Vlog #2134 – Nov. 18, 2022: Day In The Life

(See also Photos of My Day)

2 thoughts on “Vlog #2134 – Nov. 18, 2022: Day In The Life

  1. I spent a LOT of time on this site tonight. Your meal sounded (amd looked) good, but I was expecting to see FISH…(?) I loved seeing YOU and ‘visiting’ with you! Best wishes with your ‘new-to-you’ RV. That is exciting news for sure! Yes, you don’t want ANY ‘mold’ smell. FOR SURE! Thanks for an interesting evening. Love sent…(‘Hi’ to Maisie & Chuy!)

    1. We actually did eat fish but I didn’t record it in the vlog I don’t think? It was the first time in WEEKS and it sure felt good to be back at The Nest on a Friday! I have a link that I am going to email you with a password so watch for that ok? Love you too dear Annette, stay warm❣️❣️❣️

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