VIDEO: Vlog #2163 – Sept 8, 2023 – Out and About

Pete and I were out and about today, this is just me talking about our day together and other things.

A few photos from downtown Clare, MI

And a couple of other pictures:

This store was in Mount Pleasant; we’ve never been to one of these before but we really liked it!
This is the tired celosia plant I bought for $3.99 because it’s the end of the season, celosia is my favorite flower (all of the different types!), and because this is my favorite color combination!

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Vlog #2163 – Sept 8, 2023 – Out and About

  1. So fun! The celosia is beautiful! Great job with your garden and with your music that praises our Savior. He will say “well done, good and faithful servant” to you when He returns. You are caring for His earth all while proclaiming His praises.

  2. Creation Coffee is great and we are supporting God’s family.
    Waiting to see what our potatoes look like and how many. Talking about potatoes now I want to make potato chips.. for breakfast.

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