – very little actually – a few hours later.


May 13, 2022 – IF (24 hours)

We went to our usual Friday dinner spot today for their fish. But I decided to try their sweet potato fries, which I never even knew they had until today – crispy and delicious! (Cole slaw not pictured, already eaten by the time this food came.) Didn’t worry about carbs today.

Had some popcorn a few hours after I got home.


May 12, 2022 – IF (17 hours), OMaD, low carb

Just one meal today, mid-afternoon. I had a leftover chicken breast and a few HB eggs so I chopped them up along with about ¼ of an onion, added mayo, parsley, and paprika, and ate some on pork rinds. It is now over 8 hours later and I haven’t yet gotten hungry again, so that’s all I ate today.


May 11, 2022 – IF (20 hours), low carb

I didn’t get hungry most of today, but when I did, it hit all at once. So Pete fried me up this 1# ribeye steak and it was delicious!

A little later I wanted something crunchy so I melted cheese over pork rinds in the air fryer (left; the collage app didn’t choose the best part of the photo, it wasn’t all burnt in real life!), which I usually like to dip in a mixture of sour cream and salsa. But we were out of salsa so I mixed up a half can of drained diced tomatoes with the sour cream, and seasoned it with onion/garlic/chili powders and cumin (upper right, before I mixed it).

Then I had a chocolate caramel & pretzel bar (5gN). Everything I ate today was within a 2-hour window.


May 10, 2022 – IF (14 hours), low carb

Again, no photos. Throughout the day, in a 10-hour period, I ate some Brownie’s popcorn (a small amount), a chunk of pork roast with SF BBQ sauce, and a dish of full-fat cottage cheese.


May 9, 2022 – IF (16 hours), low carb

Nothing photo-worthy. But I followed the messages I was getting from my system today and ate accordingly. Mid afternoon I had some full-fat cottage cheese and some hard-boiled eggs with mayo. Mid evening I had a quarter (dark meat, my favorite!) of a roasted chicken.


May 5-8, 2022Took a break. Still ate the usual things but added a few other foods, things I never (or rarely) eat, during the 4 days of my birthday celebrations.


May 4, 2022 – IF, lowcarb

In the background is a hamburger with “Mayochup” that I buy whenever I can find it at the local Amish stores, served on 1 net gram carb bread. And with it are some “bean fries”: thin whole green beans tossed with olive oil, onion and garlic powders, pink salt, EBTB seasoning, and parmesan, then air-fried (420°F for 12 min., tossing twice).

I also snacked on some popcorn a few hours before eating this supper. (Click the link to learn about my summertime popcorn addiction.)


May 2-3, 2022 – Totally off my game this week with high pain levels, can’t cook, etc…I ate what I could find (and what Pete made for me) if I got hungry, no rhyme nor reason.


May 1, 2022 – Slept much of the day. Ate pizza because it’s Sunday. Popcorn in the evening with Pete. Feeling rotten so I don’t really care what I eat.


April 30, 2022 – I haven’t felt good all day so I just munched. Mid-afternoon I had some mini-cukes dipped in ranch dressing. In the evening I had some FinnCrisp sourdough & rye crackers with cream cheese. That’s it for today.


April 29, 2022 – IF, OMaD, after not eating anything since sometime yesterday.

I didn’t take any photos. In the evening we ate from a seafood buffet at a local restaurant, I had fish, shrimp, mushrooms, mac’n’cheese (because they have the BEST!), 2 small rolls, and a sliver of apple pie, and that was it for the day.


April 28, 2022 – I didn’t take photos or write it down and now, more that 24 hours later, I don’t remember what I ate, or IF I ate.


April 27, 2022 – IF, lowcarb

I decided I would have 2 meals today, just going by how my body felt, energy levels, etc. This is the grilled cheese sandwich I had for my mid-afternoon lunch. Pete put the parm/romano cheese on the butter before cooking the sandwich (with keto bread) in the panini press, then sprinkled the crispy cheese bits over the top. Freakin’ FANTASTIC!

Early evening’s supper was roasted vegetables (zucchini, tomato, onion, mushrooms in olive oil with (Amish) Happy Salt. When they were soft and browning, I poured off the excess liquid and added a sauce made of full-fat sour cream, mushroom powder and flavoring, some nooch, and lots of parsley. Parm-romano on top for the last 15 minutes added a nice little topping. I heated up some of the mini-slices of Canadian bacon I’d gotten from the Amish store a few days ago to eat with it.


April 26, 2022 – IF

So today we were at our daughter/son-in-law’s house babysitting our almost-3YO granddaughter. For lunch said toddler and I had “cheese doodles” – the name I use for any cornmeal-based shape covered with a powdered cheese-wanna-be chemical concoction laden with artificial everything and preservatives. But at least it followed a decent 19-hour fast…then when the older siblings got home from school and daddy got home we were invited to partake in their supper which, for me, was about a dozen fish sticks and 2 biscuits. This might be the least healthy day of eating that I’ve had in a while. But, good for me or not, I enjoyed every single bite!


April 25, 2022 – OMaD, IF, lowcarb, after 20-hour fast

I had a big ribeye steak for my meal today, accompanied by some cheese straws for crunch. That’s it.


April 24, 2022 – OMaD, IF, lowcarb, after 17-hour fast (again)

Had my tortilla pizza exactly like last week’s except I’d found some pepperoni-sized canadian bacon at the Amish store yesterday (5 packs for a buck!) so I used about a half-packet instead of the mushrooms. And the bacon crumbles on top, which came out crispy and delicious…I really love these pizzas! I also had a keto chocolate/caramel/pretzel bar with my tea afterward.


April 23, 2022 – 17-hour fast

Today we were out and about, and happened to find ourselves near The Nest, and Pete was hungry, so…

I got one of their amazing flatbreads, this one is spinach and artichokes, with chicken, alfredo sauce, and mozzarella cheese melted on top. I absolutely LOVE their flatbreads but usually choose not to indulge. Then I got onion rings on the side, of which I ate half (I would have ordered just 3 of them, I didn’t want a lot) and the rest came home for Pete to snack on.

We’d bought a big bucket of cheese doodle things to keep around for the grandkids, but Maisie and I broke into them. Oops.


April 22, 2022 – IF after 19-hour fast

Today we had our usual fish dinners at The Nest . About 4 hours later I had some nausea (from pain, not from the fish, never from their fish LOL!) so I ate some crackers with diet Vernors. And that’s it for today!


April 21, 2022 – IF, low carb, 20-hour fast

I was SO excited for today to come, as I had decided I was just going to have grilled cheese (on low carb bread) for my meal, and I love grilled cheese! Then someone on my 2nd-favorite Mastodon instance gave me a tip: add parmesan cheese on top of the butter before frying it in the pan to add an extra cheesy and crispy layer to the sandwich. And Oh. My. GOODNESS! BEST doggone grilled cheese sandwich EVER!!! WOW!

A few hours later I was hungry again so I ate a few spoonsful of (full-fat) cottage cheese to get me through the evening, it was enough to fill me up again. And with my tea I’m having a cinnamonny keto bar, still within my 6-hour eating window for the day. Great food day!


April 20, 2022 – IF, OMaD, 24-hour fast

This evening’s meal was the last of the leftover roasted pork, plus a veggie casserole. Sliced tomatoes, green and yellow zucchini, and onion tossed with (Amish) Happy Salt, parsley, lots of minced garlic, and olive oil, roasted 30 minutes @ 350°F then tossed after adding shredded cheeses. Another 30 minutes, this time @ 400°F, then mixed in sour cream before serving. EXTREMELY wonderful!


April 19, 2022 – IF, after 19-hour fast

Mid-afternoon I snacked on a some mini-cukes dipped in ranch.

Supper was roasted cabbage, carrots, and onion with leftover pork roast a few hours later. (My favorite part – and Pete’s – is the crispy black cabbage leaves!)


April 18, 2022 – IF, after 21-hour fast

There’s a restaurant up north in the town where we did workcamping for 2 seasons a few years ago, we used to eat there at least once a week during those times. It closed a couple of years ago and we’ve been waiting for it to open back up, and finally it did. So we ate there yesterday. I got the same thing I always used to get: a burger and tots. And the food was just as great as I remembered it! I ate my burger but only half the tots before I got full.

5 hours later I ate a few mini-cukes and finished up some leftover chicken and steak that I had in the fridge. So it was one of those rare 2-meal days!


April 17, 2022 – OMaD, IF, low-carb, after 16-hour fast

All I ate today was my tortilla pizza that I usually eat on Sundays. But I did want to talk about it a little bit. I just marvel that something so simple, cheap, and low-carb can be so “real-pizza-like” and I think today I figured out why. The first tortilla I lay down and just put a thin layer of shredded mozzarella on it, then another tortilla. On the 2nd tortilla I spread my sauce, which does soak into the tortilla a bit, then whatever topping(s) I want to use; today it was mushrooms. After another thin layer of mozz (works like glue) I add the 3rd tortilla, spread a little more paste, and then top with mozz. Today I always sprinkled some bacon crumbles on top. Now HERE is why I think it is so much like “real” pizza: The bottom tortilla gets crisp but from there and up through the 2nd one the heated sauce and melted cheese it all gets very soft and almost dough-y – like good chewy pizza crust. Then the top layer of cheese is exactly like the cheese topping on a “real” pizza. I truly enjoy these as much as the pizzas I always used to eat on Sundays!


April 16, 2022 – We ate at our daughter’s house, they had a big turkey dinner. ‘Nuff said.


April 15, 2022 – IF, after 21-hour fast

Late afternoon I had a PB&J sammich (everything sugar-free and low carb) because it was fast and easy and I wouldn’t have to be on my feet for long to feed myself.

About 4 hours after my sandwich I was hungry again but in too much pain to cook. I started out with a pan and butter melting in it to fry an egg…then I decided to chop up the rest of yesterday’s chicken breast into that butter. Low carb bread on my plate with a slice of swiss cheese waited for the hot buttery chicken on top…then some pesto over it. And that was just about the best open-face sandwich I have ever thought of! Fantastic!

(…and this is why I don’t usually buy low carb bread – I eat it!)


April 14, 2022 – IF, after 19-hour fast

We were in one of the cities today so we ate a mid-afternoon meal there. Today was intended to be OMaD but…well, I’ll get to that in a minute…

Asian buffet was our choice, once again. The bottom layer of my plate was boiled cabbage and mushrooms in a thin brown broth. On top of that I have 2 chicken wing flats, a chicken-on-a-stick (teriyaki?), an egg roll, and several pieces of fish (I LOVE their fish!); tarter sauce in the bowl to the right. Not shown: 3 crab rangoons.

One of the things we bought at Costco was a rotisserie chicken. When we got home I cut it in half and put half in the freezer. The other half was taunting me so after a couple of hours I grabbed it, and a fork, and nibbled on it for a while. Overall I ate half of the breast, with the skin. Ergo, no OMaD.


April 13, 2022 – IF, low carb, after 18-hour fast

Had a snack of baby carrots dipped in tzatziki mid-afternoon, followed by a handful of popcorn a little later – I really felt munchy today!

For supper I browned some onion and yellow squash in olive oil, then added some leftover roasted pork that I had frozen/defrosted and some alfredo sauce, marjoram, paprika, and some additional parmesan cheese. It simmered until the cheese melted. And it was delicious! Extremely good!


April 12, 2022 – IF, low carb, after 19-hour fast

I thought I got a picture of my lunch, but apparently not…I melted cheese over some porkies, then dipped them in some hot salsa and sour cream mixed together in equal parts.

Supper was a ribeye steak, seared and then lightly cooked to medium rare, and some low carb bread, toasted. Usually I fry my bread in butter to make toast, but tonight I put the buttered bread on a baking pan in the convection oven, 425°F, 10 min., turning once. REALLY crispy and buttery, also perfectly done!


April 11, 2022 – OMaD, after 20-hour fast

We stopped at The Nest after my appointment today, and I got loads of carbs, as you can see. Pete got fish’n’chips. I got chicken fried steak with american fries, gravy, eggs over easy, and sourdough toast. Tea to drink.


April 10, 2022 – IF, low carb

Sunday is pizza day, this is my pizza I make with low carb tortillas, doesn’t it look like a real pizza? Tastes like it too! Today I added a little garlic basil pesto in it too. Other than that, just the tomato (I use a thin layer of tomato paste) and cheese. And I enjoy this just as much as any other pizza, really. I did this in the air fryer (we have a Ninja something-or-other) so I could get it well-browned and crispy, as you can see, that’s exactly how it worked out – perfect! Even so, I could only eat 2/3 of it before I got full. Will probably eat the last of it for a snack in a little while.


April 9, 2022 – OMaD, IF; 24 hours between meals

Roasted cauliflower, tossed with olive oil and (Amish) Happy Salt, then melted cheese on top, with bacon crumbles over it, plus 2 roasted chicken thighs for supper. Keto cinnamon bar for dessert (not shown).


April 8, 2022 – IF

We ate at our favorite Chinese buffet. We haven’t eaten there in about 6 months, so we both really piled up our plates! My plate includes my 2 favorites: fried zucchini and peanut butter chicken, plus some mushrooms, a couple kinds of chicken in sauces, some crab rangoons, some seafood medley, and maybe one or two other things, I don’t remember it all…but it was delicious, and I was definitely full when I left! A few hours later I ate the fortune cookies and some pizzelles for a snack. VERY carby day!


April 7, 2022 – OMaD

We went out for our grandson’s birthday dinner, and I got fish’n’chips. I ate 3 of the 4 pieces of fish, and about half of the “chips”, plus the little garlic breads. Carby. But delicious.


April 6, 2022 – IF

Early afternoon I had a bacon/mayo sandwich on the lower carb bread I’d bought. 5½ hours later I had the roasted pork and butternut cubes (tossed with olive oil, Amish Happy Salt, cinnamon, ginger, and monk fruit sweetener and air-fried) for supper, followed by a few pizzelle cookies with my tea.


April 5, 2022 – I didn’t care how or what I ate today, I am pretty sick and tired of this wonky stomach. So I had leftover steak with eggs early in the morning (when I NEVER eat!), and mid-afternoon I had grilled cheese on some lower-carb (7gN/slice) bread I picked up yesterday. And that’s it. (I don’t think my stomach cares what I eat at this point!)


April 4, 2022

I just ate some most of my clams and a couple of onion rings at The Nest.


April 3, 2022 – IF (18 hours)

Sunday is pizza day, this week I ate a few pieces of a thin-crust frozen pizza (cooked, of course!), then a few hours later I had some popcorn


April 2, 2022 – IF (24 hours), OMaD, low carb

I finished off my chicken cucumber salad from the 30th, and drank a lot of tea.


April 1, 2022 – moderate carb, OMaD, IF; 22 hours since previous meal

My meal was our fish dinner from The Nest, except I only had one piece of fish, and had some hash browns rather than the salad.


March 31, 2022 – low carb, IF, OMaD; 20 hours since previous food

I had a little cottage cheese as a snack, then about half of this ribeye a couple of hours later.


March 30, 2022 – low carb

Since the cottage cheese was fine last night I decided to have some chicken salad with cucumber and bacon crumbles in mayo. Delicious! Snacked on a low carb tortilla wrapped around a cheese stick later.


March 29, 2022 – low carb

Same as yesterday, except I added some full-fat sour cream to my “soup” to test my stomach. It wasn’t happy but didn’t retaliate. I may try a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese later.


PLEASE NOTE that until my stomach is back to normal (just because I eat something doesn’t mean it went well!) I’m not going to worry much about OMaD or IF; rather I will just keep my food low/moderate carb and eat as I feel I can. This process is taking longer than I thought it would.


March 28, 2022 – IF, low carb

Sticking with liquids once I finally dragged myself out of bed mid-afternoon I had a “cocktail” of diet Vernors and water, thickened with some oat milk and seasoned with with a cinnamon stick, which really mimicked one of my favorite meals of oatmeal loaded with cinnamon (that I rarely allow myself anymore). A couple of hours later I boiled some chicken broth and drizzled in beaten egg to make “noodles” and seasoned it simply with garlic, ginger, and a little smoked paprika.


March 24, 2022 – I had one of my tortilla pizzas; March 25, 2022 I had a fish dinner from The Nest as usual. Then early afternoon on March 26, 2022 I had 2 coney dogs which went down great! But by that evening…stomach flu! So I ate nothing for the next 48 hours…


March 23, 2022 – IF, low carb

I am nibbling today. So far I have had a cup of keto yogurt, a mozzarella cheese stick, and then finally, after nibbling on the roast as it was cooking and I was breaking it apart, I had a plate with a few last bites, and roasted cabbage and onions. I’m probably done nibbling now.


March 22, 2022 – low carb – Because I was so hungry (doggone hamburger bun yesterday!) I chose to go ahead and eat when hungry, but keep my carbs very low. I had a couple of small steaks, which I ate 5 hours apart. I will likely also have some cottage cheese as a snack yet tonight.


March 21, 2022 – IF – today’s meal was 23 hours after my previous meal (again)

Went to The Nest, Monday is hamburger day. I got a Two Gouda burger which also has bacon and onion and I added mustard. I ate the burger but could only eat half of my onion rings which Pete brought home for his evening snack. 5 hours later I had some cottage cheese.


March 20, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb – today’s meal eaten 23 hours after my previous meal.

It’s Sunday, so I had my double-tortilla cheese pizza. That is all.


March 19, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb – today’s meal 24 hours after my previous meal

“Better Than Rice” konjac/oat fiber “rice” drained and cooked in a dry pan until totally dried out; set aside. Fried ground pork; added coco animos, ginger, sesame oil, chili powder, (Amish) Happy Salt, and a few green herbs of various types. Mixed the “rice” back in and stirred until the flavored juices were absorbed. Very good, nearly zero carbs; some pizzelles for dessert.


March 18, 2022 – This was a rough day, food wise. I didn’t keep track of times or any other numbers or take any photos. Late morning I had bacon and eggs. Mid afternoon I had my typical fish dinner from The Nest but only 2 pieces of fish. I got some pizzelle cookies at the store and had a few after my fish dinner. (4gN carbs each)


March 17, 2022 – IF, low carb – 1st meal 18 hours after previous meal; 2nd meal 5½ hours after that

For lunch I had pork rinds dipped in salsa mixed with sour cream. For supper I am having the tortilla pizza that I have mentioned here previously. No photos, keeping it simple as I recover from yesterday.


March 16, 2022 – lowcarb

No photos. I was just trying to make it through a very difficult day, everything else was secondary. Early afternoon I ate some chopped raw cauliflower, bacon pieces, and ranch dressing tossed together; it was quick and easy but also tasted good. In the evening I had a steak and some zucchini sticks seasoned with (Amish) Happy Salt and air fried.


March 15, 2022 – IF – 23 hours after previous meal

No photo; we’d spent most of the day at appointments, by the time we were done we stopped at Qdoba for a salad to get us home. The picture would have looked like a pile of cheese topped with sour cream in a bowl because all I could see was the top! It had lettuce, ground beef, tomato salsa, corn salsa, cheese, and sour cream in it though. And it was delicious! Now, 5 hours later, I am snacking on some cauliflower dipped in ranch dressing.


March 14, 2022 – OMaD – 17 hours after last night’s snack

Today was an appointment day; nearly every one of our appointments are an hour or more from home and they’re pretty much a day-long ordeal so we always have a restaurant meal. As long as I’m OMaD and IF I don’t worry as much about carbs; I missed IF by an hour today (a rarity!) but didn’t worry about it anyway; I usually have more on my mind than just food. I had a “scrambler” – eggs mushrooms, onions, spinach, cheese atop hash browns. I only ate some of the hash browns, Pete ate the rest, and I only ate some of my sourdough toast, he ate the rest. But I ate ALL of the healthy stuff on top and it was wonderful! I also craved a glass of milk so ordered that too. And this was my only meal today.


March 13, 2022 – IF – 19 hours after my previous meal.
We ate a traditional boiled dinner at our daughter’s, and I ate it all: corned beef, cabbage (tons of it!), potatoes, carrots, and rolls. And it was all great! I’d intended today to be OMaD as well, but about 6 hours later I had to eat some crackers; I’ve had a funny tummy since I started this new med, and I’m sure all of that cabbage especially wasn’t the best for it. Anyway, you can see a photo of the spread on today’s vlog (#2091), which will be posted at some point…maybe Monday. But it was all delicious, and worth the mild collywobbles!


March 12, 2022 – IF – 23 hours after previous meal

Actually 23 hours after I finished my previous meal I had a snack rather than a meal. After suffering with nausea all day I decided to eat some crackers – carbs or not. 4 hours after THAT I ate this meal of pork steak and roasted napa cabbage, both seasoned with (Amish) Happy Salt, plus Everything But The Bagel seasoning on the cabbage.


March 11, 2022 – IF, OMaD – 20 hours after previous meal – See the original photo about our fish dinners at The Nest . I’m not willing to give these up; however I do get a salad rather than their sweet slaw, and a little dish of cottage cheese instead of the pile of french fries. It is my compromise every week, their fried fish is SO good!


March 10, 2022 – IF, OMaD, very lowcarb – 25 hours after previous meal

Quite possibly the best soup ever. I’ve had some mild nausea going on all day and my stomach really didn’t want anything but the rest of me was hungry so Pete suggested some soup. This was very simple: Chicken broth seasoned with (Amish) Happy Salt, garlic/onion powders, parsley. When it boiled I drizzled in 2 lightly beaten eggs to make “noodles” and a drained can of chicken. Lastly I stirred in some (full fat) sour cream because, well, sour cream. And it is lovely. Even my stomach can’t complain!


March 9, 2022 – IF, OMaD, moderate carb; 21 hours after previous meal

This is, admittedly, junk. However, it is is not without redeeming qualities. And, most importantly, I love it. In the bottom photo you see my pork rinds which have had shredded cheese melted over them in the convection oven. In the top photo you see canned chili mixed with an equal amount of sour cream. And I dip the cheese-coated “chips” in the chili/sour cream. This was one of my staples way back when I started low carb in 2004, losing 90 pounds in 7 months…EXCEPT that I made my own chili back then. This canned stuff is junk with soy, oats, and corn in it. I’ll be making my own again in the future…meanwhile, this was my meal today, I’d been looking forward to this all week, and it was even better than I’d anticipated!


March 8, 2022 – IF, OMaD, low carb; 23 hours after previous meal

Today’s meal was 2 roasted chicken thighs like I usually do them, plus 4 mini cucumbers dipped in ranch. For “dessert” (I don’t usually have a sweet tooth) I had 3Tbsp SF chocolate chips but would have been satisfied with half that. Live and learn!


March 7, 2022 – low carb; see NOTE below

Delicious supper! Simple steak fried in oil & butter, with kohlrabi “noodles” minced garlic and slivered onion – about 1/8 of a medium onion – fried next to the steak in the same pan. Never had kohlrabi “noodles” before but they are my now favorite veg. noodle so far!


March 6/7, 2022NOTE: This period from supper on the 6th to supper on the 7th was one of those rare (maybe 2-3x/mo.) times when IF went out the window. I don’t always do OMaD but I do stick pretty closely to IF…anyway, an hour after supper on the 6th I was hungry so I ate 4 mini-cukes dipped in ranch dressing. About 2 hours after that my body was screaming for protein, so 3 eggs and 4 rashers of bacon later, I had that under control as well. (Note to self: include protein with every meal!) Then 15 hours after that I was hungry – I had awakened 6 hours earlier than normal and my body apparently thought it was suppertime – so I ate my other tortilla pizza I’d made yesterday. I have a good supper planned for this evening and after that, if history is any indication, I will be back to my daily 18-hour-minimum fasts. At least this between-suppers period wasn’t a HUGE carb hit, about 21gN. So there’s that.


March 6, 2022 – IF, moderate carb, OMAD; 22 hours after my previous meal

OK, I know I’ve shared this pizza before. But I just have to share again because see how the top got nice and browned and crispy? As did the bottom of the bottom tortilla…followed by the chewy “crust” just above that, formed by the melted cheese and the 2nd tortilla…and it doesn’t get better than that, right? A chewy crust that’s crisp on the bottom? This time I also sprinkled a few bacon crumbles on it too. I made 2 of these for < 30gN carbs, and, because I only eat OMaD, I don’t feel in the least bit bad about eating them both! OH YUM!


March 5, 2022 IF, lowcarb, OMAD; 27 hours after my previous meal

Today’s meal was 1½c of cooked spaghetti squash with ground pork, mozzarella, and about ¼c of SF spaghetti sauce, and less than 1T of peanut butter – scraped what was left in the jar – for “dessert” except I ate it before I ate the meal.


March 4, 2022 – See The Nest Fish Dinner from last Friday, this meal was the same, 20 hours after my previous meal


March 3, 2022 – IF, lowcarb, OMaD (+ small snack 20 hours after previous meal)

I was pretty hungry before suppertime so I had a spoonful of peanut butter – 6gN worth. Then for supper 3 hours later I had roasted chicken thighs, prepared as described below. With them I had slivered cabbage and onions, tossed with pink salt and olive oil, then roasted at 425°F for 50 minutes, stirring halfway through. I added some bacon crumbles to the top after it was on the plate.


March 2, 2022 – IF, lowcarb, OMAD, 25 hours since my previous meal

Today’s meal was fast and easy: a pork steak, seasoned with (Amish) Happy Salt, plus a quarter of an onion that needed to be used, broken into petals, and fried with the meat. I also had some applesauce – not shown – as a dip for the meat, as I can’t eat plain pork without choking on it. Simple but filling, nutritious, and delicious!


March 1, 2022 – IF, lowcarb, OMAD, 23 hours since my previous meal

Another winner of a meal! Fried a little cut-up onion and about a half-cup of mushrooms in oil until they started to brown; pushed them to the side and quick-seared a thin fatty chuck steak on both sides; reduced the heat, removed the steak to a plate to rest, and about a cup of thawed chopped spinach, a tsp of yellow mustard, a couple tsps of minced garlic, some butter, and 10 net grams worth of organic potato flakes to the pan. Kept tossing it as it cooked down together while I was cutting my steak; when the steak was ready I piled the spinach mixture on top, then added some bacon crumbles to the top. SO GOOD!

And here’s why: combination of meaty, savory, and salty, plus occasional hits of sweet from the onions, also reminiscent of a loaded burger from the hint of mustard, and comfort food from the little bit of mashed potato. All of that. On one plate! In one meal! In every bite! Definitely a WINNER!

Less than 20g net carbs, for ALL OF THIS!!! 5 hours later I am still stuffed.


Feb. 28, 2022 – IF, OMaD, lowcarb, 22 hours since my previous meal

For my meal today I had 2 roasted chicken thighs, prepared in my own special way where I rub both the top (under the skin) and the bottom with whatever seasonings I want, then oil the skin and roast them with the bottom on the oiled dish, roasted until the skin is crispy and the juice is clear. I LOVE my chicken this way! I also ate the rest of my Caulibrowns from Saturday, which had formed a patty in the fridge, by reheating it on an oiled pan, with a layer of shredded mozzarella on top, at 350°F for 10 minutes until it crisped around the edges and the cheese started to brown. Delicious meal!

I had a bit of a sweet tooth afterward, however, and since my supper had very minimal carbs I ate 2Tbsp of sugar-free dark chocolate chips. After I ate them I thought maybe next time I will toss them with a tablespoon or so of bacon crumbles – wouldn’t that taste fantastic!


Feb. 27, 2022 – IF, lowcarb; 18 hours since my previous meal

Sunday is pizza day, and I’ve been mentally working this one out all week. I wanted something that would have a crisp bottom but still have the rest of the crust be chewy, and of course plenty of cheese…not a huge fan of lots of sauce but I do like to taste it in there too…and this is the result. It is EVERY bit as wonderful as I suspected it would be – maybe even more! I made 2 of these and together they were a smidge over 25g net carbs – LOTS better than the 200 I’ve always eaten on Sundays! Anyway I put a lowcarb tortilla on an oiled, hot cookie sheet, upon which I put a layer of cheese, especially around the edges, to seal a 2nd tortilla upon and give it the chewy texture. A thin layer of spaghetti sauce, and few bacon crumbles, and more cheese on top before putting it into a 425°F oven for 8 minutes and this was the FANTASTIC result! I think it’s better than any other homemade pizza or baked frozen pizza I’ve ever had. DELICIOUS! After eating I worked on some online stuff, took a nap, then ate the 2nd one a few hours after the first. FANTASTIC!!!


Feb. 26, 2022 – IF, OMaD, lowcarb; 23 hours since my previous meal

I cooked the salmon, skin side up, on a parchment-lined baking pan that I had brushed with ChocZero maple syrup – we LOVE this, it’s really thick and sweet! – and oil, after seasoning it with sea salt and ground ginger.
This was a trial for the side dish and it is a definite WINNER! After thawing and completely wringing the water off of a package of cauliflower rice I mixed it with an egg, some cheese (grated parmesan and shredded colby-jack), and some bacon pieces (Costco), seasoned with onion and garlic powders. Then I fried it in some oil/butter, as I do hash browns, flipping around occasionally, until there were plenty of browned crispy bits.

I absolutely LOVE the “cheese hash browns” and will be making them a LOT in the future! Pete had a baked potato with his (he can’t eat egg or bacon), and ended up eating half of my salmon – it was extremely delicious but very rich! – and I couldn’t finish my “cheese hash browns” because I was too full.


Feb. 25, 2022 – IF; 18 hours after my previous meal, snack 7 hours later

I look forward all week to our Friday fish dinners at our favorite restaurant, and I’m not willing to give up their delicious fried fish. (Friday night fish fry dinners are a Big Deal around northern Michigan!) However to reduce the carb impact I did substitute a salad for their creamy sweet cole slaw, and a dish of cottage cheese for the mound of french fries. The dinner comes with 3 pieces of fish and is AYCE on Fridays; I just ate the 3 pieces, as usual; I don’t usually get additional pieces anyway.

These are just a couple of the grain-free tortillas (ref. 2/22/22) with cheese between them, and toasted. Definitely not delicious but curbed my hunger this evening. (I won’t be buying these tortillas again.)


Feb. 24, 2022 – OMaD, moderate carb; almost exactly 24 hours after my previous meal

This is the creamy chicken vegetable soup I made for my supper tonight. It was good, but I only rate it a 7 out of 10, and I will tell you why in a minute. I don’t “do” recipes but can describe: Cut onions and cauliflower in small pieces then cooked in hot olive oil in a saucepan. When softened I added a generous teaspoon of minced garlic (from a jar, in liquid), plenty of dried thyme and parsley, a can of carrots (drained), a can of white meat chicken (drained), and (Amish) Happy Salt. After stirring I poured about 2″ of chicken broth in, covered and simmered on low for 30 minutes. After simmering I added 4 oz. of cream cheese and continued to heat until it melted. Stirred, and served.

While making the soup I had 5 Mission low carb street taco sized tortillas on the oven rack at 225°F until crisp.

I had planned to start the whole process with some chopped bacon in the bottom of the pan. As I was cooking I kept thinking I was forgetting something and indeed there was something lacking in the taste, it wasn’t quite as I had imagined it. I even tried adding a chunk of butter for more richness (not included in ingredients above) but that didn’t help. So this is why I give the soup a 7 out of 10 rating; with the bacon it would have been a 10, I’m positive!
ALSO these little tortilla “crackers” are FANTASTIC! At only 1.5g Net each they are very tasty, slightly sweet, and were perfect for breaking off and dipping in this thick soup. In the end I ate the last two with my nightly DandyBlend tea, lightly buttered. Though I do avoid grains in most cases these will be an exception as they are SO good for sandwiches, crackers, dippers, etc. and are so low carb. Plus I often find them in our neighborhood Amish grocery stores for about 50¢ a package so they’re very inexpensive!


Feb. 23, 2022 – OMaD, moderate carb

A few minutes short of 27 hours since I’d eaten anything (which isn’t an issue for me, I don’t really get hungry much before 24 hours anyway) I decided to have a moderate – meaning up to 50g total – carb meal today. A simple fried fatty pork steak seasoned with Happy Salt, and roasted butternut squash with melted butter, cinnamon, granulated sweetener, and unsweetened applesauce. It was DELICIOUS!

(NOTE: Since my nissen fundoplication in Dec. 2010 I can’t eat pork without mushy food or heavy sauce on it, as – for some reason – it gets stuck above the wrap. So I always have to generously dip each bite into something.)


2/22/22 – IF, lowcarb – Today I got hungry fairly early, so had a snack at about 1:00 (19 hours after yesterday’s supper), then the meal at 5:00. So it became an IF day rather than an OMaD day.

These are grain-free “keto tortillas” from Aldi; not like tortillas in texture (very dry and crumbly) or taste but ok in their own right. Quite pricey. To use these up I will likely crumble and use as a topping or a coating.

I brushed these on both sides with olive oil, sprinkled on some parmesan cheese and garlic powder, then toasted them in a 300°F oven for about 20 minutes. I ate them with tzatziki because we ran out of my favorite, sour cream.

2 eggs (over very easy) and 4 rashers of bacon, fried up with love by my beloved.


FEB. 21, 2022 – OMaD, lowcarb, keto

Thin-sliced fatty chuck steak, sliced into bite-sized pieces and tossed with drained canned straw mushrooms, salt, and onion & garlic powders before frying in olive oil and butter

Raw cauliflower cut into bite-sized florets, tossed with Happy Salt (Amish brand, purchased locally), parmesan cheese (green can) and avacado oil, then roasted @ 400°F for 20 minutes; tossed, coated with shredded cheese, then roasted @ 400°F for 20 more minutes.


Brownie’s Popcorn Wagon shows up over in Clare, MI in the spring and stays into late fall, serving up – among other things – the best popcorn I’ve ever eaten in my life! It is an addiction that I don’t plan to even TRY to break, and whenever we have occasion to go through Clare during the season I always pick up a bag or two. They JUST opened this week and Pete brought me my first bag of the season. You will see in future updates to this page how often I eat it!



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