Vlog # 2113 Aug 17, 2022 – Day In The Life

Hubby had an appointment in Saginaw. We had some wonderful wildlife visitors. I’m exhausted.

4 thoughts on “Vlog # 2113 Aug 17, 2022 – Day In The Life

  1. Good to see you Sherry, but that arm still looks bad. Is it still bleeding underneath the skin?? I’m not sure why? And I can’t seem to find out what happened that you need the cardiologist. Maybe you can voice text me. I remember years ago when I first found you, you had had a stroke. I hope it was nothing like that. I have CHF as you might remember. Boy, does it slow someone down. Happy early Anniversary to you and Pete! hugs

    1. Yes, I remember you have CHF…I think heart disease changes our outlook on life too. As for my arm, I don’t know what’s going on in there? But I suspect the hematoma is putting pressure on nerves or something. Hoping that the pain goes away when this blood is resorbed by my system. Thanks for the anniversary wishes! šŸ¤—āœļøā¤ļø

      1. Praying for your healing!! I’ll ask others to pray for it to heal too. I know that has to be a little scary, besides stopping your from enjoying your music playing. hugs

        1. Thank you sister…IDK what the heck is going on but whatever it is, God’s got His hand on it! šŸ¤—āœļøā¤ļø

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