Vlog #2114 – Aug 19-20 Days In The Life

No wildlife herein, for a change! However this is, quite possibly, the most boring video I have ever made!

2 thoughts on “Vlog #2114 – Aug 19-20 Days In The Life

  1. Your covering project looks like a big one. Is that the one you use for winter to keep the snow from around the RV? Poor Pete looked tired. Glad he had help.
    Thanks for frozen cauliflower recipe. I am suppose to use that instead of regular rice to keep my blood sugar down. I like it but of course prefer regular rice. I like adding lime juice and cilantro or parsley or Italian seasoning with garlic/onion power and pepper.
    I just realized that your arm happened because of the heart surgery. The IV must have infiltrated. I had wondered what happened.
    For me, I like eating 2 to 3 meals a day, with 400 calories a meal. I don’t seem very successful with fasting. I can do IF with stopping after the evening meal, and then eating between 11 and noon the next day. That works for me.
    Nice to get the update!

    1. We keep a big tarp over our motorhome for several reasons, one is that the roof is bad so it keeps the water out. (The cost of a roof is in our savings toward a newer RV.) Plus it gives us shade in the summer, and keeps it cool enough around the motorhome that we can have the windows open and get a good breeze on warm days. We can sit under it outside even when it’s raining, and the things that we keep out there don’t get wet – it makes a great awning all the way around. Plus it is great in the winter for the snow load :). When we do get a new RV (not a motorhome, looking at destination trailers) with a good roof and don’t need the tarp I will miss it!

      It does make all the difference in the cauliflower to cook it dry first. I LOVE rice!! I could eat it every day! But of course rice doesn’t love me…so I make do with the cauli-rice even though it’s not the same. But it is so versatile, there are a lot of things I can do with it!

      Yes, they did the heart cath through my right wrist on one day, then went through that same spot for another cath (because it was a different surgeon than the day before, he had to look around for himself first), balloon, and stent the next day. So my artery got pretty beat up!

      That sounds like a good time to fast, I think that’s what most people do. In our age range a 16-hour fast is recommended anyway and that’s not too tough to do. If I got hungry I’d eat more but I don’t want food until at least mid-afternoon most days anyway. And then if I eat a good full meal I don’t get hungry again before bedtime. I think once we find whatever works for us (my “rules” are that it’s effective for whatever goal I’m trying to reach, and sustainable for the rest of my life to maintain that goal) the battle is almost won. Seeing on your videos what you eat it looks like you’ve definitely found what works for you, your meals look great and so do your smoothies! ?✝️❤️

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