VIDEO – Vlog #2119 Sept 8-9, 2022

1st appointment with my new cardiologist, wildlife in our yard, health updates after 2nd hospitalization

2 thoughts on “VIDEO – Vlog #2119 Sept 8-9, 2022

  1. Very difficult to hear due to the vehicle rumble, and no closed captioning. Disappointing. I really wanted to hear how your appointment went…the diagnosis and prognosis. Last half was fine, but by then, you no longer talked about the appointment.
    Enjoyed the wildlife. The woodpeckers have nearly ‘pecked’ all the way through that one big, big branch. Hope it doesn’t come crashing down! So the rabbit came back, then chased-off the smaller birds. Silly rabbit. Maisie sure loves you! She wants those tennis balls! Love you!

    1. Oh wow, I’m sorry about that…should have waited to get to the paved road before I started recording…! Well this didn’t go into great detail anyway, but I am going to update the Health page later today that will. So you’ll get the whole scoop :). I try to keep things more general everywhere else; since the health page is password protected the bots don’t bother to go there!

      We have so much wildlife! I will probably never catch it on camera – except maybe accidentally – but there are little hummingbirds that fly up to within a couple of feet of my face, look at me for a few seconds, and then fly off. They’re so cute! And last night we had some sort of hawk land on one of our big pine trees within about 30′ of me also, that was definitely a thrill! (I need to study up on IDing hawks and other raptors I guess.) We’ve also been hearing wild hogs and night, and were told that they becoming a problem in the immediate area – not the kind of wildlife I like but might will at least help people fill their freezers!

      And I plan to get outside to enjoy it all, shortly :). Love you too!

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