A Delicious Thick Hearty Vegetarian Lower-Carb Soup

OK, I get that this is a long title. But I figure at least one of those words will catch someone’s attention, right? Anyway, I made a great bold soup for our supper tonight, and it was an absolute DELIGHT! And, unlike real food bloggers, I’m not even going to make you scroll through dozens of screens to get to the recipe! I don’t exactly do recipes…but here’s how I made it:

First I browned some slivered onions (2 medium) in olive oil in the bottom of my dutch oven.

I seasoned the onions with Happy Salt that we get from a local Amish store. That’s those little speckles you see in the photo above. I was pretty generous with it!

Yesterday…or was it the day before? I don’t remember…but whenever it was I had roasted a huge bag of cole slaw mix – like 3# or something – to sweeten up the cabbage for this future soup. (We like the dark crispy tops off the pan of cabbage best – that’s the dark spots you see.)

I added it on top of the onions and put the lid on the pan, over low heat, to heat it all through before stirring it all together…

…mixing in a couple tablespoons of this…

…and then these…

I used the entire box of soup, about half the carton of oatmilk, the whole can of coconut milk, and maybe 1/3-1/2 cup of the nooch. Then I let it heat through for about 15 minutes over low heat, covered.

And here was the finished product! A creamy, tomato-y, slightly sweet and slightly savory delight! We both LOVED it!

(You can’t tell in this photo but I cut up some leftover reheated pork tenderloin in the bottom of my bowl, then stirred it in after taking the photo.)

And just a reminder for those who aren’t aware: I eat OMaD, and since starting this last spring while still eating low carb I started losing weight too fast. So now I do moderate carbs, still eliminating grains and sugars while incorporating some more carby plant-based foods. Though weight loss isn’t my main goal I am still losing at a steady, but slower, pace.

Pete eats a pescatarian diet 95% of the time…organic whenever possible, mostly avoids dairy but has the occasional bit of cheese or (rarely) some lean organic 100% grass fed beef. Basically he avoids the foods that his type of cancer likes, and includes herbs and spices that his type of cancer hates! This is a big part of why I went OMaD, so that I could eat more of his plant-based diet with him, just adding my meat when we weren’t having fish (which he only has weekly). It just was too too hard to make 2 different meals twice a day!

Anyway, I hope that, if you don’t try this, it will start your creative juices flowing! And if you do try it…enjoy!


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