VIDEOS – Day In The Life – Friday, August 5, 2022

Our Friday started out like most others, and we left in the early afternoon to enjoy our fish dinner at The Nest in Farwell, as we almost always do. On the way through town we noticed a lot of goings-on that would indicate something was going to start soon, but we didn’t know what. We learned at the restaurant, however, that the funeral procession for Nichole Shuff would be starting shortly. We didn’t know, at that point, who she was or what happened to her. But we soon learned…if you follow the link you will see her obituary, which is very detailed.

When we came out after eating the road – including the exit from the parking lot – was blocked and the procession was getting ready to start. They were staging the mounted division to our right. I feel it is in very poor form to record video (except for certain circumstances) at a funeral. But this procession was special, and I did some video about it, showing bits but not all; I recorded very discreetly from inside the car – unlike the drones buzzing overhead – and didn’t record the family/friends in their cars. Just enough, I believe, to share how special this young woman was in the community. And this is the video I took:

These events set the tone for the rest of the day. We didn’t do as many things as we’d originally planned, but did go to Pineview Discount, a very large Amish grocery in Mcbain, MI that we usually visit on the way to and from Cadillac, where one of Pete’s doctors is. Cadillac also has some good thrift stores; however we only went to one of those, and only bought a couple of things, which I didn’t record. Here is the haul from Pineview Discount. (We also went to one thrift store and an Aldi but only bought a couple of things, and I didn’t include them in the haul.) There is bonus footage of some wildlife and our dogs after we got home.

And I will end with a Maisie clip. After we’d been gone all afternoon, then recorded video and dealt with groceries, Maisie was pretty insistent that I play with her. Here is a little clip to end this post on a happy note.


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