VIDEO! Vlog #2074 – Oct. 18,2021: Musical Monday

This video is also available on my Rumble account, my GabTV channel, or Savior Connect.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO! Vlog #2074 – Oct. 18,2021: Musical Monday

  1. Oh I could listen/watch you play over and over again. This brought tears to my eyes. You look/sound as if today was a good day for you to be having less pain from your OA. I send my love to you Sherry (and Pete too). And don’t forget the birds tweeting in the background while you were playing. See? They enjoy hearing your lovely music too! And we mustn’t forget Miss Maisie dog and Mr. Chuy dog.

    1. I was SO thankful for a day where I not only was able to play my keyboard but I was also able to make a very nice supper, that involved lots of prep work and I survived it. Yes, the birds like to “sing along” hahaha, they’re such good boys! Maisie usually lays on the davenport right next to me, because of course she needs to be wherever I am. Chuy was a brat twice yesterday, when Pete went out the front door he ran out, that’s not a good thing at all, he could trip up Pete on the stairs, or there could be something out there that could hurt him…it’s all because he hates when Pete goes to spend time in Junior on his radios without him, he decided that he won’t let “dad” get away with that anymore. So now Pete has to use extreme caution whenever he goes out that door (many times a day)! Anyway, thanks, I am kinda thinking I’ll do more musical Mondays, depending on when I can. Happy Tuesday dear Annette❣️

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