VIDEO UPOAD – Friday Feb. 19, 2021 DITL-Style

I’m kind of doing something different today. Rather than take yesterday’s clips and edit them into a single vlog, then adding the photos at the end, I’m going to put the clips and the photos more in chronological order. If I was reading a blog I think I’d prefer this format…it’s more work but hopefully it will be worth it!

Look at that smile! He’s so excited by how well he can see, he’s reading signs that are really far away!

You had ONE JOB…

I just liked this mural…

On our way to the diner for our dinner we passed through St. Louis, MI, AKA the middle of the mitten!

Finally we went to our favorite restaurant for supper. These are a few pictures that Pete took across the table.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO UPOAD – Friday Feb. 19, 2021 DITL-Style

    1. I know, he’s really changing a lot! But his personality is still fun and he’s got a great big heart💙
      I think of you guys all the time too, and hoping you’re all healthy and doing better now❣️

  1. He sure could see a long distance with his new glasses. He was so helpful to me while he was here. He got hooked on watching Magnet Fishing videos on YouTube. Sherry wants to do Magnet Fishing as well after the weather is warmer.

    1. YES! I can’t wait to try that!! I don’t know what we’ll do with all the junk we catch but it will be fun to catch it – especially since you’re a genius at identifying what all of those objects are :).

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