VIDEO: Vlog #2136 Dec. 3, 2022

Out and about in Mt. Pleasant to do some shopping for items for Myrtle (our new-to-us Nuwa 5th wheel in which we will be living).

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Vlog #2136 Dec. 3, 2022

  1. Oh wow! I can’t WAIT to see what you’ve purchased for inside Myrtle…but I WILL wait (not that I have any choice in the matter). That was a GORGEOUS ‘light-show’ at the end. Some people/businesses go ‘all-out’ don’t they? I LOVED the lowly manger scene you showed within. One of my neighbors does a spectacular job during the Christmas season. It’s just beautiful, but I sure wouldn’t want their electric bill for December-February (they finally dismantle it the first week of March). I’m glad your day was a full one. You seem so happy these days…(I wonder why?).

    1. We saw some AMAZING decorations on the way back up from Mt. Pleasant yesterday, I told Pete if I lived next-door to any of them I wouldn’t even bother LOL! I know that one of these scenes at the end, I don’t remember which one, we usually take a donation up to the door and they gladly accept it – we’re far from the only ones apparently, which is heartening!

    2. I am happy that people continue to put up Christmas lights, so many things are changing in the world so it is so heartening to see them! Do you also enjoy driving around to see all the lights? It’s so festive! (And yes, I am!)

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