Weekend Fun!

I have just uploaded a vlog from yesterday to my Rumble account but wanted to just do a quick update of what we did this weekend. (As you may have already noticed, what I DIDN’T do was a Saturday Social OR a Supernal Sunday post.)

Yesterday we went to Casey’s, which I think I had mentioned in my chat box, and hung out there for a little while. Lyra had just gotten a Kinetic Sand toy kit which is very cool! I had some when I was a kid, only they called it Magic Sand I believe. I don’t think the word “kinetic” had been invented yet when I was Lyra’s age…at least, I hadn’t heard it! Anyway, all of the kids had a great time with that stuff! Well, Lyra and Leelan did anyway…once Luna tasted it she referred to it as “Caca” and left it alone! They – but mostly Lyra of course – played with it for well over an hour, then we decided to go out for a bite to eat.

We ended up in a neighboring city for their Chinese buffet which is always good, and yesterday was no different. I ended up eating more than I’ve eaten at a single sitting in a VERY long time! I must have been starving…of course I only eat one meal a day (and occasionally a snack), so I don’t worry overly much if I eat more than normal once in a while. But it really hit the spot, and was totally delicious.

I hated to see our time with them end but we did make it home before dark after stopping for a coffee in Midland. Well, I actually got a chai tea…which was lovely!

Then Sunday – today – I did a little work around the house (by house, I mean motorhome) and then settled in my usual spot, my spine packed up in pillows, to watch the wildlife outside, do some reading, and so forth. Pete went fishing, and when he came home he made our usual Sunday dinner: pizza!

It was a beautiful, laid back weekend! The power was back on, the weather was perfect, and God is on His throne – PERFECT! Now I’m going to go put up yesterday’s vlog.

I hope you have a great week, enjoy your Monday, and I’ll see you next time!


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