A Trip Up To Pete’s Doctor

Pete’s Oncologist is nearly 90 minutes from us, so we usually make a day of it, stopping for lunch along the way, and sometimes at the Aldi there. Today we just did the appointment and lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.

After his appointment Pete had some loose ends to tie up so I waited in the car. There was some painting going on at the hospital next door to keep me amused. Pete’s appointment went well, no changes since the last time, blood work ok. (I will make a separate post sometime about Pete’s cancer.)

We always love the food at this particular restaurant! Pete got a veggie burger and I got an appetizer combo. The sign in the window was very pleasing to see!

After we’d been home a while “our” deer – doe and two fawns – came for a visit. Ever since the grandkids visited the deer visits have been few and far between, whereas they used to come at least a couple of times a day. So it’s always nice to see them stop by. I’m surprised that the fawns still have spots!

After a nap we are enjoying a relaxing evening sitting on the bed, the dogs sleeping at our feet, laptops on our laps.

4 thoughts on “A Trip Up To Pete’s Doctor

    1. Yeah, we were pretty impressed with the sign too! (It’s also the reason I didn’t name the restaurant, and it’s so wrong that I should even have to worry about that in this “free country”…) It was a delicious lunch, and this is the first time I’ve tried their wings – FANTASTIC!!! I couldn’t eat everything, Pete had most of the fried mushrooms.

  1. Love the comment we need more of those…..I am sooo sick of the mask thing…..it should be up to the person…..that’s my two cents on the matter….glad everything went well with Pete’s appointment….lunch looked good…..love ya…..:-)…Debbie

    1. I agree about the masks and rarely wear one, after about 10 minutes my chest is tightening up from my asthma. Some stores have refused me entrance but of course those are the businesses that have lost my business.
      That was a great lunch, I really love getting appetizer platters, they’re just the right size for a meal!
      Love you too!

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