VIDEO – Vlog #2106 July 21, 2022 Day In The Life

Snips and snaps from our trip to Saginaw today for Pete’s appointment at the VA.

Afterward we went to State Street Tony’s, known for it’s excellent food and huge portions. You can see photos of our meal at the end – those are served on platters, about 50% bigger than the biggest dinner plates.

After that we drove up to Casey’s, about a half hour from Tony’s, to drop off some clothes I had ordered for myself that didn’t fit; hoping they might fit her and even if she doesn’t like them (likely), they’re soft and comfortable and she can hang out in them or sleep in them if nothing else.

When we got home and after letting the dogs out to P I went to my spot on the davenport to put my swollen feet up (it was HOT and I was sitting for the better part of 6 hours) and was asleep within 2 minutes. #davenap

Here are the video clips and photos I took today.


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