Best Supper EVER???

If it isn’t, it is sure close!

Pete made supper tonight. I tried, but couldn’t quite accomplish it (see my chat note from earlier today), so I talked him through, telling him how I would have done things. This was a supper made up of 4 out of my 10 favorite foods: pork, cabbage, squash, and onions. But the result was SO wonderful, moreso than it would have been had I been able to complete the meal I’m sure!

First he prepared the head of cabbage by cutting it – and a sweet onion – up and tossing them together with olive oil, Happy Salt,* and Everything But The Bagel seasoning. Then he prepared 2 small acorn squash by halving them, scooping out the seeds, brushing olive oil on them, and sprinking them with S&P, cinnamon, and “Lakanto Golden” (just what I call it, the real name is a lot longer), wrapping them in foil, and roasting them @ 375F for an hour. Meanwhile he put the big sheet pan of cabbage and onions in the other oven @ 375F for 30 minutes, then a good stir, then 400F for a further 30 minutes. This makes sure we have plenty of the sweet crispy blackened pieces and we don’t have to fight over them – we both LOVE those! During the last 20 minutes or so he fried up a pork steak for me.

*Happy Salt is a seasoning blend that I picked up at one of the Amish groceries we shop at. The ingredients listed are salt, pepper, and spices. It is delicious on just about everything!

Everything tasted so good! I don’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a meal so much! I’d been planning this dinner for days and was excited about it when today finally came…then disappointed when I couldn’t cook it…then thankful when Pete offered to do it…then thrilled and delighted at the outcome! I think it was even better than if I’d have prepared it myself.

Also, like the very poor blogger than I am, I didn’t take any pictures. I just wanted to eat and everything else left my mind. Sorry.

So now I’m happily stuffed, enjoying my nighttime cup of tea, and getting ready to get ready for bed. I hope your supper, whatever it was, was amazing also!

4 thoughts on “Best Supper EVER???

  1. I like when people do exciting, incredible things, and don’t register in any device, nowhere but in memory, own memory and memory of people sharing the moment. You did the right thing. =)

  2. Turned out much better than I had thought. Couldn’t have gotten a meal as good as that at any restaurant. Thanks for the directions.

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