24 Hours In The Life…

A couple of photos from last night, first…

Maisie and Chuy when I tell them to “look at me” – it’s a great thing for them to know when they’re getting too interested in something that they shouldn’t be!

The underside of a moth on the bedroom window – pretty cool, eh?

Today we did some light shopping in a nearby town.

Some Power Ade (99¢, for Pete), a couple of cans of mushrooms (79¢ ea, for me – Pete eats fresh), some onions (2/$1.00), a couple of chuck steaks ($6.23/lb), and 10 pork chops ($1.49/lb). Meat is for me, Pete doesn’t eat it, but this along with all the chicken that I have in the freezer, and a few fish sticks, I won’t need to buy meat for WEEKS!

Heavy traffic on a side road.

We were hemmed in from behind too!

I had a little ribeye thawed out, and a slice of beef left over, plus a tomato that was getting a couple of spots on it, so supper was simple: fried sliced onion and drained mushrooms until browned in olive oil, turn up the heat, add the meat (cubed), stirring until the meat browned. After I put everything on my plate I stirred the chopped tomato in the leftover juices, then put it on the meat mix. Seasoned simply with sea salt and garlic, it was quite the cheap, easy, delicious supper!

An evening of TV, and the end of a very nice day.


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