Day In The Life – Aug. 28, 2020

After a hot and muggy week during which I stayed in, it was a cool, rainy, mid-70’s kind of day today. What a relief! Here are some vids and snaps from today.

As always, my Maisie was right next to me when I woke up, ready to see what I needed. Our mornings are pretty much the same most days, but she waits patiently for direction from me.

After our fish dinners we passed these GORGEOUS flowers! Plenty of celosia in here too, they are my absolute favorite, especially when multiple colors are mixed together like this. (I don’t even know what the other flowers are!)

Can you guess where we went next? Just picked up a few things… less than $20 worth.

We’ve seen quite a few trees changing colors since late July – in spite of all of the above-average temps we’ve had this summer. But this one is already moving on to shed its leaves! (The peak colors here are typically the 2nd week of October, depending on what part of the state we’re talking about.)

I found another use for the neck pillow that Casey gave me…a great tablet cozy! 😆😜😂

And that was the highlights of our day, other than uploading a couple of other things to the blog. Thanks for visiting!


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