Vlog # 2113 Aug 17, 2022 – Day In The Life

Hubby had an appointment in Saginaw. We had some wonderful wildlife visitors. I’m exhausted.

4 thoughts on “Vlog # 2113 Aug 17, 2022 – Day In The Life

  1. Good to see you Sherry, but that arm still looks bad. Is it still bleeding underneath the skin?? I’m not sure why? And I can’t seem to find out what happened that you need the cardiologist. Maybe you can voice text me. I remember years ago when I first found you, you had had a stroke. I hope it was nothing like that. I have CHF as you might remember. Boy, does it slow someone down. Happy early Anniversary to you and Pete! hugs

    1. Yes, I remember you have CHF…I think heart disease changes our outlook on life too. As for my arm, I don’t know what’s going on in there? But I suspect the hematoma is putting pressure on nerves or something. Hoping that the pain goes away when this blood is resorbed by my system. Thanks for the anniversary wishes! ?✝️❤️

      1. Praying for your healing!! I’ll ask others to pray for it to heal too. I know that has to be a little scary, besides stopping your from enjoying your music playing. hugs

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