Finally! What’s Been Going On With My Health

Finally getting around to filling you in on why I’m not putting up my regular posts, why you haven’t seen me around my usual places, what’s up with the black arm, and the big one, “So why have you been in the hospital, anyway?”

In this video I say that I’m going to include another clip at the end. But then I didn’t. It is included, rather, in Vlog #2113 which I will post tomorrow.

This is what it is – no editing, hiccups and all!

4 thoughts on “Finally! What’s Been Going On With My Health

  1. I watched (and listened) all the way through. I’m so sorry you had to go through all this, but I’m grateful that it’s over and you’re feeling better. Yes, it definitely helps when everyone is so nice, caring, and compassionate among the hospital staff. That’s not always the case! Now, let’s get Pete back on his CPAP machine so he doesn’t continue to fall asleep WHILE DRIVING!?!?!? He’ll likely have to spend a night in the sleep lab to determine his needed pressure. I’ve used a CPAP machine for at least the last 15 years, and would never go without it while sleeping. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story, and evidently God isn’t done with you yet! (smile)

    1. I agree about Pete’s CPAP!! He really needs to be using it, they did some adjustments and taught him a few things he didn’t know (though he did use it for a few years before he stopped), it sounds like he’s anxious to be using it again – and reaping the benefits! He sleeps in short spurts of a few hours each, and if he doesn’t get at least one nap each day he’s wiped out. Hoping getting back on the CPAP will help him with that too.

      I definitely have BIG PLANS for once I’m all recovered and get the go-ahead from the cardiologist on the 8th! 🙂 ❣️?❤️

    1. Thank you my friend! Yes, I had no idea why I was feeling worse and worse as time went on, and just assumed that was my new normal as I aged. THANK GOD it is not, and this was fixable! Your prayers are greatly appreciated…give a special treat to those Caprine Queens for me ok?

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