A SPLENDID Winter Day! Jan. 2, 2021

As you’ve seen – or I’ve mentioned – we have a tarp covering our house to protect us from the wind and protect our roof and everything on it from heavy snow. It also has enabled us to keep the motorhome just as warm while using our heat a LOT less, thereby saving us money too. The tarp, however, blocked my view from the bedroom window, and I haven’t been able to watch the wildlife and the weather and the beauty of our surroundings. I didn’t think it would bother me too much but apparently it has as I’ve found myself getting more and more morose, lacking ambition or energy or get-up-and-go.

My wonderful husband, seeing all of this, went outside this morning before I was up and pulled back the tarp, securing it with ladders and poles and other things he had around here. When I woke up he was standing next to my bed, looking out my window – and as soon as I opened my eyes, so was I! It’s been a month, and I hadn’t realized just how badly this was affecting me until today. I watched the turkeys and deer while having my coffee from my usual spot on the bed, then for the first time in weeks got excited about getting out in the snow and out shopping and seeing the sights and LIFE!

These photos and videos share my very splendid winter day!

Here is what I saw when I woke up this morning:

Then I got bathed and dressed and went outside, it was GLORIOUS!

My service dog Maisie playing in the snow while Pete puts out the corn for the turkeys

I took photos on the back roads & lanes as we were leaving our remote area, including more views of “our” river as we crossed a bridge over it.

Next we went to a town that has some of the Amish stores we love…I only took pictures at one of them because I love how they arrange some of their stock along the front of the building.

We drove into their town to pick up some chalupas and burritos for the drive to the city.

While there we took note of where they’re building a new Culver’s restaurant – YAY!

We saw this adorable “panda dog” in a parked car in the city. This is the only picture I took there, as I really love the small towns and countryside best, and I was glad we got to also go to Clare today, it’s one of my favorite small towns!

When we got turned off the lane into the driveway we scared off some of our dinner guests; I took a series of photos because I didn’t have the video ready on my phone, and they were moving FAST! (These pictures are zoomed in to see the turkeys better.)

I hope you enjoyed sharing (most of) my splendid winter day!

One thought on “A SPLENDID Winter Day! Jan. 2, 2021

  1. Hat hair – I wonder if that is how Bozo The Clown started out and dyed it red = or was it orange – maybe I am confusing Bozo with Ronald McDonald lol. I always thought when I see dyed hair that if God wanted people to have dyed hair would He have chosen the same color as what people are doing on their own? Or maybe God would have given everyone plaid or paisley hair and to be different people would be dyeing their hair to oh say – Black, Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Auburn, White, Gray or similar solid color. I think I will keep the hair color I have – which is gray or white because of age.
    I don’t want to dress like someone else or pretend to be something I am not nor ever could be. I’ll keep my pants pulled up, my hat on with the bill to the front and live the way God would have me to be. Have a blessed day.

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