VIDEOS from Feb. 3, 2023 – TWO of ’em!

I had a doctor’s appointment in Alma, MI in the morning. Rather than go directly home we decided to take a little detour to Midland, MI for some thrift store shopping, some time at my favorite pet store, and a Costco run. I also talk about what transpired with my cardiology appointment.

I share the things we bought at 3 thrift stores, Costco, and do some box openings from,, and . (We also bought some things at Soldan’s pet store but they were in the car, so weren’t included.) Though we received a total of 7 boxes while we were gone, I didn’t have to open all of them. This was originally about 40 minutes of “film” and I edited out everything I possibly could to get it down to a reasonable length.


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