What Happened Yesterday

I will copy and paste from my Mewe post (edited here) so that I don’t have to type it all again. I was explaining why I didn’t show up for the Holiday Jam Day that I’ve been practicing for the last 2 weeks and had been so excited about…anyway, here is, in a Reader’s Digest version, what happened yesterday. (There’s more – there’s lots more – but I don’t want to think about it right now.)

“Everything crashed around our ears yesterday, almost literally. We – son-in-law/friend of his/Pete – had put up a “greenhouse” over/around the motorhome in which we live with a very heavy duty tarp and lumber and such on Wednesday. Friday night during a heavy wet snow it collapsed over us. I woke up early Saturday morning smelling fumes – it was the exhaust fumes from our furnace that were trapped under the tarp and nearly a foot of heavy snow. I won’t tell you how the rest of the day went but it ended with our daughter and son-in-law driving up to help us. (I couldn’t physically help, of course.) They left at dark. I came into the bedroom to chillax for a while before recording…and woke up 14 hours later, at 11:30 this morning.”

There have been a whole lot of things hitting me at once this week, resulting in a lot of stress while my “bramaged dain” struggles to handle it all. The situation yesterday was the icing on the cake, the kind of icing that results when one confuses the salt with the sugar. I’m going to be doing a few things that help my brain (and emotions, I guess) to recover after the things that have been going on this week, such as jigsaw puzzles, time with the Lord, music, “no-brainer” activities such as editing and cooking, etc.

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  1. It was a LONG day and stressful for all concerned. I am hoping by spring that this cocoon turns our RV into a Destination Home. Can always dream, eh.

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