VIDEO ~ Vlog #2111 Aug 15, 2022 – Day In The Life

7 thoughts on “VIDEO ~ Vlog #2111 Aug 15, 2022 – Day In The Life

  1. You’re looking good…EXCEPT for your poor, poor arm. Oh My!!! Here’s hoping your recovery is complete and speedy. Love sent…

    1. Yeah, my arm is looking worse by the day, BUT this morning I discovered I can play my keyboard IF I set the right-hand voices to an octave lower and play an octave higher so that my wrist doesn’t have to bend outward as I play, and IF I don’t try to play octaves with my right hand. So that’s a GREAT THING! Also, I was able to manage a little project this morning that I’ll share later (but check your email, I’ll send you a direct link to the video in a few minutes if you want to see it now, ok?) ❣️?❤️

  2. To answer your question, I seem to do better with videos. I do read some, but I haven’t read well for several years. Seems to make my eyes hurt. I have so much bible study and reading other books that I’d love to get done. I read a page or two and then stop for a while. arghhh hugs~

        1. I’ve been “crossing over to the other side” so that I don’t miss any of yours either! Just seeing your smiling face at the beginning of each one gives me a lift, before you even get started! ?✝️❤️

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