VIDEO – Vlog #2116 August 25, 2022 – Day In The Life

6 thoughts on “VIDEO – Vlog #2116 August 25, 2022 – Day In The Life

    1. I hate it but the only place I have to wear it is the doctor’s office. I have a very lightweight one that makes it easy to breathe; the heavier ones aggravate my asthma so I steer clear of those.

  1. Wow, a Chinese restaurant buffet! I haven’t seen one of those in yrs, was it good food??? Awesome to see these things most people take for granted, but when you don’t get out in the “real world”, it’s nice to see these things! Thank you Dahlin!

    1. Yes it was very good! Our favorite Chinese buffet is in Cadillac which is a lot further away but we get there when we can! Thank YOU ?

  2. I’ve used a CPAP machine for the last 15 years or more. I’m instructed to use it even for ‘napping’. My pressure is a #12. Now I love it and would never go without using it. You can get used to wearing the mask. Just relax and breathe through it. It’s there for you! I would love to go to a Chinese buffet. There aren’t any nearby here. Hang in there Sherry. Brighter days are coming now that your heart is working more efficiently. It’s almost 1:30 am, and since I took a two-hour nap, I’m not tired enough to go to bed yet. Love sent your way, as always.

    1. I was greatly reassured when they told me that there are several options, and a number of tips and tricks to make it more tolerable for me – basically, I’m not stuck with a monster mask stuck to my whole face and pushing air into me – like Pete’s. So one step at a time, next will be the sleep study, and I’m glad that I’ll be able to do that at home too.

      We do love our Chinese buffets, there’s at least one in every one of the bigger towns or cities that we go to…though we would love to eat it more often we limit it to once a month or so :). We also love mexican, and italian – well, Pete loves italian, I can take it or leave it, but a do love the white sauces (as opposed to the tomato sauces)!

      I love those naps…I’d rather have a long nap and go to bed later than sleep longer at night. Anyway, love you too!

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